19 Truths About Launching A Startup

19 truths about launching a startup

A few things I tell all first-time startup founders to help accelerate revenue.
Launching something good now is better than launching something perfect later (or never)

  1. Your first idea will probably be wrong
  2. You need to collect and use customer feedback ASAP, especially around user experience
  3. You don’t need the best idea, you need the best execution
  4. You’ll work more than you ever thought possible — and you’ll love it
  5. Your team will doubt you along the way, but use your vision as a guard rail
  6. It will take longer than you thought to break even
  7. You want to build something in a market with existing competitors — otherwise there’s (probably) no market for what you’re building
  8. Marketing is equally as important as product
  9. You need a story about why you created your product that the media will be interested in and that people will remember and talk about
  10. Pay peanuts, get monkeys
  11. It takes 7–10 years to build anything important
  12. Lead by example when it comes to working hard and being efficient
  13. You will probably fire someone early on — and they could be a friend
  14. Share your idea with everyone and ask for feedback — no one will copy you
  15. Stick with it, it does get easier as you get a few wins under your belt
  16. Iterate on your product as fast as humanly possible
  17. Your product is the only thing that matters for the first few months, then it’s product and distribution
  18. Your mindset will determine how far you go

Source: Bizztor

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