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Shopping, we all love it, we work hard day and night to earn for our livelihood and life and finally buy goods and services to live a better life we shop for our necessities and luxuries after all it’s our right to make our life enjoyable after working hard to earn for ourselves.

Shopping is something which fills us with joy is it online or ground shopping. Those fancy brands and products, carrying the bags full of exclusive items to flaunt on others, the experience and pleasure is unimaginable.

This experience gets double when we get some great bargains and discounts on our desired products. Dealivore is a one stop destination to get all the best bargains on any product, brand, website you can think off.

Dealivore is a discount deal website which offers coupons for you to shop on your favourite websites online. They have tied up with more than 1000+ vendors, websites both nationally and internationally to bring in their best offers and seasonal discount vouchers to help you to save more & more while you shop.

They offer discount vouchers in the following categories
















Pen Drives





Bean Bags




The best part is that you do not have to buy any booklet or coupon code or take part in any contest to get these vouchers, simply visit their website and choose the latest coupons and apply on your favourite website, brand or store online and whoosh.

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The website has been started by a young & dynamic female entrepreneur Kashaf Shaikh. Kashaf has been working as a consultant in marketing and sales and has also bagged a national award from Computer Society of India. As her vast interest in digital marketing since a very young age has led her to establish this website on her own by putting all the knowledge & passion together.

Dealivore offers everything for everyone, from gadgets to furniture, books to home essentials, clothing to beauty products, hotels to flights and much more. They also offer perfect deals on flights and hotels for your vacation which makes it easy for you to travel and stay without spending a fortune. They have tied-up with major players in the ecommerce industry to provide you with cheapest prices on holiday packages & flight tickets.

Dealivore has bagged awards for themselves for serving satisfaction from leading providers & had always worked towards the better of online shopping. With over 3,00,000 social fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other social channels & with huge number of subscribers they are expanding their service to many other stores on demand. Apart from all daily deals, coupons & offers this website all offers exclusive mailers & freebies to their subscriber database.

So shop till you drop this festive season!

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