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Securing timely loan is not a cakewalk. And the good days that came witnessed the digital campaign making every economical activity online. Hence to cater to the needs of people who fall apart in getting loans from banks, online portals for Peer to Peer lending came up. One such platform is It is a P2P platform removing the need of intermediary in the loan sanctioning process.

The extensive check run by the bank on a borrower may create havoc meanwhile. P2P platforms connect borrowers to investors with attractive interest rates. PaisaDukan is a solely owned marketplace of BigWin InfoTech operating in the domain of P2P lending. This idea grew into a full fledged solution caterer with the vision of a man who wanted to benefit the needy.

This startup has taken the vision of Digital India to a next level. Leveraging upon the opportunities that has been provided by the Government of India through Digital India, PaisaDukan aims to reach the roots of exclusion and include all those who lag behind in creating a prosperous India. It handles the servicing of a loan on behalf of the matched borrowers and investors.

Mr. Rajiv M Ranjan is the man behind this startup. Enlightened with the idea of bridging the gap, he wished to create a platform to meet the ever evolving needs of the masses. All said about the startup, let us have a glimpse at their journey in this exclusive interview.

1. What is the Name of your Venture? Any particular reason for coming up with this name?
Our venture’s name is – BigWin Infotech Private Limited, we take a radical approach to enable lending and wealth management, be it small loan customers or big investors, our approach is same for all. Secondly, our radical approach will benefit lenders as well as borrowers. Hence, it’s a BigWin for all – the company, lenders and borrowers.

2. Who are your target audience/clients?

Our target audience consists of consumers who find it difficult to secure a timely loan from banks or any other financial institutions. We are not limited to basic lending operations; we will also expand our services into certain areas where financing institutions don’t foray into.

3. Where are you based (city, state, country) & are you focusing on PAN India?

BigWin Infotech is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. Our geographical target areas are all the metro cities in India and eventually expand it PAN India.

4. What problems does your venture resolve? What are your products or services? is a BigWin Infotech’s solely owned market place that deals into P2P lending.

We deal in the P2P lending market space and provide loans to people who are looking out for getting quick loans or find it difficult to secure loans from banking or financial institutions due to various reasons like income criteria or risk profile. We promote financial freedom.

5. Share the idea or story behind the venture. How did it come into existence? What motivated you to start your own venture? is the brainchild of two industry experts, Mr. Rajiv M Ranjan and Mr. Ambar Kasliwal and is set to thrive in this progressive and rapidly evolving industry segment as a robust platform that would enable people to achieve their life goals and financial freedom. The online marketplace is an avant-garde approach towards lending and wealth management. It will empower and set new standards bringing to the plate a comprehensive portfolio carrying unparalleled products and tools to fasten the services and open conversations.

We are deeply inspired by the Govt. of India’s mission, ‘Digital India’. So, we decided to witness India’s digital growth history and to contribute in making new India. With an aim to serve India’s traditionally underserved populace we founded where our mission is to provide a world-class platform for borrowers & lenders.

6. Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

Our key competitors include Faircent, OML P2P, i-Lend, Lendbox, LenDen Club, India Money Mart and Monexo.

BigWin Infotech is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001 : 2013 certified startup duly recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP). ISO 9001:2015 is an important accomplishment for any firm as it’s an internationally recognized standard that specifies requirements for formal quality management system. ISO 9001:2015 standard helps organizations meet customer requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements, and improve customer satisfaction through improvement in the system and processes. Similarly ISO 27001:2013 recognizes or strengths in Information Security Management.

The firm strictly adheres to innovation and creativity towards developing efficient and convenient processes towards bestowing seamless experience for the end users. The team keys on utilizing the best of technology to craft groundbreaking solutions.

7. How did you identify your co-founder? Tell us something about your co-founder/s

Bigwin Infotech was founded in collaboration between Mr. Rajiv M Ranjan and Mr. Ambar Kasliwal.

Rajiv is a veteran IT professional with a demonstrated history of more than 18 years of leveraging technology based solutions driving business values. Rajiv served blue chip MNCs like AVP-IT at Bank of America NA, Sr. GM at Welspun Group, Sr. Project Manager Infosys etc. and executed multi-million dollar projects for companies like Bank of America N.A., Infosys, Blue Star Group, Welspun Group, etc.

Before forming BigWin Infotech, Rajiv was the core team member in some of the major path-breaking projects such as Cheque Truncation System (CTS), Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) and Negotiated Dealing System (NDS). He has been an active participant in major initiatives of Institute of Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT).

Rajiv holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering and is an alumnus of IIMC.

