Did the US Voters Vote not for Biden Victory but Trump’s defeat?

Finally, the White House race’s nail biter has ended with Joe Biden winning the US presidential elections with a thumping mandate.
However, President Donald Trump had refused to concede in his typical style and found it next to impossible to acknowledge his defeat.
The Republican incumbent has fervently alleged that the counting of votes was rigged in the Democrat’s favor.

However, in truth, Trump was behind and trailing by tens of thousands of votes in several states.
The world watched in disbelief and somewhat worried, with the intensity with which the Republican came out to defend his foothold in the WhiteHouse – it was evident that Trump’s handing over the office would not be a fluid process.

Rumors picked up in the corridors of power in the WhiteHouse, with the US President not conceding defeat, that there might indeed be a possible ‘coup’ brewing in the US.
Instead, Donald Trump vowed to ‘win it back’ by all possible means even after the world’s leaders, including our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, congratulated Biden for his victory in the presidential elections.

Joe Biden’s Victory
Joe Biden‘s win in the 2020 election signifies that the American people were fed up with incompetency, megalomaniacal, racism, and corruption.
At noon on 20 January, Biden will be sworn in as the United States’ next president.
Joe Biden and his team, to convey the appearance of a smooth presidential transition process, held a meeting with his coronavirus task force and a question-answer session with reporters, where he said that he would be announcing high – level administration appointments in the coming days.

In answer to questions, he dismissed any concerns expressed that his work might be impacted due to the president’s decision not to concede.

Donald Trumps Future
For Donald Trump, this is the end game of the elections in 2020; however, the US Constitution does not preclude two non – consecutive presidential terms. Donal Trump could run again for the Presidency in the year 2024.
He also has the option of being the King – Maker and serve the party.
He could also pave the way for one of his children for a presidential bid or support a political acolyte.

Joe Biden – America’s Band-aid
Joe Biden’s work is cut out for him. He will need to be quick and thorough in addressing the needs and concerns that America and its people face today.
America, in the current presidential elections, reflected a divided government, which in turn means a divided nation.
If the Republicans hold the Senate, it will not be an easy term for Joe Biden. Being in Senate for 36 years, Joe Biden would know that it would require great skill, horse-trading, and manipulations to get any work done. However, he could very well turn this experience into an asset for himself and his team, as he would know how to work the wheel.

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Joe Biden’s Fractured Coalition within the Democratic party.
The younger activists and the more progressive wing of the Democratic party don’t agree much with his centrists’ policies. However, the Vice President-elect – Kamala Harris could do much in bringing the two sides on the table – with her ability to adapt both progressive and moderate positions, she could prove to be a great asset to Joe Biden’s team.

America’s Battered Economy
The US President has his work cut out by taking over the reins of a battered American Economy. Possible solutions in boosting aggregate demand, tax-and-spend will require him to persuade Senate Republicans to come on board and permit fiscal spending.
Joe Biden will also need to take a clear stance on Big Tech, a key to US competitiveness, and will need to be trained in technology issues first.

Racial Injustice and America
Joe Biden’s victory could very well be because of the black votes that may have helped him to come out on top in battleground states.
The recent protests and mass movement against the injustice to black America and racial justice in America are burning issues that Joe Biden will have to tackle and soon.
However, Kamala Harris’s presence on the stage and the lasting shadow of Biden’s former boss, the first black president, will only intensify the hopes.

Covid- 19 and America’s Careless Response
Biden’s most immediate action would be to fix America’s sloppy response to the Covid -19 pandemic.
Even after appointing a Covid -19 task force, much work and logistics would be needed for vaccinations and will bring fresh challenges.
So far, America’s response to the pandemic has been laden with carelessness, and sloppy operations and logistics combine this with the pandemic fatigued Americans and the sorry state of affairs regarding jobs and job creation.

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Joe Biden and Foreign Policies
From the Paris climate accord to the World Health Organization, Joe Biden will have to look at abandoning the ‘America First’ approach and would need strong support and backing from his team to let the world know that America is back on committee projects.
Biden has been blunt with his adversaries (On Putin: “I am looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.” On Xi: “This is a guy, who is a thug.”).
His team will have to work really hard to balance Biden’s blunt speech and America’s strategic advantage.

Biden and India
Joe Biden may not be seen walking hand in hand and sharing hugs with Prime Minister Modi very soon. Even though news reports of his shared ancestry with Nagpur Bidens, who belongs to the Anglo – Indian community and have been relatively quiet on this shared ancestry
Unlike Donald Trump, who clearly showed much interest and comrade towards Modi and his government, the same may not be true for Joe Biden.
The truth is Joe bidden, and few in the US administration care much for the Kashmir issue. And have openly shown their irritation with the Modi government handling and the fall out of the revocation of article 370.
Therefore the bilateral ties are quite frankly based on how much the US needs India.
Kamala Harris will wield influence. She will charm India, but maybe less charmed by Modi policies, particularly regarding Kashmir; so, expect some blunt Kamalaspeak leavened with genuine affection for her mother’s homeland. That said, this is an administration likely to take a geopolitically aware and strategic view of its Indian relationship.

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