Expert Digital Marketer Abid Dharamsey of Bison Creatiosn Announces 2020 as The Year of Google

CEO and Founder of Bison Creations, Abid Dharamsey has stated 2020 as The Year of Google. He released his statement after completion of an inhouse case study on search engines and user behaviors in 2020. The case study involved 9 experts from different departments of Bison Creations, which has now become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in established digital markets.
Abid Dharamsey believes that COVID-19 has hazed the world with serious impacts, and while different economic sectors have suffered loss by the year end, Google has certainly soared in numbers. “By the end of 2020, Google was already leading search engines’ market share for mobile devices by 93.78%. Google was already leading the graph, but in April 2020, when the world started to shut down and we witnessed lockdowns in different geographical regions, Google became an essential part of almost each household”, he told the media.

Digital is the New Normal
After World Health Organization declared Coronavirus as the global pandemic, the overall user behavior drastically changed, and it is expected to remain throughout this decade, compared to the previous one. Abid Dharamsey of Bison Creations further elaborated that online buyers have become smarter in terms of brand credibility and public opinion. “The buyers not only check the brand reliability and rating on social media but they also check it on Google. Cherry on top, Google’s algorithm also helps pull those pages up that are closest to user intent”, Abid Dharamsey told.

Top Searches Also Impacted by Coronavirus
People also relied on Google for latest news, more specifically on weather and the notorious coronavirus. The term Coronavirus was searched 64.6 million times on Google in 2020. In the News Section of Google, Coronavirus was the second most searched term. In General Section, Coronavirus was the second most term, Coronavirus Updates was the fourth most searched term, and Coronavirus Symptoms was the fifth most searched term.

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Among Beauty How To’s, almost all top searches related to the pandemic, directly or indirectly. The top most search in this section was “How to cut men’s hair at home”. The fourth most searched term was “How to wash your hands”. In the How to Make section, 4 among the top 5 searches were related to Coronavirus. The first one was “How to make hand sanitizer”. Second, fourth and fifth search relates to making mask at home using different methods.
A majority of the search queries ended with “during coronavirus”. In the Near Me section, the most searched term was “COVID testing center near me”.

Historical Digital Transition
“The shift in global digital searches is historical, as the world has never witnessed such a transition since digital age began”, Abid Dharamsey said. “Now, it will be very interesting to see if the search trends of 2020 contninue during 2021 as well, specifically with the vaccines rolling out in the market. The only competitor of COVID-19 searches was the US election in Google’s search results last ear”, he continued.
According to Abid Dharamsey, the first half of 2021 is a little predictable when it comes to expected searches. However, the second half search results are unpredictable. With more people being vaccinated, several industries may take over the expected global economic shift, like tourism. This would impact Google’s search results too.

About the Company
Bison Creations, one of the fastest growing digital agencies in London was started as a social media management agency by Abid Dharamsey. It has now become a full-service digital agency with expert professionals in each department. Businesses can thrive in changing global economy and overcome digital challenges with expert services offered by Bison Creations.


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