7 Best Way to look for Jobs in India [in 2020]

Takeaway: It’s not easy to get a career now since many talented college students are unemployed now. So, here we are listing the top 7 ways to find jobs in India.

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7 Best Ways to look for Jobs in India:

1. Find a job using job portals

Jobs can be sought via web sites such as,,,, and several others. To find a position on these pages, you first need to register and build a career profile. Students can also apply for UP Scholarship 2020 online for getting various benefits regarding their education.

2. Find jobs in newspapers

Besides online job portals, you can find job vacancies in newspapers like,

  • The Times of India
  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express¬†¬†

Papers have various work openings pages. Some journals publish work openings regularly, and some newspapers publish every week. Much of the time, you will find civil and mechanical work.

Note: Avoid classified ads as most of them list fake jobs.

3. Placement Agencies

Many Indian companies hire employees from placement agencies like KPSC Recruitment 2020. So, your job description can be found in the placement department. Most recruitment agencies do not charge for their services, but some placement agencies have a certain fee.

Note: There are so many fraudulent work placement companies that collect money from job-seekers and students and don’t give a call.

4. Use Referrals

You will find a job in India with references. Today, most workers are recruited by referrals and then by specific processes. You may then contact your family, senior people who work in your company, and inquire for a vacancy. Many companies offer their employees a referral bonus.

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5. Check companies Career page

This is also one of the best ways both new and experienced applicants will find a job. On their career page, various multinational and small businesses post work vacancies. MNC companies such as TCS NextStep, Infopark jobs, Syntel, Cognizant, Infosys, and Wipro, etc. have their career portal.

6. Campus Placement

You ‘re all aware of this, We believe. Most companies recruit university campus students. And the college has a strong placement record before gaining admission, do not forget that. You can enter CDAC, or some other similar short term course on which companies recruit if you have already passed out of college.

7. Off-Campus Placement

The college/campus authority formally sponsors the campus placement system to offer their graduates the chance to serve in their preferred sectors before their formal graduation. Off-site selection takes place outside the school, mostly coordinated by a third party or the company’s recruiting unit like TCS iBegin.


The best way to find a position in India is through your present employer or personal connection. If you don’t have any links or if your relationships aren’t right, the only place to find a position is over the Internet.

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