Which Is the Best Cloud Subscription for You in 2020? Google One Vs Apple One

Which Is the Best Cloud Subscription for You in 2020? Google One Vs Apple One

Apple has launched its Apple One subscription in India recently to smack down Google One subscription services. The two major subscription services available in India are Google One and Apple One. Google One subscriptions in India starts at Rs.130 per month, on the other hand Apple One subscriptions starts at Rs. 195 per month.

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Smartphones nowadays aren’t literally meant just for texts and calls they’ve become a core part in each people’s life. People are using their phones for professional purposes like recording a video or capturing a picture for their portfolio. The fact that can’t be denied is that it is very prominent in day to day life. There are things that has to be done when the internal storage of the phone becomes full. One way is to add a microSD card on an Android phone and there’s also another option like cloud storage which goes necessary for iPhone users and as an option for Android users.

If you opt for cloud storage, the two most common options available in the phone is Google Cloud and iCloud. While doing so, you sign up as a customer and you can avail a certain amount of free storage (5GB of Apple and 15GB on Google) but probably the storage amount offered would be less than what you require.

In order to avail more storage space, you have to go for a subscription which paves way for plenty of storage and you can store all your files, music, documents, photos and phone backups. These cloud storage subscriptions come with a lot more specifications, because these companies want their subscriptions to be bought by the users. The largest subscriptions available are Google One and Apple One.

google one vs apple one: how the two compare - times of indiaApple One Vs Google One – Price Value in India and What It Serves:

Services provided under your choice of subscription plan is important but still the price for which it is given matters the most. This makes the users go for the subscription truly.

Google One:

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  • Google One at Rs. 130 per month: In this plan, you’ll be availing 100GB of storage which’d be shared among your Google Photos and Google Drive. This plan can also be taken annually at a discounted price of Rs.1300 per year.
  • Google One at Rs. 210 per month: In this plan you get 200GB storage per month. To avail this plan on an annual basis you can choose to pay Rs. 2100 per year.
  • Google One at Rs. 650 per month: You get entirely 1TB of storage per month in this subscription plan. This can be availed on a yearly basis with Rs. 6500 per year.

In addition, you can access Google experts, where you can add members in these tiers and they can also avail benefits under these plans. Extra features under Google Photos such as advanced filters can be used there isn’t much information given under how this exactly works.

Apple One:

  • Apple One at Rs. 195 per month: Apple One Subscriptions aren’t just about the storage plans but also about the ultimate services that the company offers to its iPhone users. You get 50GB of iCloud storage for Rs. 195 per month, and also monthly subscriptions to Apple TV+, Apple Music and Apple Arcade, which obviously makes it better than Google One if you have an iPhone. Apple One is restricted to only Apple Music on Android and entirely available to iOS users. Whereas Google One services are completely available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Apple One at Rs. 365 per month: In this subscription, you get 200GB of iCloud that can also be shared among 6 members. The rest is same as the previously mentioned plan. The facility of sharing with 6 members is the special feature of this plan.

Which is Better?

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This depends upon the device the user uses. If you’re an Android user, you should definitely not go for the Apple One subscription. For Google One you have the option of leaving it if you feel a microSD card is enough for storing and backing up everything manually. If you think you need a subscription you can opt for the Google One when compared to Apple One subscription.

By now, it is very clear that Apple One is entirely used and useful only foe iPhone users. Even though they have an option to go for the Google One subscriptions, they likely gravitate towards Apple One subscriptions. If needed iCloud storage can be bought but 200GB provided seems more than enough.


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