As the coronavirus arrived, it brought along several myths with itself. Most of them were related to alcohol. As the awareness of necessary precautions was spread which included washing hands repeatedly, wearing masks, and using alcohol contained sanitizers. People somehow related the alcohol sanitizer thing to a medium of killing the virus. Many social media platforms became a medium to spread such rumors about alcohol effectiveness on coronavirus. One must know that alcohol consumption cannot be proven well in any scenario. 

About alcohol and its effects on the human body…

Consumption of alcohol in the forms of wine, beer, spirits, or anything else causes harm to the human body because of the presence of ethanol in it. Substances such as methanol (another form of alcohol) can be fatal even in small quantities or may lead to kidney disease and blindness, among other problems. Based on the mistaken belief that the ingestion of alcoholic products can somehow offer protection against the virus has lead to deaths in some countries during this coronavirus outbreak.   

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The harm caused by alcohol~

  • We all know how strengthening the immune system is very important to stay rigid in this fight against coronavirus, alcohol consumption becomes an enemy in this case and weakens the immune system causing the disability to cope with the infectious virus. According to an article published in Alcohol Research journal, alcohol can hamper the immune cells and stop them from working properly.
  • Alcohol consumption leaves its imprint on one’s psychic ability leading to alteration of thoughts and behavior, lack of decision making, and judgemental skills.
  • One of the most severe complications of coronavirus, (ARDS) acute respiratory distress syndrome’s risk is increased with heavy use of alcohol. It occurs when fluid fills up the air sacs in the lungs which affects the oxygen supply in the body. And due to this major death cases occur.
  • During the time of pregnancy, even a small amount of alcohol consumption can risk the life of an unborn child. 
  • Even small quantities of alcohol consumption are known to be a cause for certain types of cancer.
  • Alcohol consumption affects almost every single organ of an individual’s body, both for a period of short-term and long term.
  • Alcohol consumption doesn’t only affect a person physically but mentally as well which leads to severe troubles in an individual’s interpersonal relations. 
  • Its consumption can also worsen anxiety symptoms. Over 20% of alcohol consumers experience a social anxiety disorder.
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Myths about alcohol and Coronavirus…

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People possess a general tendency to spice things up according to their will. And since alcohol was in the line trends during the pandemic outbreak, the obsession regarding the same increased as well. There were various myths which were spreading among people and becoming their beliefs. Hence it is very important to know that alcohol consumption can not be proven beneficial regarding curing coronavirus infection. Here are some myths which people should not fall for:-

  • Alcohol consumption can destroy the virus that causes COVID-19. It is completely false. Consuming alcohol can never destroy the virus, on the other hand, it can increase the health risk of the person who is infected with the virus. Alcohol when at a concentration of at least 60% by volume works as a disinfectant on an individual’s skin, but it has no similar effect within one’s system when ingested.  
  • Alcohol in any form can stimulate immunity and act as resistant to the virus. It is so not possible because it has a deleterious effect on an individual’s immune system and can not stimulate immunity and virus resistance.
  • Drinking strong alcohol kills the virus in the inhaled air. It is far beyond belief but still, people did fall for this. This cannot be true. Consuming alcohol cannot help to disinfect an individual’s mouth and throat hence it is not capable of providing any kind of protection against coronavirus infection. 

Funny rumors about Corona Beer being a cause of Coronavirus…

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Coronavirus has led to absurd thinking at many levels but Corona Beer being one of its cause, was the funniest of all. The relevant answer one can give to this idiocy is the beer is in the market for years now but none was affected with the virus for its consumption, then how it has become the cause of virus now??

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Anheuser-Busch who is the manufacturer of Corona Beer faced a storm in the stock market since last year and the coronavirus rumor at this very time gave it worsened up circumstances. The sale of Corona Beer has declined on a massive rate for such foolish confusions. There were many sarcastic posters regarding the same saying “its a beer, not a virus.”  

Corona Beer got its name from a perspective of a marketing strategy because corona means crown in Latin. It might have a motto of selling the beer as a ruler of all the beers or the consumers of the beer are so. It could be any possible reason relating it to royalty. And coronavirus got its name so because when scientists were examining the virus and do so they magnified the virus to study about it, it looked like having spikes in it as a crown does. We all are aware of scientists’ obsession with the Latin language and from there they derived the name of coronavirus. Homo sapiens, the scientific term used for humans is also derived from Latin which means wise man. But believing such stupid rumors totally defies the meaning of it.  

The craze for alcohol addiction…

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Delhi Government previously added a 70% special corona fee on liquors to manage the addiction of the same in this era of a pandemic where immuning one’s body is extremely important. But people being people, fallen completely for their addiction could not even control their urge. They were willing to pay the huge price to serve their addiction. In the craze of buying so people even forgot to maintain social distancing, the most important measure to fight against the virus. How are these people even expected to participate in the development?

The era of coronavirus has been blamed to cause massive economic depression all across the globe. But addiction to alcohol has received greater importance. Some people are finding it hard to cope up in this time and fight for their survival, but the alcohol addicts are somehow managing to entertain their addiction. 

How can one expect the government to stand rigid in such situations? Delhi Government did withdraw its tax application on all the liquor categories from the 10th of June. 

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Between the period of 4th of May to 30th of May, shops under the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation have sold liquor worth 86.5 crore rupees, the Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation sold the same worth 47.6 crore rupees, and shops under Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited and the Delhi Consumer’s Cooperative Wholesale Store sold liquor worth 45.2 crore rupees each. Similarly, between the period of 23rd of May to the 30th of May, Private shops have sold liquor worth 9.9 crore rupees.

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One must avoid consuming alcohol altogether so that they do not undermine their immune system and health and do not risk the health of others as well. People tend to smoke more if they drink alcohol, and smoking is directly associated with a more complicated and dangerous progression of COVID-19. In this phase of lockdown, quarantine, and self-isolation, it is important to understand that alcohol poses risks to one’s health and safety and should, therefore, be avoided during such periods. People need to realize that alcohol is closely associated with violence. It has been a patriarchal world since the beginning, a world where men show their power on their women. Alcohol consumption heightens their emotions, including rage and the situation becomes worse. Because of this, some women incline towards alcohol consumption as a defense mechanism of coping with such sufferings.

Alcohol use disorder is characterized by the heavy use of alcohol and loss of control over its intake. This disorder is among the most prevalent mental disorders across the globe and is also among the most stigmatized. People with such disorder, are at a greater risk of COVID-19 not only because of the impact of alcohol on their health but also because they are more likely to experience homelessness when compared to others. It is, therefore necessary, under the present conditions, that people who need help because of their alcohol-consuming addiction receive all the support they need.   

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