Cash Crunch in The Middle Of The Month! No Worries PayMe India Is Here To Help You Out

The working class has finally invented more powerful words than ‘I Love you’ and those words are ‘Salary got Credited’!! This one line of SMS on mobile phone brings a smile on every middle class working professional.
We all work hard to live a happy & healthy life, fulfill our family commitments and to somewhat match our lifestyle with community expectations. However, how many of us are able to sustain this with our little salary till the month end? Despite a very good planning, only first few days post salary goes well and most of the month end expenses get transferred to either credit cards or get rolled over for next month.
During such situation, any sudden emergency like a car repair, uncertain medical bills, birthday or marriage of close relative makes life tougher and unmanageable.
Credit card bills are all time high, and it will be difficult to ask support from friend or family member as they have their own commitments. How do you think you are going to manage your cash flow in such a challenging situation?
Here comes the innovative FinTech company PayMe India which can help you in solving such mid-month cash challenges. The company takes all your stress and tensions related to money by offering you unsecured collateral free loans at a very reasonable rate of interest within a few hours. PayMe India offers short term loans basis your social score, credit score within a fraction of the time while you check your messages on FB & WhatsApp sipping your favorite coffee or cup of tea. Yes, it’s real and quick.
The best part is that you can request for the loan amount ranging from 1000 to 50,000 basis your salary and decide repayment tenure as per your convenience. The amount will be credited to your account within a few hours post completion of required documentation. You can pay back the loan once your salary gets credited to your account and all this is done without much paperwork and in a hassle-free manner.
The founders believe that their product is quite different from any of the banking product as banks/FIs do not offer loan for a small amount ranging INR 10-50k. In addition, bank’s stringent credit policy and turnaround time in loan processing create further difficulty for customers. They further highlighted that even those customers who have bad credit score or those who are new to credit can avail quick loan from PayMe India.
PayMe India understands the urge and importance of the emergency and offers the loan in a matter of minutes. Such services are a boon for a country like India where more than 60% population survives on monthly salaries and their entire dependency is on the money that they get by the end of the month.
The company is a registered entity with all valid licenses & has partnered with ATD Financials a Noida based NBFC for loan disbursals. It claimed to have processed more than 15k applications and served around 3k customers by now. The company processes more than 200 applications per day and is targeting to reach 500 applications daily from November onwards.
While speaking about the customer segment and their needs, Mr. Mahesh Shukla (Founder & CEO) states that some of the customers with bad credit history are situational defaulters and should be given a fair chance to rework on their creditworthiness. A good credit score facilitates a customer in getting loan products at a competitive interest rate and also highlights overall credibility of a person in other matters as well. As the company wants to spread Financial HappinessTM, it gives customers a chance to enhance their credit score while taking care of their emergency needs.
So what are you waiting for, check out their website and download the mobile app to efficiently tackle any such emergency in future.
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