How This Young Woman Entrepreneur Divya Gandotra Helping Her Clients Get Maximum Leverage Of Digital World

The digital world has greater potential to be more inclusive, less prejudiced, and more equal than the traditional one. We don’t know who is sitting behind the machines, processing our requests, and handling the applications. It just works fine! Why we are saying this is because the digital world has really helped women make their leadership presence felt in entrepreneurship, engineering, administration, and whatnot at regional, national, and global levels. A fresh example of this aspect is Ms. Divya Gandotra, who runs a tech company called EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. And guess what? She’s going to be our guest for today’s interview!

EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a digital agency that specializes in providing a comprehensive range of web solutions to companies and people across the globe. The company aspires in bringing technological and marketing revolution in the business using innovation, determination, and quality, serving businesses in front of their targeted customer base. This venture presents itself as a full-service digital agency with capabilities across content development, blog outreach, and online marketing and advertisements. EMIAC offers personalized services for content creation, web development, link building and content marketing, and more for creating a one-to-one marketing experience, giving businesses the liberty to custom make a product or service. The startup aims at creating a better digital space where everyone is connected.

We were thrilled to have one of the most influential female leaders in the tech world, and the founder of EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ms. Divya Gandotra with us. During an interview with us, she discussed her entrepreneurial journey, how she started EMIAC, and what she has in mind for the expansion and growth of her business. Divya is a graduate in Computer Science Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University and has done Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and Human Resource (HR). People admire her as she has achieved a lot in her young age. She possesses the capability and qualities of a successful business entrepreneur. She has built a team with the same dream as hers. Along with her team, her goal is to provide value-added, requirement-oriented, cost-cutting, high-quality, and innovative digital solutions.

Here is a full-length interview featuring Divya Gandotra, where she talks about herself and her company EMIAC.

Inventiva: What is the name of your business? Is there a particular reason why you chose this name?
Divya: My company is called EMIAC Technologies PVT. Ltd. I am a B.Tech graduate, and when I was in college, I came to know about writing as a profession. I was never interested in programming even though I am a computer science engineer. I was fond of English as a language. I was English Gold Medalist in college, securing the highest marks in the university in English Literature and Grammar. Since then, I started writing blogs and articles for various niches, and I was always appreciated for the same by my clients. I never wanted to do a job, as I was passionate about having my own business. So, I started a coaching institute, where I was mainly teaching English and communication skills. The institute was called Eminence Academy. After around 10 months, I entered the IT field with an idea of starting a Digital Marketing Agency. Since I didn’t want to lose the name EMINENCE ACADEMY, I named my company EMIAC (EMI from Eminence and AC from Academy).

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Inventiva: Who is your target audience?
Divya: We are a full-service digital agency that is not just limited to any one industry or niche. We serve everyone who is looking to establish an online presence. Whether it is fashion, technology, education, healthcare, lifestyle, construction, food, and more, we work in every possible niche that comes to your mind. Our services can be customized to meet the demands of any business in any industry. We work with clients from all over the world, providing solutions they are looking for.

Inventiva: Where is EMIAC headquartered at and what are your geographical target areas?
Divya: We are a Jaipur-based company (Rajasthan, India), and our target groups include all types of businesses – both small, medium, and large, across India as well as the globe. We serve both local clients as well as international clients from the likes of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Singapore, and UAE, among others.

Inventiva: What problems does your business resolve? What are your services or products?
Divya: EMIAC is a digital agency that helps businesses establish their online presence. Our dedicated services include digital marketing, content writing and development, web development, blog outreach, link building, and content marketing. We solve every problem that comes in the way of online visibility of a client. We start the process by understanding the client’s business, comprehending their requirements. Once we have understood the business and the industry, and keeping in mind the trends, we implement our strategy. All our services are streamlined. Whether you need articles for your travel blog or need blogs for different niches, we will make that happen. Moreover, if you want to promote your business on different platforms, including social media, our SEO experts and digital marketers will provide you with a strategy according to your business model.

Inventiva: How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
Divya: Let’s be honest here; we are in a crowded market. There are already hundreds of different companies offering the same services as we do (some of them are in existence even before us). So, the first thing we focus on is improving the experience. We understand the average customer experience to make it demonstrably better for our customers. The next thing we focus on is product personalization. We are renowned for offering products and services that are personalized to individual customer tastes. Last but not least, we never stop promoting our business and services. The goal is to let people know that you are there to help them. With proper marketing strategies, you can attract the right audience.

