Arvind Kejriwal claims Delhi is “under control”- the terrible pandemic situation

Arvind Kejriwal claims Delhi is “under control”..

The emergence of coronavirus has shaken the grounds of the entire world. The cases are rising every day. The virus has terrorized the world, and the total no. of confirmed cases is 9.62 million, with 490 thousand deaths. India has become the world’s fourth worst-hit country, with 490 thousand confirmed cases and almost 15,300 deaths.

The capital of the country, Delhi, has reached the top 5 worst hit territories in the nation by securing 3rd position with seventy thousand above confirmed cases and more than two thousand deaths. Arvind Kejriwal, the current Chief Minister of Delhi, is trying hard to handle the increased panic in the city.

Third wave of COVID-19 in Delhi now under control: Arvind Kejriwal - The Financial Express

On the 26th of June, today, CM held a press conference to announce that the cases of coronavirus are increasing in Delhi, but still, the situation is under control, and the citizen does not have to worry.

The press conference

  • Pulse oximeters have been sent to patients who are under home isolation. He claims that this will act as a ‘Suraksha Chakra.’ He also mentioned that many patients are recovering from the help of plasma therapy, and hence it has been proven helpful.
  • He explains how the number of positive cases is increasing in the city. He mentioned that the corona testing in the city had been increased by three times than before, which is why there is this huge rise in positive cases.
  • He calms the citizen by stating the Delhi reports where the COVID-19 cases have driven to 74 thousand, and still the situation is under control.
  • He soothed the city by saying that three thousand cases increase every day, but only six thousand beds have been occupied. According to the medical reports, the rest of the positively tested patients do not need hospitalization as cases of COVID-19 are mild in Delhi. Currently, the government states that the city has over thirteen thousand beds ready.

Coronavirus Covid-19 India Highlights: More Than 5,000 COVID-19 Cases In Delhi, 66 Dead

  • Permission to conduct plasma therapy is possessed by Delhi Government in Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital and Lok Narayan Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital (LNJP). It has also been observed that the number of deaths has been reduced to half as compared to before since plasma therapy has begun in Lok Narayan Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital.
  • The oxygen level of corona patients drops suddenly and becomes a major issue. He further explained the effect on patients with dropping levels of oxygen. He said that the oxygen level should be stable at 95 and if it starts dropping, then sense the danger. One should consider it dangerous if it drops below 90 and very dangerous if it drops below 85. The patient or sufferer will face difficulty in breathing if the oxygen level drops up to 90 to 85.

Covid 19 - How you can increase oxygen levels at home as advised by the Indian health ministry

  • Some patients who did not show any symptoms suddenly got hit by a low oxygen level. As the oxygen suddenly dropped, there were no chances left for survival, and hence they died. And for this, the government has decided to provide oximeters to the patients with mild symptoms and to the asymptomatic patients kept under home isolation or quarantine prescribed.    
  • He proudly mentioned how the government had sanctioned funds to increase the number of beds in a hospital at Burari. His words were, “I think we will need ICU beds in the future. So we are working on that. We held a cabinet meeting in which we have sanctioned funds for the increase of beds in Burari.”
  • That was not just it, he ended on a note where he said thirty-five thousand beds had been arranged in hotels.

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His calmness and confidence that there is control over this situation somehow calm the panic across the city. Till now, Arvind Kejriwal has proved to be a deserving representative of the city, and even now, the city is trying to believe him. The facts he stated seemed reliable as the total number of recovered cases in the city is more than forty-one thousand, which is way more than the number of deaths.

In the end, the capital awaits a fast recovery…..  


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