7 Reasons Why Anime Is More Famous Than Western Cartoons

Some anime cartoons are more famous than most classic Disney movies!
A few decades ago, the world of Anime was introduced to western countries. However, it was a turning point for the popularity of West-produced animation as Anime was considered to have more viewership. You might be thinking, what makes anime that unique and famous compared to Disney and other networks? Well, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some things like the impact that an anime cartoon has on an audience is way deeper than that of a western-printed cartoon. Let’s look at seven such reasons as to why Anime is more famous than Western animation productions.
1. Animation Style
The reason why anime differs so much from the cartoons made in the west is because of the animation. Firstly, anime makers produce a unique style of art that appeals to both younger and older audiences. Whereas if you’ve seen any American cartoons, they tend to children only and are very mediocre in their animation style. Keeping in the animation mood, eastern artists spend more money and time in making the cartoons look more realistic and appealing to audiences of all ages.
2. Age Targeted
Like we said earlier, anime cartoon movies and television programs often target all sorts of audiences. Even if a particular show is meant for younger boys and girls, many adults enjoy just as much. This is because the makers use deep concepts, scripts and feelings in order to convey Motion-picture like intensity so that it si worth watching. In the west, cartoons are mostly seen as “fun” and are meant for humor only. They do not really intend to show any type of meaning or real relationships between characters. This is why anime cartoons are so different from them in their ability to move an audience.
3. Life Changing Stories
If you’ve ever spoken to an anime fan, or are one yourself, you might have heard of the emotional quotient that anime cartoons have. They can make you cry, laugh, be frustrated and how! This is because the concept behind anime is to not only bring forth humor and animation but to also connect to an audience. An anime cartoon series will take you on a complete rollercoaster from stomach churning laughter to heart-wrenching sadness. Although western cartoons are slowly adapting moral values to children, the anime style of storytelling is still left unbeaten.
4. Productive Learning
Watching Anime cartoons are productive in the sense that you could actually learn something from them. Sure, the west has produced some funny cartoons. However, many anime ones have inspirational concepts to them which makes them popular. We are not dissing American animations, but it is just something that has become factual. Anime cartoons can teach children many life lessons that may not appear to be learnt from western ones. For example, some cartoons have stories of childhood stories that many people may relate to their own.
5. Defined Characters.
We won’t deny that the U.S has brought us some memorable characters. However, the anime world has more than just that. While creating characters for such type of cartoons, the makers keep in mind that the character must be attached to the audience and vice versa. In anime, the characters don’t change backstories, looks or personalities (most of the time). An audience feels so attached to a character throughout the series that if that character happens to pass away or be harmed, they are extremely affected.
6. Imaginative and Exciting
The cartoons of the west are more focused on satisfying children. However, like we mentioned earlier, anime is universal. This is mainly because of the imagination used in its making. These cartoons are produced with the intention to create a fascinating and appealing, yet relatable series. Anime cartoons actually get you excited about watching and does not replay similar and boring episodes every day.
7. Fighting and Romance
As anime cartoons are universally approved, they can contain various elements. Revenge and fighting are shown extremely well. The way these scenes are executed, that too in animation, are impressive. Aggression is one emotion that is shown well in anime cartoons. However, Love is another great emotion that anime portrays the best. Don’t be shocked, after all it is for adults too remember? Fighting and enmity are usually stereotyped as anime specialties but that is not true. Romantic cartoons are probably more of the popular ones.

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