Preety Uzlain & Her Startup Helping Students Prepare For Competitive Exams & Government Jobs

A Picture Says more than 1000 words and a video tells the whole story, this famous quote always proves to be correct, this is why, we are able to remember each and every dialogue said by our bollywood and hollywood actors in the movies and we are able to remember them through out our life.
A video leaves a long lasting impact on our mind. The influence of digital videos on our everyday culture is undeniable. Online video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe boast monthly audience numbers in the millions. With digital videos continuing to gain popularity, it seems only natural that this familiar and widespread platform extends into the education setting.
Students today are utilizing educational videos as a tool for learning everything from changing a tire to the latest dance craze. Remarkably, millennials make up 92% of the digital video viewing audience. Abstract topics that once seemed difficult to teach and learn are now more accessible and understandable thanks to the availability of educational videos.
Studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them.
The benefits of using videos in an educational setting are numerous. Their convenience and versatility make them an asset to students, teachers and educational institutions alike.
Benefits to students:

  • Videos create a more engaging sensory experience than using print materials alone.Learners actually get to see and hear the concept being taught and can process it in the same way they process their everyday interactions.
  • They provide a go-to resource that can be watched from anywhere with an internet connection, and are accessible on a multitude of devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones. This allows for viewing at the student’s convenience and from wherever they are.
  • Videos increase knowledge retention, since they can be stopped and replayed as many times as needed. They can also be reviewed long after the initial lesson was taught.
  • They greatly assist in the learning of all subjects, but particularly those topics that are complex and/or highly visual (such as step-by-step procedures or science and math formulas).
  • They increase proficiency in digital literacy and communication, which are important 21st century skills.

Today we are presenting an exclusive interview of Preety Uzlain Saluja who is the founder of a very young, innovative and trending startup based out of New Delhi, India Govt Jobs Preparation. This venture helps students in preparing themself for various exams as well as selection exams of government of India by self studying, the best part of this startup is that they offer multiple courses for preparation that too on the video platform so that students can easily memorize, understand study without any hitch. These video tutorials are created by Preety along with the co-founder Gurmeet Singh and are offered without any charges for the growth and betterment of the students.
Lets see what they have to say about their venture and how are they planning their next moves in their own words.
1.What is the Name of Your Venture? Any specific reason for this name?
Name of the Venture is Govt Jobs Preparation (Shaksharta). We completely provide full preparation for All Competitive Examinations. This name was the first that came in my mind so I chose this.

2.Who is your target Audience/clients?

We motivate each and every one to fulfill their dreams whether they are kids, students, Office Goers, House Wives, Parents, Teachers or even Senior Citizen. Our audience is the world, because at last Education is the only that can be proven a Best Friend forever for anyone.
We want to tie-ups with the Schools, Colleges and the Universities so that together we can understand the concept and spread the knowledge everywhere.

3.Where is your venture based (city, state, country) & What are your geographical target areas?

We are based in New Delhi (West Zone), India. Our target is the world as I have mentioned above.
4.What problems does your venture resolve? What are your products or services?
Problems we resolve :- Firstly, we make the people understand that every problems come after its solution, so never be worried with any problem in your life, because solution is always there for any problem.
Problem can be any – Personal or Professional. Not only we provide academics or theoretical education to everyone but do practice psychology work also. We understand that everybody has different mind set up and we are glad to share that everybody has a different power of doing things. We work for those experiencing problems, like mental health disorders that may include stress, anxiety, pressure or depression. We counsel the people and help them to overcome all their problems or difficulties they are facing in their personal life, relationship, education, learning, or other parenting issues.
We help parents to strengthen the relationship between their children (in term of their Education Zone)
We make a student and a Parent and a Teacher understand how they should improve their relation with each other. We believe friendship is the most important part of anybody’s life to make their relation strong, whether the relation between a student & Books, parents and children, parents and teachers, students and teachers.
Mental satisfaction is the real success key for anyone and we actually work on that. You can only win if you are happy. We help you to find your happiness. Be a part of us.

5.Share the idea or story behind the venture. How did it came to an existence? What motivated you to start your own venture?

