7 Mistakes Brands make on Social Media


The Digital Frontier is the new battlefield where businesses are at war to win customers over. People socialize twice as much on Social Media Sites these days and hardly mingle in the real world. Social Media Marketing is not an option anymore for businesses, and here are the 7 mistakes Brands make on Social Media.

Lack of Strategy

Just as one needs a treasure map to find a hidden treasure, one needs a plan to reach their destination. Without a plan or strategy in place, one might lose their way and risk never achieving their goal. Social Media Marketing also requires a strategy in order to be successful. Goal setting and constructing a detailed plan to reach the desired outcome is what will make your Brand in becoming a Social Media Superstar.

Brand Look and Feel

While having your product speak for yourself is good to bank on, it’s not enough. In order to attract new customers and business opportunities, you have to break through the noise and make a unique identity for your brand with the help of simplicity. For example, the pug from Vodafone, or the font of Metallica, are wonderful ideas that have set the Brand apart from the crowd. You’ll have to be precise with the color, font, logo, theme, and the content you post to reach your intended target audience.

The Completeness of Social Media Profiles

People check a Brand’s Social Media Profile before making an opinion about them. Let’s say a person tries to find your Brand on Facebook or Instagram and finds a clumsily filled Profile, he might think this Brand isn’t good enough and move on to another alternative. This is a lost opportunity for Brands. It is absolutely important for you to be on all the relevant social media profiles and make sure all the vital information is correctly filled.

Desired Target Audience

Your business keeps running because of your customers, and not knowing who your customers are can be a huge pitfall. If you’re a car dealer you need to focus on people who travel a lot, have to constantly travel for work or leisure, someone who works locally, not someone who travels abroad for his job, or a person who works overseas for months. Knowing your customers’ needs and how your product/service solves that need is what knowing your target audience means.

The Frequency of Social Media Posts

The frequency with which one should make posts on their social media channels depends on the type of product and target audience. If your target audience expects hourly or daily updates, make sure you cater to that need. Although, three posts per week is a good steady pace for most businesses, make sure you find what suits your business and stick with it.

Social Network Special Tools

Each Social Network Site has its unique features. Features such as Instagram’s ‘Stories’, ‘Highlights’, ‘Live Video’ and Facebook’s ‘Timeline’, ‘Wall’, ‘Hashtags’ are innovative tools to engage and connect with your audiences. Using these features can boost your business quite a lot.

Unresponsiveness on Social Media

When you provide a product/service to your customers, some will be extremely satisfied and some will surely be unhappy. If someone is unhappy, has some grievances, and mentions them, do reply and make sure you take affirmative action to resolve their concerns. Respond to general comments and reply like a real person instead of sending an automated response. This personal touch and your genuine attempt are enough to make him feel less bitter about the whole experience and make his day better.

Your brand’s overall appearance plays a pivotal role to develop an exclusive image. Many multinational brands use different tactics to attract general public. They use different strategies, but they develop a unique sense of creativity. Think about KFC, the first think that will came into mind is the old man, and the same goes with McDonalds as well, you will instantly click with a big “M”. If you want stand out from crowd and wants to develop a particular brand outlook. You should focus on your color scheme, you logo design and think about ways that can help you to create brand’s goodwill in the market. You can use this free tool to Graphic Design Free  .

These are the 7 most common mistakes Brands make on Social Media which impede their progress and reduce their chances of getting more business through the Social Network. Reverse Thought has managed the Social Media Presence of hundreds of small and big businesses and made sure they are not losing customers on Social Media Networks.



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