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Human Mind and Knowledge are two things that can create wonders when combined. Yet there is a gap between the two, which is not only a waste of an individual’s capacity but also holds back our nation as a whole from reaching new heights. aims to bridge this gap by providing an online platform where multiple brains meet, some want to spread the knowledge they possess while others are at the receiving end.
Based out of Delhi, they have users from different parts of the country and soon they would initiate their operations on a PAN India level. There should be no barriers to exchanging knowledge, be it an age limit or financial limitations. understands this and provides a platform where any individual can share his knowledge and as for those who do not have the financial resources to avail the same need not worry since the content is shared with everyone unbiasedly without any restrictions. Not only that, but it also helps the institutes to connect with potential students. They can create their profile, and upload photos, or videos. The better the qualities provided, the better the profile and better the chance of increasing their student base. In case the institute has its branches spread over a wide area, they can connect all their branches to one single account.
Two brains are better than one. gives everyone the privilege of being a teacher as well as a learner. Mr. Sahil Kapoor and Mr. Kunal Kapoor started this venture with an aim to provide a platform where knowledge from any and every field is welcomed, which is also the reason why it has been growing since then. Let us directly get to the interview we conducted with Mr. Kunal and acknowledge his struggles and goals.
1. What is the source of inspiration behind the name of your venture,
The source of inspiration has been to create an interactive educational platform for all age groups, professional domains and all skills. We wanted to create an interactive platform where students and educators can connect on a common platform and share their knowledge and skills.ourcoaching
2. Who all are your target audience/clients?
There are 3 types of services that our website offers to various target audiences:

a. Online Educators

We are targeting all the online educators and teachers who are willing to share their knowledge online and earn money from it. We provide them with a platform to share their knowledge in a most effective and easy way.
b. Students / and basically anyone who wants to learn something
Our website will provide all the published resources free of cost to everyone visits our website. Just create your free account and access the resources published by the online educators.
c. Coaching institutes and training academies
We are also aiming to get coaching institutes and training academies on board our website and provide them with a way to connect to students.
3. Your current operations are located in which regions and Where are you based?
We have our operations controlled from Delhi, India. We have our client base from across the country. Our users are registered from 80+ different cities of the country. We are aiming for Pan India operations by the first quarter of next year.
4. What problems does your venture resolve? What are your products or services?
Our venture mainly solves the problem of providing quality education by skilled and expert tutors from around the country. Any educator can start creating online content for anyone to access it for free.
It doesn’t require any special certification or skill to create an online content. Our website has a dynamic editor, tools and services with easy to use functions, which enable anyone to create online content.
5. Do you face any rivalry and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
We are facing stiff rivalry from our competitors which we don’t want to name. But our platform has been successful and running perfectly despite the storm we are in. We are gaining new customers and traffic is ever increasing on our website. We are different to them with respect to our open source platform and free and unrestricted content access to all.
6. How do you identify your co-founder? Would you like to tell us something about them?
My CoFounderis the force behind my startup. He is the technical head of the startup. He is deeply involved in the day to day operations of the website. He is skilled in almost 5 programming languages and is working day in and out to make a website better and better.
7. What is your idea of team formulation? What type of qualities do you search for in your team?
A team should be something in which each individual possesses a unique skill that contributes to the overall mission. Team members should be able to work independently and should be ready to improvise themselves every day. They should be willing to face new challenges every day and work on solving them.
8. What are your growth or expansion plans for the next 2 or 5 years?
In the next couple of years, we aim to reach a million users on our website. We aim to massively increase our website content and usability. Our traffic on the website is increasing very rapidly
9. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?
My simple aim in life is to make this world-class education portal for every age group to access for free. 5 to 10years down the lane, we aim to establish our client base in other developed countries as well like USA, Germany, etc.
I want to reach every single person in the world, especially in the areas where quality education is still not available to children.
10. What are your short-term goals?
There are no specific short-term goals. We do everything for long-term perspective. We aim to reach a million users on our by end of the year.
11. Have you risen any funding yet? Are you looking for the same?
We currently haven’t received any funding yet. We are about to approach the investors soon with our pitch. We currently wanted to develop ourselves better and to generate leads while bootstrapping our venture.
12. What was or has been the most challenging part of your journey? How do you overcome the same?
Making a decision to quit my job and to devote my full time into the start-up has been the most difficult decision yet. Because, when you are in a high paying corporate job in a global MNC, the decision to quit it and start your own business is always a tough one. Me and my cofounder, faced many hurdles during the initial days. There were financial problems, manpower problems, technical hurdles etc in our way.
There were days when there was no activity on the website and we both even thought of closing down the website also. But we both stayed strong and committed ourselves to this website. We improvised ourselves, learned new skills, programming languages, gained a lot of insider knowledge. All these efforts led to the successful operation of the website.
But our journey is still going on and we will continue to make better and better, day after day
13. What is your idea of stress management?
My idea of stress management is to never panic about things in first place. We take stress because we panic about things and then they start to go wrong. Whenever I feel stressed or panicked, I immediately leave whatever I’m doing an I meditate for a few minutes. Be it sitting idle in your work chair or at home, mediation gives a major stress relief
14. What do you do to escape the work life in your leisure time?
There are many activities to do to escape the work pressure. I usually go out with my friends sometimes and most of the time I’m exercising in a gym or going for a ride on my bicycle to relieve some stress.
15. Where would you like to escape to for a holiday?
Well, that’s a tricky one. A perfect holiday for me would be a trip to Fiji. Beautiful beaches and perfect landscape to relieve yourself from the stress of the world
16. Whom do you consider your idol/role model or biggest motivator and why?
Our biggest role model and motivator are our parents. They have always supported us in our journey and always motivated us to make things better.
They supported us in our initial days when we were bootstrapping and later on in various aspects of operation also.
17. What makes entrepreneurs different from service class professionals?
Entrepreneurship overall is very different from regular service job. I’ve been in an MNC for 3 years and for past 1.5 years I have been in entrepreneurship and it’s totally different here. Here I have to do new things every single day. No two consecutive days are same for me now. I have to continuously improvise my skill and knowledge and also have to take huge risks now in life, which didn’t use to be the situation earlier.
18. Which part of your life would you like to rewrite if given a chance to restart with your career today?
I would say, the part where I started my entrepreneurships journey. I started my journey a little late with respect to the time when I first thought of this idea. If given a chance to restart my career, I would have definitely started this venture a lot sooner.
19. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?
It has somewhat shaken the balance of personal and professional life. My work currently requires me to dedicate my full day into this. There are no holidays and social life is slowly eroding away. I used to be a lot social before starting this venture, but now I barely go and meet new people in my social life. I’m meeting new people in my professional life but not in my social life.
20. Is there anything, you’d like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?
Never wait for the right moment to come. Whenever you get an idea, just start working on it. Even if you feel uncomfortable, or feel you do not have enough skills for that, my recommendation is to just jump into it and start doing things. Everything will eventually fall into place and you will feel better about it.
21. Tell us something about your education & family background.