In the year of 2011, I just completed my post-graduation; I wanted to be an IPS Officer so one day I went to an institution to get classes for Civil services. There I found few students talking with the teacher and asking for, if the teacher can reduce some fee. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment but I could not stop myself by thinking that I should work hard and create a platform wherein I can teach everyone for their dreams.
I came back home and studied hard for one year and create mathematics shortcuts and reasoning tricks shortcuts, I was good at English so I used my skills and gradually it became my passion, then I have started my blog by the name of & on which I started writing blogs for upcoming Government Jobs Exams or other Sarkari Naukri Alerts with the videos of all competition level exams. I am always glad to receive the thank you & blessings messages of the students & parents that their child / children get the job because of my efforts and supports.
And todays it’s been a long time, I am keeping my promise. My dream is to extend my work in a level where in I can provide special classes and for that I need a team that can support in planning and finance terms.

6.Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

There are many, and yes of course, we do not ignore the competitors. we keep on improving our work every day. We do market research but our focus is on making our strategies strong and put our audience and members on front. We build our audience and subscriber’s database so we can get a clear picture if the entry of the new competitor has indeed affected the sales of our business. We are always keep our eyes open on our business, and we always try to focus on doing what it does best and delivering in a way only our business can. We spend a quality time to review what makes our business stand out and ensure that that feature is the focus of any interaction – with the students, parents, teachers, clients, investors and everyone.

7.How did you identify your co-founder? Tell us something about your co-founder/s
I planned this work in 2011 (November) & started in 2012 and I have recently got married and now my husband is supporting me to expand the work & knowledge around the globe. He is the best partner to support and guide me beyond just the thoughts I have had. He worked with Indira Gandhi International Airport, Now completely supports me to establish a strong platform for education and employment.
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8. How did you hire your first team members? What skills Do you want in your employees/team?

I am always determined to do my work and I want a team who can work with full dedication, enjoyment, passion and patience. I enjoy the work I do, and I want my team should work in a way where they can accomplish their goal/target with happiness. I will 100% look after my people; I will try to provide all facilities to every member of Govt Jobs Preparation, what a person admires when he/she thinks about their career, when they just start.
9. What expansion plans are you looking for the next 2 years, next 5 years?
I am planning to open a school for everyone. As the taglines of my work is “One Stop Solution for Education” “Educate Today for the Better Tomorrow”. I plan to have a school wherein I would be providing education for every stream, not only Science, Commerce, Arts but also for Vocational. Plans are many, in the school; I would do something in a way that a student can start earning while his/her studies. Before giving any education, I will be providing them facilities to make them a good human. I will motivate them in all way. I want to spread knowledge all over the globe. Obviously, it will take lot of time, but if we started then, no way is long.

10. Where do you want to see yourself in next 10 years?

“Plinth to Paramount” – Govtjobspreparation

11. What are your goals over the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 months?

I am working on the project that is going to be completed soon, afterwards I with my partner would start meeting with the Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational societies to extend the work we started. I have worked on the projection reports.
I hope to get the positive respond for this.
12.Have you raised any funding? Or have any plans for the funding?
No, I haven’t. But yes I have big strategies for the future, I would be lucky to have some investors for the company.
13.What were the problems you faced during the starting days and how did you resolve them?
Whatever a person does, in starting everyone faces the problems but as I have mentioned previous that every problem has a solution, we just have to find them out. I faced lots of problems, I had to do marketing on what I am going to do, How it is going to be fruitful, what are the needs of the audience, customers, students, viewers and people I have to target. I gradually started and things start to get smooth after some struggle. I started meeting students, directly, indirectly I got to know their requirements, I studied a lot. And finally I got what I was searching for.
14.What was the most challenging part of your journey till now? How did you overcome those challenges?
Finance. I belong to a middle class family and starting this work was the biggest challenge for me. At times, anyone who starts new venture needs finance but unfortunately I did not have that. But I had to start as I said I am determined to do what I think. While pursuing my Post-Graduation, I started working part time, whatever I earned, I invested on my work. I had worked for a long time and did work hardly. And to be very frank, I am facing this challenge at present also. But still struggling, some day or other I will accomplish what I dream for.
15.Are you married, single or in a relationship?
Yes I am. I mentioned above in one of my answers. When I started this work, I was Single, but now I have a partner who supports & looks after me in my personal as well as professional life. His courage is with me so I am able to continue with the dream I have ever seen. He is itself a Motivational Speaker, here is the link to join him and be a part of our journey.
I adore him as a person. He is a wonderful human being; he is fond of getting knowledge about new things/places/people/culture/religion, very helpful, supportive, loving, and caring.

