Invest In Experience Before Jumping Into Business Says Serial Entrepreneur Harkamal Preet Pal Singh Ubhi

Entrepreneur & startups are two very common words we have heard in today’s scenario. We are very familiar with these words and have become very common since India got Narender Modi as the prime minister and he started make in India and digital India campaigns.
His vision dreams and strategy to make India a global power has marked a milestone in the progress of India. Now a days we see multiple startups around us. According to one report every day more than 50000+ startups comes in India and more than 80% startups vanish within first 3 months. The problem is sustainability.
Many people claim that funding is one of the major issue in the growth and development of startups and lack of funding makes the incubation period of the startups really tough.
But is non availability of funding such a big threat? I see many startups growing and blooming in our country since last so many years and have not taken a single penny of funding.
Whats more important than funding is your own innovation, strategy, understanding the competition and better marketing skills and strategy.
Very recently I was reading one of the book by a fellow entrepreneur Harkamal Preet Pal Singh Ubhi  Start a Business From Nothing: Be An Entrepreneur.
This book ignited my thoughts on entrepreneurship and its relation to funding.
You sure can be an entrepreneur and can lead a successful venture even without funding if you double cross check your competition, you understand the flow of market, you hit the right client/customer base at right time with better innovative products and services.
A startup is a company that develops something more unique, something more creative and much more innovative than the standard products, process or services in the market.
Innovation is the demand of today’s market to keep yourself on the vertex in the mass of startups flourishing in the market.
The book Start a Business from Nothing -Be An Entrepreneur gives practical examples of many well established companies that are both economically well versed and make use of human creativity and innovation regularly.
The book makes you understand entrepreneurship not from the top but from the root and helps you to develop a entrepreneurship mind, vision and thought.
As someone said, to catch a thief you have to think like a thief, similarly to be a entrepreneur you have to think like an entrepreneur. I would recommend every wana be entrepreneur to read the book before jumping into the pool of entrepreneurship else you will end up loosing lot of time, hard earned money and motivation.
The book is available on amazon at a very pocket friendly price and is worth a investment. Business is like a war and has to be strategically fought and this book will help you to make better strategies to fight it.

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