Wishastu has derived its name from a mix of two delightful words “Wish” and “Tathastu”. It is an exclusive online Wishlist/Gift Registry platform which allows individuals to create a wishlist(s) of their favorite products and share the same with Family & Friends for fulfillment at the appropriate times.
All of us have experienced the heart-break associated with gifting in our lives. We unwrap gifts with great expectations only to be left sulking on account of unwanted and duplicate items. While we may be tempted to curse the gift-giver, we must understand that Gifting is a stressful task. Researchers have pointed out that time and effort put in by a gift-giver may not necessarily result in gratification at the receiver’s end. This is because each individual is unique and so are their choices.
Wishastu solves this problem and helps both Hosts and the Guests to focus all their energies on the celebrations. It does it through a very simple method of internet telepathy. Wishastu enables individuals to create their wishlists and add products of their choices from select e-tailers. This wishlist becomes an expression of interest from an individual. The individuals may share their wishlist with Family & Friends for a specific event to let them know of their preferences. The guests can then simply fulfill the wishes as per their budget and choice.
The concept may seem new to the Indian culture, but it is fast gaining acceptance primarily because it is realistic. The practice of Gifting is a social norm and hence an inescapable one. It originally started as a way of people helping each other out by buying items of need. Those were the simpler times. But the whole idea of gifting has transitioned over the years from gifting the “items of need” to “items of interest” to “something” to “ANYTHING”. This beautiful art has suffered at our hands for want of time, effort and explosion of choices.
Wishastu is attempting to make Gifting fun again. A survey done by Wishastu revealed that more than 85% of the invitees would be delighted to receive an invite with a wishlist link. This, they suggested, would relieve them of anxiety and answer difficult questions like “what to buy”, “where to buy” and “for how much”. This is actually a revelation for individuals who are hesitant to make wishlist(s) assuming it will put pressure on their guests. Imagine, helping your Family & Friends by engaging in some retail therapy. It is a win-win.
Unique Features of Wishastu:

  • Gift advisory through their Facebook page “Gift Expert”. Everybody is welcome to post their queries which will be answered by Wishastu experts.
  • Connect with mutual Facebook friends for easy access to their wishlists.
  • Wishlist may be kept Public or Private as per the choice of creator
  • Contribution feature which enables purchase of expensive gifts through group buying
    Calendar Notifications to be launched soon
  • Partnership with NGOs to be launched soon

Visit website www.wishastu.com
Wishastu Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wishastu/
Gift Expert Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/giftxpert/


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