Miss Traveling? These Countries will Pay the Tourists to Visit their Land in the Post-COVID Era!!

Since the commencement of Coronavirus, the pandemic has disrupted the lives of millions of people all across the globe and compelled to pull the shutters down many businesses. The tourism industry is suffering the most in this era of economic depression, because the flights were forced to be grounded and borders were closed, many popular tourist destinations are struggling really hard in this time. While domestic travel is allowed in some of them but it still does not seem that traveling abroad will be allowed anytime soon. With things looking so dreadful, some of the countries are looking for ways and means to entice travelers to visit once the COVID 19 pandemic is over. 

Let’s know about the countries that are so desperate at this hour they are even offering to pay the travelers for their visit in their land.



The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, is trying to tempt visitors to the island by offering to pay the travelers as a part of their stay there. According to the offer, for every 3 nights a visitor stays at a hotel, they will not have to pay for one night. That is not just it, the visitors will also be given museum and archaeological entry tickets. The offer does not end there, they will also pay half of the plane ticket fare.


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According to some media reports, the government of Japan could pay half the fare of a visitor’s plane ticket in a bid for getting travelers to return on their land, and the nation is also considering other incentives and maybe it subsidize other travel expenses as well. So probably, it is not the most obvious holiday destination, but maybe the country comes up with something attractive to offer so that the willing visitors start fancying it.


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Bulgaria, the all-time perfect budget holiday destination, and now the pandemic havoc is laying a hand for it is becoming even more affordable. It is striving hard to get its ground back, as it is quickly becoming a favorite destination among travelers with the mercy of a strategy where it is offering visitors freebies to visit it post coronavirus lockdown. The local government there is offering free access to some beaches, as well as free use of sun loungers and umbrellas. Does it sound a bit lame? But it would be surprising to acknowledge that this would save a family of four, £140 over the course of a week-long trip.



Visit Britain‘s Strategy & Communications Director, Patricia Yates announced an unusual offer to the citizens of the United Kingdom where Brits could be given money to holiday at home. Her quoted words were:

“So we could be looking at marketing campaigns or yes, you could give money straight to people and incentivize them to holiday at home.”


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The AHCP i.e. Association of Hotels in Cancun is promoting a project named Come to Cancun x2 that will be offering 2 free nights for every 2 paid nights and if your hands still don’t feel full there is more, Come to Cancun 2×1 project where they are giving you paying for 2 and getting 1 free offer. Already excited? There is more to it. Lastly, there is a discount on the plane ticket as well when one is traveling with a companion.

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Now all the other nations are willing to improve their economic crisis but none wants to risk their health status by bringing the virus on their land but unlike other offers we just came through that are being offered by different countries, Cyprus has an offer for anybody who is testing positive for coronavirus. During the airport checking formalities, if a traveler test positive, the person will be provided with free care while families or friends will have their costs of lodging, food, and drink covered by the government itself. It definitely confuses you, isn’t it? The idea behind this is to give the travelers some financial assurances should they come down with any symptoms while visiting.

So, Are you guys all set to grab such tempting offers? Or thinking about will it be really safe to travel while the world is terrorized with the global pandemic?

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