After 21 cases of Corona surfaced, curfew and lockdown in all districts of Punjab till 31 March.

  • Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that no concession will be given in curfew
  • First Section 144 was implemented and after that the state was lockeddown, but the people did not show any support.

After 21 cases of coronavirus infection, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday imposed curfew across the state till 31 March. Amarinder said that no concession would be allowed in the curfew. If something is very important, then only they will be given a concession for a fixed time after giving a valid reason. Necessary services will continue during the curfew.

According to a report, Hola Mohalla festival was celebrated in the state earlier this month and during this time many people were feared of infection. After this, Section 144 was imposed in the state and then the government locked the state. However, the effect was not visible.

Thousands of NRIs returned in Punjab, people did not accept restrictions even during Janata curfew

1. 28 lakh Punjabis in 210 countries, thousands came to India due to Corona
28 lakh people of Punjab live abroad. Due to Corona, international flights have been canceled, but before that many people have returned to Punjab. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, 28 lakh 19 thousand 835 Indians are settled in 210 countries. These include 8 lakh in the United Arab Emirates, 2.80 lakh in the US, 4.66 lakh in England, 1.32 lakh in Australia, 2.5 lakh in Italy, 6 lakh Punjabi in Canada. Some media reports have claimed that many people have returned from these countries in the past, who are unable to trace. Many of these people have also mistyped their addresses and phone numbers.

2. 70 people in fatehgarh churian in the house for public gathering, financier arrested
There was a ban on the gathering of more than 20 people in the state on Sunday to break the Corona chain and there was a curfew. Despite this, government orders were not accepted in many districts including Gurdaspur, Patiala and Sangrur. In the village of fatehgarh churian, the financier kept the gathering of Shri Akhand Path Sahib in the house at Sarchur. It reached more than 70 people. On receiving the information, the police reached and arrested the financier Sukhraj Pal Singh and registered a case.

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3. Marriage in Sangrur during Janata curfew, 500 people were gathered
Many wedding ceremonies were canceled during the Janata curfew in Sangrur. But 500 people reached a wedding. Police arrested Vijay Sharma, the manager of Empire Castle Palace. Similarly, marriage was going on in Moga on Saturday. The team arrived and the bride and groom ran through the wall. The palace manager was arrested here as well.

4. A group of 60 Nihangas came from Shri Anandpur Sahib in Khanna’s village.
After celebrating Hola Mohalla (festival associated with Holi) from Sri Anandpur Sahib, the batch of 60 Nihang lions returned to Khani’s village Ghodi Kalan near Khanna, there was chaos in fear of Corona. The atmosphere of the village became tense. At first people asked the batch to return, but when they did not agree, it was informed to the police and the administration. The police reached the place and freed after quarantining the Nihangs involved in the batch with the team of Health Department. Harinder Singh, the sarpanch of village Ghudani Kalan, said that people had started gathering together to get Nihang Singh’s batch out of the village. He said that in Punjab, the person who died first due to the virus of corona had also come to Hola Mohalla in Sri Anandpur Sahib, so there was fear among people.

5. More than 30 people gathered in Patiala and clapped, police case registered
More than 30 people gathered at a place in Patiala and played clap and thali. Police filed a case after watching the video. The case is of Dharmapura Bazar area. Police came into action after the video went viral here. A case has been registered against 20 unknown people and they have started their search.

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