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From A Passionate Young Lady, To The CEO of Ziqitza, Sweta Mangal Has Come A Long Way

Not many people have the ability to make a significant impact on a certain industry, single handedly. It requires vision and a lot of courage to tread on a path, where one has to face numerous challenges for achieving the desired results.

Yet, some people like Sweta Mangal, the co-founder of Ziqitza and Director of MUrgency, are born with a potential to change the landscape of a sector with great determination and zeal.

The journey of Sweta Mangal started from Rajasthan, where education and freedom was not a priority for women. But, her mother had a vision to shape her childhood in a different way, giving wings to her dreams.

In 1997, Sweta Mangal went abroad for studies. She completed her MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology in the US. Staying in a foreign country not only made her independent, but also a decision maker at an early age.

After coming back from the US, Sweta took up a job, before starting her own ‘Mangal Newton School’ in Beawar in 2007. She also worked with Zee TV, TATA AIG and Marico Industries. But, Sweta Mangal always had a vision to improve the lives of people, especially the unprivileged. It didn’t take her too long to foray into the healthcare and turn into a full-time entrepreneur.

Sweta, along with her fellow entrepreneurs started an ambulance service that could provide medical assistance within a short span of time. It soon resulted in the formation of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL). The ultimate goal was to bring about a major difference in the lives of people.

Today, Ziqitza Health Care Limited is one of India’s leading emergency medical service providers. It is operating under two models, which are cross-subsidy (for the unprivileged) and public-private partnership. Having served more than 5 million people so far, ZHL manages more than 1500 ambulances across India.

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After the success of ZHL, Sweta Mangal soon came up with MUrgency Inc (a global emergency response network). It is a mobile app that connects people with the nearest doctor, nurse or a paramedic for emergency medical assistance. The company promises quick medical assistance to save the precious lives.

Sweta credits her mother, husband and fellow entrepreneurs for the success. She is grateful for their never-ending support and showing faith in her. Sweta Mangal’s next goal is to turn MUrgency into a global app, available to every connected citizen for medical assistance. She believes in leaving behind a golden legacy, and doing all what it takes to follow the dreams and passion.

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