Bangalore-based Bootstrapped Doers Is Changing The Way Vehicles Are Serviced

bangalore based bootstrapped doers is changing the way vehicles are serviced

Doers understand the professional requirement of the customers and value their time and money in order to provide quality services.

The basic idea of starting Doers started when one of co-founder at Doers faced the issue with his vehicle in 2016. It was very surprising to know that there was no company providing the hassle free, transparent and professional online service at that time like what Doers is providing in current time.  As per the recent data, close to 60,000 vehicles gets registered everyday in India. These numbers reflects the size of the aftermarket. Founders at Doers, realized end to end professional service is the next big thing in the automotive service industry. At the time of inception and in current time, there are companies which are functioning more like an aggregator or other model which are having difficulty to address customer needs via prompt and hassle free service. The market for door step vehicle servicing with high credibility was huge. Hence, the duo came with idea to launch ‘Doers’ – a credible platform which can provide affordable and reliable car services for the customers. As time is a constraint for people these days, Doers understand the professional requirement of the customers and value their time and money in order to provide quality services.
Unique key feature/services? How is it different from existing ones ?
Below are some of the key features and service of Doers
• Doers is the pioneer in market to provide single point of interaction to all vehicle service related issues
• They offer free pickup and drop services for the customers
• Provide the report and estimation beforehand for customer’s review and approval
• Doers ensures to keep the cost 30-40% lower as compared to other authorized service centers and also provides warranty on every service
Doers has a team of best certified and trained technician who have undergone various certifications to ensure the best service. The service offered is so seamless, that messy steps are cut short and there are no-overcharge or need of negotiation with local service provider. Doers provide the service at finger tips where getting vehicle service now has become as simple as getting food delivery.
Funding status
Doers is a bootstrapped company and company is working towards self sustainable model
Monetization model
Doers monetization  model is designed considering below factors
1. Affordability, quality and prompt Service to Customers
2. Increase employbility for vendors in regions like Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and otyher Tier 1 & 2 cities
Future plans 
Network plays a very important role to meet the supply and demand and to cater to any requirement of the client. Doers has set a clear strategic direction for the future. This incorporates disciplined growth with innovation as the key, exploring the services to other major Tier 1 and 2 cities. In order to maintain their commitments towards sustainable development and to emerge as a global player in the automotive service industry, Doers is focusing on widening and strengthening their network pan India.
Core Values and Vision of Company
We come to work everyday to solve the problem faced by our customer in vehicle service industry. Our core value is to empower every individual who are associated with Doers and provide most compelling vehicle service. The vision of  company to To organize & standardize the world automotive service needs and provide quick transparent, quality and affordable solution.
Challenges faced
The biggest challenges faced while implementing the idea was to standardize or organize the data for the India market where they had around hundreds of popular models, the second challenge was, operation and setting the right price for vendors and customers. Last but not the least, creating the brand which customers can believe was also a big challenge.
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