After Easter, Life Will Return To Normal: Britain Plans To Start Vaccinations Next Month, Says Health Minister!

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said today that the UK will seek to start administering the coronavirus vaccine before Christmas and rollout it on a large scale at the beginning of the new year. Life will return to normal sometimes after Easter. 

After AstraZeneca announced that its vaccine against the deadly coronavirus could be 90% effective in preventing the deadly coronavirus, Hancock said: We hope to start vaccination next month.

Most of the vaccine rollout plans will take place in January, February, and March. And we hope that sometime after Easter everything will be back to normal.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, stated in a tweet: The exciting news is that the Oxford vaccine has proven so effective in trials. Further safety checks are still needed, but these results are amazing.

Well done to our excellent scientists at @AstraZeneca & @UniofOxford, and all who participated in the trials, he appreciated.

AstraZeneca said today that the coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca Plc prevented the majority of people from contracting the disease in the large scale trials, another promising development in the quest to end the epidemic.

An Astra spokesperson said: We are pleased to see that the half-dose-full-dose regimen can achieve 90% efficacy. We observe that this regimen has many advantages, and now we will begin to discuss with regulators to combine this dose combination for further clinical research.

Among those who got the coronavirus vaccine dose, there were no serious coronavirus cases in the trial and no volunteers were hospitalized.

AstraZeneca said it’ll immediately prepare to submit the data to relevant authorities across the world that have an early approval framework.

The company said it will seek the World Health Organization‘s emergency use list to expedite access to vaccines in low-income countries.

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Moreover, AstraZeneca and Oxford University proclaimed that their jab can effectively prevent several people from getting sick and has proven that it can work in different age groups, including the elderly. There are early indications that it may also help stop the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Professor of vaccinology at the University of Oxford, Sarah Gilbert, said: Today’s announcement brings us closer to the era when vaccines can be used to end the devastation caused by the deadly coronavirus. 


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