kunal kapoor
kunal kapoor
1. Kunal Kapoor
Founder, CEO
Btech graduate from VIT University Vellore. Worked in the private sector for 4 years in operations, business development and marketing. Started this website while I was working in Jaipur in an MNC. Soon after, I left the job to dedicate my full time on this website.
sahil kapoor
sahil kapoor
2. Sahil kapoor
Co-founder, CTO
Btech graduate from SRM University. Has worked in lot many application and website projects throughout the graduation.
We both are real brothers. Our parents are govt employees. We both had a passion to do something different in our lives and thus we started our journey. Our parents supported us from day one and continue to be with us supporting at every stage of our professional career
22. What is your USP or biggest strength that makes you stand apart from your competitors?
Our USP is an open-access educational content available to all our website users for free. The content can be created by any user by simply creating his/her free account. Our website caters to over 10,000+ educational topics listed and allows users to create content from a wide range of topics, technical, non-technical, soft-skills, etc all kinds of topics are available to choose from
Our competitors are mainly involved in selling restricted access content, while our content is available to all for free and still we are maintaining a financially healthy business
23. Why do you think start-ups are so vulnerable to the external business environment? What according to you are the threats to their stability?
Startups are vulnerable because of one main thing that they are still evolving. Other businesses, the well-established ones, have all the manpower and resources ready to deal with any situation easily. Startups, on the other hand, have to improvise at every stage of their journey. Thus this makes them vulnerable to external competition.
The main threats are the loss of customers. This can be due to many reasons like product problems, lack of customer support, etc. Retaining your existing customers should be the prime focus of all the startups. You should never lose your customers.
24. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?
We at are on a path of becoming successful. We are steadily rising every day with the greater usability of the website and are gaining hundreds of new customers every day. We will soon launch our premium features benefiting the users in a much greater way.
Our goal is to reach a million users on our website by the end of this year. Then we can surely call ourselves successful.
Kunal Kapoor
Phone – 9116078474
Email –
Website –

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