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Ingredients of success: Restaurateur Navneet Kalra lists 5 tips to become a successful businessman

Starting a business might be an enticing prospect for many but staying in business for a continued time can be the most arduous thing for any business owner. We recently got a chance to talk to Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra and ask him about his success mantra. Kalra, who runs several prominent restaurants in Delhi NCR, shares five key rules to become a successful businessman.

Wondering what rules does Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra abides by? Scroll on to know:Navneet Kalra: Delhi businessman, Page 3 personality, alleged oxygen black marketeer - Cities News

  1. Be passionate about your work

Contrary to the popular belief, running a business is an extremely personal experience. One certainly needs to be practical about the operational aspects, but the success of a venture cannot be ascertained until the business owner is passionate about it. “The more personally invested you are in the operations, the better chances there are for your venture to be a success,” quips Navneet Kalra.

  1. Never ignore the customers’ point of view

A most common mistake that many entrepreneurs commit during the early stages of their venture is failing to take the customers’ point of view into account. According to the Khan Chacha owner, the customers’ preferences should always be taken into consideration, irrespective of whether you are offering goods or services.

  1. Always appreciate your teamWho is Navneet Kalra? Delhi businessman, Page 3 personality, alleged oxygen black marketer - Buzzyoo

No business is ever turned into a success by just one person. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, in a similar fashion it takes a strong team to transform a venture from ‘nothing’ to ‘the next big thing’. Navneet Kalra suggests that business owners must always be appreciative of the hard work that their team pours in.

  1. Get up when you fall down

The journey of a businessman is full of ups and downs. One day a customer might shower you with great praise, the other day you might encounter a setback in the form of negative reviews. “Whatever happens, never lose the optimism. Whenever you fall in the face of crisis, pick yourself up and think of a way to steer forward,” says Navneet Kalra.

  1. Always have an exit plan ready

When you start a venture, it is impossible to know the outcome beforehand. At some point, you might have to pass your brainchild on to someone else. Be prepared for such times by having an exit strategy in place. Create a plan to protect your legacy while making way for your successors.Restaurateur Navneet Kalra Shares Golden Tips On Managing Restaurant Inventory

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