Change Yourself to change the world.

There is NO Nation in the World like INDIA..!!
1300 + Million people..and growing..
14 Official languages..
Children often learn 3 languages in Schools..
One Child is born every 3 Seconds..
Every State /Region uses a different language..
Each State has its own Official language..
World’s highest Army base at over 15000 feet..
World’s largest maker of Scooters, 3 wheelers..
World’s largest pool of SKILLED workers..
World’s 2nd highest pool of IT, Engineers, Scientists..
World’s largest ENGLISH speaking Nation..
Graduates 500,000+ Engineers every year..
Graduates 200,000 Doctors, Nurses every year..
Top 15% of them LEAVE the Country with in 1 year..
Est. 500,000 Indian students study abroad..
World’s largest productive youth (est 600 million)..
25% Engrs, Doctors, Nurses in USA are Indians..
30% Scientists/ Engineers in NASA are Indians..
1 in 5 Doctors in US hospitals are from INDIA..
50% motels, Delis in US are owned by Indians..
75% gas stations in Tri-State area owned by Indians..
Yet..Indians are less than 1% of US population..

Yet..INDIA is One among 10 POOREST Nations in the World even today. Do you know..WHY..??
Someone Rightly Said Change your thoughts and then only the world will change.
People here in India are happy to work in salary packages of 6-7 million INR in companies like google, microsoft, accenture, apple but do not want to rake a risk to start something on their own.
They want everything free, during the de-demonetisation drive, they cursed the government to make them stand in queue, but were happy to stand in queue for free JIO sim card.
They do not want to spend money to get something productive but always ready to accept anything and everything free.
Indians want everything to be perfect but lacks self perfection. First change yourself and then try to change the world.
We are the world, so change yourself and be more productive, punctual and professional. Learn to respect others efforts and only then people will respect your efforts. Respect others time and only then time will respect you.
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