Inventiva: Share the story or idea behind EMIAC. How did it come to existence? What was the motivation for starting your own company?
Divya: As I said earlier, I was never interested in doing a 9-5 job. I wanted to work for myself without any strings attached. I have a passion for writing. Once it was a hobby, today, I turned it into a business. I did some freelance work, where I provided high-quality work to clients. When the clients started appreciating me for my work, I realized this is what I have to do. So, I started teaching English and communication skills at my academy, and 10 months later, the foundation of EMIAC was laid. During the initial days, we only took writing jobs and slowly turned it into a full-service digital marketing agency, which is one of the finest in Rajasthan.

Inventiva: How did you hire your first ever team member? What skills do you want in your team or employees?
Divya: My first hire was a campus recruit. I believe that skills are transferable; attitude is what matters the most. So, for me, the qualities I look for in a candidate include – LEARNING ATTITUDE and HONESTY. If you have these two qualities, you will never fail, even if life hits you hard.

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Inventiva: What are your expansion plans for your company in the next 2-5 years?
Divya: We are diversifying into running paid ads for our clients that will result in generating leads, which we can use according to the business requirements of the client. This will make targeting the audience quite easy for our clients. On the other hand, we are partnering with other digital marketing agencies where we will be providing them with quality content and blog outreach services. By doing all this, our primary goal is to emerge as a digital marketing agency with a strong presence not only in India but across the globe.

Inventiva: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Divya: In the next 10 years, our goal is to diversify our business into different sectors of the digital marketing space. We want to explore and work on technologies that we currently don’t. The online market is an ever-changing space, and things will be different 10 years from now. We want to take one step at a time and embrace the latest trends that come along.

Inventiva: Do you have any plans for the funding? Or have you raised any funding?
Divya: No. We haven’t raised any funding and do not plan to do so.

Inventiva: What were the problems you faced during the starting days, and how did you resolve them?
Divya: To be honest, in the early days, we really struggled with the creation of a killer portfolio. A portfolio is everything when you are pitching a potential client for work. The clients asked for testimonials and an experienced workforce. We were freshers in the field, and it was quite challenging to convince the clients that we are capable of handling any type of project they offer us. So yes, that was the most difficult yet a learning phase in our life.

Inventiva: What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
Divya: Truth to be told, I am not much of a hobbyist. I really love what I do. So, when I am not working, I try to learn new things, determine the latest industry trends, and watch online tutorials. But there is one thing. I have a fondness for music. I love listening to my playlist while I work. It is a sort of meditation to me.

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Inventiva: If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Divya: Well, I am a firm believer in working hard. I don’t give myself too many options. It helps me stay focused on one thing only. EMIAC has always remained my priority in terms of my career. I have seen many ups and downs, faced criticism, and have been in situations where I thought everything’s gone. But thanks to these experiences, it has made me what I am today. So, I would not want to change anything, but perhaps take more learning; that’s it.

Inventiva: What has been the most challenging part of your journey till now? How do you overcome those challenges?
Divya: To be honest, retaining people when you have a small company is quite difficult. It was one of our biggest challenges when we were growing as a company. Over time, we learned our mistakes and only invested in those who had the same dream like us. We all are in a happy place right now.

Inventiva: How has being an entrepreneur affected your family and Social life?
Divya: I have a different perspective on this question. I don’t see me being a workaholic affecting my family or social life. For starters, I don’t socialize that much. And I have only gained people instead of losing them. My team, my colleagues, and everyone associated with EMIAC is my family. So, my family has only grown over the years.

Inventiva: Anything you would like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?
Divya: I only have to say one thing – You only have to see defeat as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end!

Inventiva: What do you think is the biggest threat to the success of small businesses and Startups today?
Divya: Well, there are too many unique obstacles to name, but at the same time, companies do face a number of common challenges. Lack of business capital is one of the biggest threats. Apart from that, competition is another aspect, which, if overlooked, could cause problems.

Inventiva: Do you consider yourself successful, and by what means do you measure success?
Divya: I measure success based on how happy my clients are. Your business will only grow if you are able to retain the existing customers while attracting new ones. If a client is satisfied with the services we provide, that’s success to us.

Inventiva: Please share complete name, address, phone number, email id and website of Your Business and Contact Person
Name: Divya Gandotra
Company’s Name: EMIAC Technologies Pvt Ltd
Company’s Address: C-168, Vidhyut Nagar, Vaishali Nagar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302021
Contact Number: +91-9772420808

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