Ambar Kasliwal, BigWin’s co-founder is a practicing CA, having industry experience of more than 15 years. He is a senior partner of Jain Kasliwal & Associates LLP. He’s advised over 60 top companies in the field of media & advertising, export house, logistics, textile and heavy industrial companies as clients including industry leaders. Ambar has also worked closely with govt. organizations in Mumbai and cultivated strong working partnership with local and international PE houses. He’s also advised his clients on setting up various off shore companies in Mauritius, Middle East and BVI.

8. How did you hire your first team member? What skills do you want in your employees/team?

BigWin Infotech is a firm wherein ideas make an impact, where we change the way people experience the world. We have a work culture where every voice contributes and gets together to overcome challenges and make discoveries that alter industries. We look for employees who fit into such an environment of diverse individuals, who are thinkers and doers and who are always up to something new.

9. What are your expansion plans in the next 2 to 5 years?

We are deeply inspired by the Govt. of India’s mission, ‘Digital India’. So, we decided to witness India’s digital growth history and to contribute in making new India. With an aim to serve India’s traditionally underserved populace. Our mission is to provide a world-class platform for borrowers & lenders.

Initially our operations will serve the metro cities but we plan to expand and to cater PAN India in the next 2 years.

In the next 5 year, we will expand our services into certain areas which financing institutions don’t foray into and hope to see as a leading player in P2P lending space globally.

10. Where do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years?

A global leader in P2P lending space.

11. What are your goals over the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 months?
Post clarification on NBFC-P2P license guidelines, we want to reach out to maximum number of investors and customer. We will be taking all the necessary steps that can make a global leader in shortest possible time.

12. Have you risen any funding? Do you have any plans for funding?
We have not risen any funding as of now but we are open as and when required.

13. What were the problems you faced in the initial days and how did you resolve them?

Complying with the regulatory requirement for filling NBFC – P2P Application as an early start up was a bit challenging but over a due course of time we have effectively managed to overcome this challenge and have been amongst the early few to file up our application for NBFC P2P in RBI.

14. What was the most challenging part of your journey till date? How did you overcome those challenges?

15. Are you married, single or in a relationship?
I am married to Ms. Neeta who is also on Board of BIPL ( PaisaDukan). She holds Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from university of Mumbai.

16. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your leisure time?
I am found of Rifle & Pistol Shooting. I have Life membership from National Rifle Association of India, New Delhi and Karnataka State Rifle Association, Bangalore along with Annual Membership of Maharashtra State Rifle Association, Mumbai.

17. What is your favorite food & holiday destination?
Indian Delicacies attracts me a lot and Asia Pacific countries are my favorite holiday destination.

18. Who do you consider your idol or role-model?
I am very much impressed by Mr. Narayan Murthy, founder Infosys and judiciously follow his advise as “ Apart from Data … Trust Only God”

19. What is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers; they make courageous decisions which lead to success in the future. Employees lack the risk factor that entrepreneurs thrive on. Those who work for someone are secured in their jobs; however, they are perfectionists and work hard at their job.

20. If you had the chance to start your career all over again, what would you do differently?

21. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & social life?
Indeed. Lot of responsibility comes up when you have employees who look at you as there mentor and growth enabler.

22. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?

As mentioned, entrepreneurs are risk-takers; they make courageous decisions which lead to future success. To be successful in entrepreneurship it is imperative to set economic, personal and retirement goals that are concrete and actionable, in order, to guide you in getting your new business off the ground.

23. Tell us something about your education & family background.
I am a Computer Science engineering graduate and have done my SMP from IIM Kolkatta.

24. What is your USP which makes it unique & different from other start-ups in similar domains?

First of all at BigWin Infotech we are not limited to basic lending operations, we also explore expanding our services into certain areas which financing institutions don’t foray into. Our services are focused on catering to the needs of those consumers.

Though we are a younger firm but at BigWin Infotech we are committed to give our clients and investors a world class experience. We are first to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification which is an important accomplishment. All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are intended to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides.

25. What do you think is the biggest threat to small businesses & start-ups today?

Small enterprises always need encouragement from policy makers to ease their business approach. Globally, emerging economies are promoting their SMEs with innovative and unique ideas and those SMEs are contributing to their country’s economic growth.

26. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?
My positive action combined with positive thinking will lead me to Success. I always raise my Bar and hence always strive for success at a higher level than the one achieved.

27.Please share the complete Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Id & Website of your business & contact person along with the pictures of your Founder, Co-Founder, Team(if-any) as well as your logos.

Company Name: BigWin Infotech


Address – 112/113, Udyog Bhawan, Sonawala Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063

Phone: +91-22-49298989



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