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A $15 billion e-cig US startup launching in London

Silicon Valley e-cig startup Juul Labs is bursting at the seams. At $15 billion valuation, the company is rapidly expanding in the US and opening the doors to its first international office in London.
Currently headquartered at a 5-story warehouse in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood (with plans to spill into a larger building across the street), Juul is opening offices in 19 more locations across the country, from big cities like Boston and Chicago to smaller locales like Des Moines, Iowa and Manchester, New Hampshire.
After London, the company plans to open its doors in three additional countries – France, Singapore, and Israel. The company’s popular vape pen, called the Juul, packs a uniquely powerful nicotine punch, and it has singlehandedly revived the once-flatlining e-cig industry.
But as it expands, Juul faces several challenges, including local laws limiting the sale of its products, concern from teachers and parents over the rise of teen vaping, and investigations into its advertising practices.
Juuling (instead of smoking) is largely considered a benefit to public health because it’s less dangerous than inhaling burned tobacco, teen Juuling represents a massive and unforeseen concern – at least in the US, where a growing cadre of researchers is sounding the alarm on the vape pen’s addictiveness.

Source: Bizztor
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