Check Out The Top-Rated Cricket Betting Sites In India

We have mentioned all the top-rated cricket betting sites in 2021 for your easy selection. Go through the article and make a quick decision to enjoy the incredible features and betting offers for this sport.

India is a place with vast cultural diversity, but cricket is one crucial thing that unifies the nation for its passion for the game. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every Indian household watches it and considers it a relevant part of their lives. With all the pride received through the victory and historic matches of cricket, Indians are always enthusiastic about this sport.

With the growing passion and love for cricket, the pool for Indian betting sites is significantly rising. Fans can avail a wide range of betting sites to apply their extensive knowledge and expertise on this sport. With an increasing number of gambling sites, you can get exceptional betting offers, free bets and comprehensive features on top tournaments like the IPL.

However, it is essential to know the top-rated cricket betting sites in 2021 to enjoy the best offers and higher winning chances. So, let’s check them all.Top Rated Cricket Betting Sites in India for 2020 | ISRJ


INDIBET is one of the best betting sites and a top-quality premier destination for sharing expertise to win bets. Their Cricketbook allows you to enjoy incredible cricket markets and challenging odds. You can look at the tournaments like IPL match live scores to know your betting results. Apart from the marvellous features and betting offers for cricket, you can enjoy 24/7 live casino games and lay your extensive hands-on sports betting in tournaments like EPL, Tennis, and Kabaddi matches for the best odds and experience.

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Betway is one of the top-rated and most preferred betting sites by fans and other sports enthusiasts for their safety and privacy rules and regulations in India. It is a registered betting company that is licensed and regulated in India for exciting betting features and the best odds in cricket. This site is excellent for beginners as its website is exceptionally user-friendly. You will enjoy a great selection of odds on sporfvv ts like cricket, football, rugby, etc. Their payment deposit options include UPI, Netbanking, Neteller and more.


Parimatch is a registered online betting company that is entirely safe and reliable to use in India for betting on multiple sports events. They are licensed to avail betting offers and features for sports like cricket, football, esports, table tennis and basketball. You will enjoy a convenient betting experience with their simple and user-friendly interface website. Their payment options include a wide range from UPI, Paytm, Netbanking from SBI, ICICI, and more. Enjoy winning on your best odds at the biggest virtual betting site, Partimatch.

  1. 10CRIC10CRIC Review - Up to ₹20,000 Bonus (Updated 2021)

10cric is a sports betting site designed explicitly for Indian sports enthusiasts. This legal betting site provides free to play markets for sports betting on multiple sports events like football, kabaddi and tennis. This revolutionary site meets the unique betting demands of Indian customers. They ensure generous betting odds in the pre-match, live match betting, and outright betting. Thor plentiful payment methods include Netbanking, UPI, and more to ensure the convenience of Indian bettors. With the highest standard of security and privacy, you will enjoy helpful customer service with a welcome bonus on this cricket betting site.

  1. BET365
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BET365 is a safe, reliable and one of the most convenient betting sites for sports betting enthusiasts in India. You will enjoy a great selection of sports events other than cricket. Sports like football, basketball, baseball, boxing, casino games and cycling are some of the top sports events covered by this registered and licensed betting site. Their payment options include VISA card, Neteller, Skrill and more. They also offer free LIVE streaming of cricket matches, football matches, etc., to keep track of your betting results.


UNIBET is a registered, licensed and authorised betting site in India for cricket lovers. You will enjoy a significant load of cricket betting markets on this site for the best betting experiences. They ensure consistent offerings for boosting betting odds. Also, they enable stunning free live streams for cricket, football, and other sports matches to track the betting scores. Their payment options are safe, convenient and easy. They are also well-known and popularly used for exciting casino games and related betting options.

  1. FUN88Sports Betting & New Online Casino in the UK | Fun88

FUN88 is a licensed betting company that is Asia’s most trusted and widely used betting site for its exceptional offers and features to enable comfortable and easy betting. They offer a wide range of options for cricket betting on various tournaments like CPL T20, IPL and more. Apart from cricket, they are globally trusted for betting on live casino games and poker. Their payment options include Paytm, UPI and more.

Ending Note

So, from this comprehensive guide, choose the best online betting site for cricket in 2021 and enjoy the best odds and betting experience. These websites, as mentioned above, are all registered, licensed and trusted by millions of users in the betting world. Pick one for yourself and get started today.

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