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Back to Basics Rummy Rules: Know the Common Terms Used

Celebrations and festivals like Diwali are incomplete without a game of rummy. Families in North India believe that the game of rummy brings good luck and prosperity. Why not try something enjoyable like this with your family this Diwali?

If you are worried that you are a beginner in rummy, start practicing. All you need to do is understand rummy rules and common terms used in the game first. These days, you need not wait for your friends to come home in person for a rummy game. You can play it online on popular gaming portals.

Here are a few rummy rules and terms you should know before you try a hand in the game:

  1. Rummy Table

It is a virtual table meant for playing the game of rummy. You can choose from a two-player table to multiplayer tables where more than six players can play, and the number of card decks accordingly.

  1. Sorting

Sorting means aligning your cards in the desired order, i.e., in sequences and sets It gives you the advantage of playing your game right and deciding which cards to pick and which ones to discard.

  1. Drawing and Discarding

Picking cards from an open or a closed deck is known as drawing cards. Discarding means the process of getting rid of unwanted cards by adding them to the open deck. On every turn, you first draw and then discard a card.

  1. Sets

It consists of at least three cards of the same rank. For instance, you can have three fours. They are also known as books.

Back to Basics: Know the Common Terms Used in Rummy Rules

  1. Deck of Cards

A deck or a pack of cards is a standard collection of 52 cards consisting of 13 cards of Spade, Diamond, Hearts, and Club suits.

  1. Discard Pile

A discard pile is a pile of cards discarded by the rummy players. You can choose a card from the discard pile when your turn comes.

  1. Draw Pile

In a classic 13 cards rummy game, cards that are not distributed are kept upside down in front of them and are known as a draw pile. You can pick up a card from this pile and then discard it.

  1. Declare

The most common term in rummy is when you declare, which means you have finished arranging your cards in the desired sequence. If it’s a 13 cards rummy game, you declare rummy by placing the 14th card face down on a discard pile.

  1. Pure and Impure Sequence

A pure sequence is arranging at least 3 consecutive cards. A joker should not be used in pure sequence. In an impure sequence, a joker is used to replace other cards to form a sequence.

In a 13-card rummy game, you must form two sequences, including one pure sequence.

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  1. Joker/Wild Card

A joker is a card consisting of a photo of a joker printed on it, while a wild card is a card that is randomly picked from the closed deck at the beginning of the game. The joker or wild card can be used to form a set or a sequence in place of any other card.

  1. Unmatched Cards

Cards with which players cannot make sequences or sets are unmatched cards, also known as unarranged cards.

  1. Dublee

Dublee is used in a 21 cards format, and it is a set of two cards of the same suit and series.

  1. Face Card

All the Kings, Queens, and Jacks of all suits are referred to as the face card.

  1. Buy-in

It refers to the cash amount paid to participate in the tournament of a paid rummy game.

Follow Standard Rummy Rules to Win Big

After getting a jest of some of the common terms used in the rummy game, know these simple rummy rules:

  • A rummy game is a two to six player game. This rummy rule states that two decks of cards are distributed between the players.

  • Thirteen cards are equally distributed amongst the players, and a random card is chosen as the game’s joker card.

  • Another rummy rule is that the player is supposed to draw and discard cards out of the 13 cards in hand to form valid sets and sequences. The player also has a chance to use a wild joker to make an impure sequence set.

  • Once the cards are arranged in proper order, two sequences, including one pure sequence, the player can make a declaration. And win the game!

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Knowing some of the basic terms used in the rummy rules can help you become a pro-player in less time. To begin with, sign up for Adda52Rummy and play the game of rummy online anytime and anywhere. Play rummy online and increase the chance to win exciting cash prizes!

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