Despite on oxygen, Boris Johnson working from hospital, MP said – PM should handover work, Should not try to be Churchill

  • UK ministers and MPs recommend work transfer from Boris and suggested enough sleep
  • Johnson is admitted to hospital 10 days after being found positive

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is suffering from a coronavirus infection, has been admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital near his residence Downing Street. Johnson’s health deteriorated as he had to apply oxygen. However, even in these circumstances, he continues to work. In such a situation, UK ministers have advised him not to become Churchill. They said that PM handover his work and get enough sleep. Let us tell you that Winston Churchill is considered the hero of World War II and PM Johnson is strongly influenced by him.

Boris Johnson’s Corona Report came out positive on March 27. After this he had isolated himself. He was admitted to the hospital 10 days later on Sunday night. He has been injected with oxygen in the hospital. Despite being ill, he is said to have endangered his health by working too much.

MPs demand to handover work
Many UK lawmakers have asked PM Johnson to handover the work. One MP said that he wanted to represent himself like his hero Winston Churchill. He should rest in this situation. One lawmaker said that Johnson should not imitate Churchill’s work like he did during World War II. He should give the responsibility of the country to another cabinet minister regarding coronavirus. However, his deputy Dominic Rabb is taking a meeting of the Coronavirus Crisis Committee. One member said that Johnson looked very tired in the video conference. This will not give any motivation to the country. Johnson has written many books on Churchill and wants to be like him. Johnson simply needs to remain Boris Johnson and should not copy anyone.

Johnson has been battling with fever for a week
Johnson posted the video on Twitter during the quarantine. In this video he looked very tired. He told that he still has high fever. Experts said that when high fever persists for more than a week, the disease like pneumonia becomes more dangerous. It has been claimed that Johnson was also coughing up a lot during the conference. He was then admitted to the hospital. His housing secretary Robert Genrich said that Johnson was working very hard and that he hoped he would return to Downing Street soon. At the same time, Health Minister Nadine Doris, who has recovered from Coronavirus, said that the Prime Minister needs to get enough sleep and rest. As of Monday, 47,806 cases of infection have been reported in the UK and 4,934 people have died.

Churchill has been a hero of World War II and a villain for India.
Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Britain during World War II, 1940–1945. He was also an officer in the army. He was the only Prime Minister to have been awarded the Nobel Prize. During the First World War, he held important responsibility in the British Army. He is said to be the hero of the world war. With this, Winston’s attitude towards India was very poor. The famine of Bengal in 1943 was due to him. They had saved the grain for the British army and let Indians die due to hunger. Before India’s independence, he had said in the British Parliament that if the British left India, power would go into the hands of the evil and the miscreants.

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