WHO And Scientists Share Their View On The Mutated Covid-19 Virus As Britain Faces A Strict Travel Ban That Could Cause Supply Restrictions Amidst The Holiday Season

WHO And Scientists Share Their View On The Mutated Covid-19 Virus As Britain Faces A Strict Travel Ban That Could Cause Supply Restrictions Amidst The Holiday Season

As the year comes to an end, there is no sign that this pandemic is going to end anytime soon. Instead, we have come across more new coronavirus strains that are now creating trouble around the globe. Especially for Britain, things don’t seem so good. This new strain has a special effect. It accelerates transmission among humans. There are no severe symptoms, just the rate of transmission is getting faster and higher day by day and this new strain is the black sheep behind it. Many scientific experts are trying to analyze what this strain is and what it means for the world.

england's covid-19 travel rules simplified in boost to industry | reuters

The senior clinical lecturer at Exeter University, DR. Bharat Pankhania has commented that they do not have 100% proof that this new strain is more dangerous or they do not have 100% proof that this cannot become dangerous. He also said that currently, they do not know that the spike protein that has mutated was a mistake in reproduction and started to look like a dominant variant, and maybe that could make it look more infectious.

But in his personal opinion, he says that faster transmission could also be because of the increasing human to human interaction among people indoor and as many where going to schools, educational institutions, shopping, etc. He doesn’t see this as a single issue but a double one. He beautifully voices out his points that on one hand we have a dominant variant creating havoc and on the other hand, we have our own behaviour that is resulting in this increased number of cases.

Former chief scientific advisor in the UK, Sir Mark Walport has also shared his view saying that this virus doesn’t seem to have any kind of emotions at all. He pointed out that it’s changing its way and since it’s showing a new variant time by time, we too should change our methods and ways so that we would be able to come on par with it. He also states the fact that this virus is way more contagious than any seen in any other variant type but there is also a piece of good news that it’s doesn’t severe any illnesses.

Sir mark points out how this is really an important point to note, as we are in no way prepared to face if any newer type of variant is to occur. On a question about the vaccine, he said that since vaccine production has begun and started to give hope, this variant doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for it, and hence the developing vaccine could be used.

u.k. hit with more travel restrictions over new coronavirus strain | cbc news

Two important figures from the World Health organization, the director-general of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gherbreyesus, and WHO emergency chief, Michael Ryan have also given honest words on their research on this mutant gene. DR. Tedros said on the briefing that there has been a new variant strain found in the United Kingdom and South Africa. He homes on to comment that the virus mutates all the time and that such mutation is very expected. He also shared the same findings that this mutation has acquired the ability to transmit faster but it now, there hasn’t been a case where it has any adverse effects or caused severe illnesses, and until then it’s much better news.

The emergency chief of WHO, Michael Ryan points out that this mutant virus is a bit different. In terms of its transmission, it has soon some acceleration skills and this could have a high impact on the numbers but as long as it doesn’t cause any new illness or severe case, these could also be contained. Yes, the emergency chief of WHO believes that this could also be contained but there is a need for more interventions, more programs, and more completeness and that is where they need the government and citizens’ focus to be.

The more contagious coronavirus mutant strain has started a number of problems in the UK. One such place that this news has seen worse hit is the transportation facilities. British ports and airports have hundreds of trucks lined up as all countries started to impose travel ban in fear of this new strain. Britain faces its worse travel restrictions by countries all over the globe. Especially the Decor port has queued hundreds of drivers waiting to get access. Most importantly, the lorry from France that have been caught up with all this is just patiently hoping that they might get back home for Christmas.

covid-19: india added to coronavirus 'red list' for travel - bbc news

As a precautionary measure, France has imposed a 48-hour travel ban on all things coming from the UK. The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson has assured that he is making all efforts to end this cargo ban on the UK from other countries and that the problem should only be faced by human handle freight. He is staying the French restrictions on UK travel cargo that has human handle freights. In order to bring a UK wide response, there is an emergency meeting that I’d happen to discuss such an issue.

The Decor port is the one that is vastly affected and especially the human handle freights that have been staggered and there are only 20 of them who is arriving from or departing to European countries.

So, the good news is that the majority of food and pharmaceutical supplies are Intact and running as normal. The direct entrance of lorry freight has been banned in France, but if you take an opposite route, then it will be allowed. Certain unaccompanied cargoes are still allowed from the UK to France like lorry trailers and containers. We need to note that Decor port is a very important route that at least carries about 10,000 lorries a day from France and vice versa.

Since Christmas is a very peak period, the government of the UK has assured drivers that they will be able to get back safe and spend time with their families this holiday and another operational alternative has also been planned. So, people have received this message well and hence there has been peace around that place.

The government is looking to open a Manston airport. There seems that most of the lorries that are stagnated are primarily European haulers looking to transit back across the continent. For the time being, the PM announces that it will only be for management purposes and they are ready with it. Because the end of the transition period is here. Britons are panicked following the news of this new variant strain. People have been rushing to supermarkets and trying to stock up the supplies for this Christmas in the fear of a strict lockdown.

covid vaccine: u.s. ends international travel ban, opens door to vaccinated tourists

Tesco and Sainsbury’s, the top two retailers in the UK have informed people that there is enough stock for the end of the year and hence everyone should take what is needed but if the ban continues, then there can be severe discrepancies in the supply chain. The UK is facing its biggest challenge this year and hopefully, the government is prepared to fight it.



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