16.What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

Teaching online is my passion. I have many hobbies that I love to sing, dance, indoor & outdoor games such as snookers, air hockey, badminton, basketball, I love to exercise. I love to shop (it goes without saying).. hahahahaha. I love to cook, read, study, and travel new places. I have never been abroad but by the God grace we (I & My Husband) will soon visit. All things I mentioned above – one of them randomly I do every day whenever I get time.
17. What’s your favorite food & holiday destination?
I am fond of non-oily food. I love Rajma Rice. Apart from that I don’t have anything I don’t like. I am blessed to have this life wherein I can cook and eat whatever I love to. I do not eat Non-Veg as I can’t see anyone in lurch. Animals are born to receive love and care. They do not harm us or eat us, then why do we ? We all know they are rather faithful than us. They are not born to be killed. I love everything created by the God. We all must love everyone. Cheating is bad because I always believe God is watching everything and “What Goes Around Comes Around”.
18.Whom do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?
My Parents (Father: Retd. NB-Subedar Dinesh Singh Uzlain/ Mother: Kamlesh Devi) & My Husband “Gurmeet Singh Saluja” I am blessed to have them in my life.

19.What do you feel is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?

First of all, I believe, a real entrepreneur is someone who builds others career in a positive way by making them a good learner and good asset. One should always be an entrepreneur inside even if they are working for others, one should always have aim to do something big or new for them first. Everybody wants to do Job or their business but it is just a part of life, but actual happiness is entire life that someone can find by doing great things
An entrepreneur is someone who takes risks and takes the company / organization on the top. He/she is an innovator, planner, decision maker, a good source of new or innovative ideas to the organization and market research. An entrepreneur is full of skills, successful in taking on the risks of running or startups. He has grown his mind in a way that he can bring others to work for his dreams.
Someone who works for others are able to do as the entrepreneur does but they do not have enough guidelines or support from background. They make others dream alive. They are hired to use their potential for the work an entrepreneur dreamt of.

20.If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Like everyone, I also have some dreams to fulfill, but you know if I can inspire everyone, I can do this to me as well. I am an inspiration for myself and I am blessed with a partner who inspires me all the time. If I get a chance to do something different, I would be doing the same work all over the world, not for our Nation only, because the work I am doing is not a small work. There is no ending or limit to education. And education is not only we get by books or schools but it has a big area also, one should not only have theoretical knowledge but also have practical scenario about the people, emotions, feelings, love, care, respect and support towards each other.
This is starting, I am working on teaching the country to respect every relation also, with your parents, with others parents, sisters, brothers, and every one. There is a lot to discuss and to do, sooner or later all things will take a place and I am able to do all what I dream of.

21. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?

Obviously, it improves my life style and my family’s also. After all, the skills, the knowledge I have, it comes in mind and my life just because of the family surroundings. I learnt to respect, love, and care and share the knowledge I have. Being an entrepreneur is sometimes challenging, because I meet some good and bad personalities, so sometimes I hampers the things but I am smart enough to tackle with the difficulties.
Some people try suppressing me to leave this work and suggest to go for the job but I always have support of my parents and sibling and this support is the biggest support in doing anything. Things become very easy when we have mentally support of the family. I have no money but I did and doing. I believe in keep walking if it is difficult then keep crawling but never stop.

22. Anything, you would like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?

Never Give Up. Problems are the interesting part of life, without problems, success will look tasteless. If you have talent, if you dream, if you have determination, passion & positive will power then no one can stop you, if you can dream you can do it. Stay happy and positive.
I would like to welcome startups to invest your talent in me; we will together make a life we all have dreamt of. There will be only work & work with the enjoyment. Working with me is a different fun of learning and utilize our skills in a handsome project. Talent can be any, I have place for all. I welcome everyone’s talent. I do not offer a job, I only offer a platform.
23.Tell us something about your education & family background.
I completed m schooling from Govt Sarvodaya Co-Ed Senior Secondary School, then I graduated with BCA from Sikkim Manipal University, I did my Post-Graduation with MBA – Human Resources from the Sikkim Manipal University. Coming to my family background, we are 6 (Six) members in the family. My father is retired from Army and always a role model of the family. My mother is the best Home maker who looks after the all small and big need of every single person. She is an inspiration. My both the elder sisters are doing very well in their family. They are always my second mother; I am always affectionate by their love & support. My brother is married to a beautiful lady who is an inspiration to my brother, my brother works with CRPF and serving the country. A soldier keeps a smile on his face and hides the emotion by keeping his family’s photo in his pocket. The countrymen protection is the priority. And at last I am the younger one who is known by Preety Uzlain who is struggling to serve my country in a different way.
24.What is your USP which makes it unique & different from other start-ups in similar domains.
I provide education from the scratch – (Starting level to Higher level) and that too with full course. After doing the research I found who are doing bit similar as I am doing are taking a big amount to provide and using things completely technologically. The education I am providing contains Smart classes & hard classes with the cheaper fee. There is a huge difference between the fees and the technology; we keep one thing in mind that every student is not up to the mark to afford or to understand the technology of education. So we use all methods and our motive is to make a society of education not the business of education. We provide smart classes, entrances, personality development classes, basic English, Advance English, Business English, Chinese Languages and other Foreign Languages too.
We provide the education as per the aspirant, student, parent’s requirement. It is not necessary a person can use smart or android phone so also can understand the advance technology. I understand things are become technical every day, but a big area is still rural that can’t afford many things but education is the fundamental right of everyone. And my target is the world. That covers below poverty line, middle class, and the high society people. I provide education as per their requirement. Well, I also provide advanced classes to everyone so that they also can catch the things technically. Because coming generation will be using technology so I want to take everyone at the same level. And I am doing a lot to cover everything in such a way to provide everything to everyone to let them walk hand in hand.
25. What do you think is the biggest threat to the success of small businesses & Start-ups today?
Sudden change in the Economy is the biggest threat I guess. I found many start-ups have closed their businesses because of facing issues with raising funds and then sudden changes of Govt of India policy in income taxes and GST. Starting a business is not a easy for everyone, especially for a middle class person who is facing a lot of hard time in making their start-ups successful. Even in the Newspapers we all have read that some start-ups like Grofers, Flipkart have decided to move their registered office from India to Singapore as that they have to pay less in taxes and get the better funding opportunities. In India GST rate is so high 18% to 28% under the reserve change. If the same start p is registered with Singapore they would not be subjected to such a high tax that is significant for pre revenue startups that rely on founders saving from the investors. These are the challenges facing by the startups from the Govt end. Other challenges are raising funds an d investment – (Well, this challenges are faced by me also). But one must always be positive, determined and passionate to achieve enough by their own capability & ability.
26. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?
Yes, I do consider myself successful. My willingness to take on the new challenges and work hard set me up for the success. In starting it was very much difficult for me to start this work when I was itself studying in my graduation. I had no money and even I didn’t know where and how to start from. But I volunteered to manage a project for the work I do in Education, that needed at least a team of 5 to 7 members, but I managed alone every things, and completed the task ahead of schedule. I am not scared of challenges; I openly welcome all the difficulties, because this has been a funda of my success that I enjoy the difficulties so that I can enjoy the success fully. I am very friendly, very good by nature, helping, supporting, and I am fiend to me, I support myself, so a big yes to your question, YES, I am successful in all areas of my life, seeing thousands of students to join their jobs because of my free education to them and receiving the blessing emails and letters from the students and from their parents are the biggest successful anyone can ever have.
27.Please share complete name, address, phone number, email id & website of Your Business & Contact Person
My full name is Preety Uzlain Saluja
Address: – RZD 59 Pratap Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 110059
Phone Number: – +91-9560980969
Email Id: – /
Website: –
YouTube Channel 1: –
YouTube Channel 2: –
Photos: – Gurmeet Singh – Managing Director

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