An era of entrepreneurship with the collaboration of technology”-expounds Asli Daud

Asli Daud referred to as the “king of social media” is rising gem of this present time who is a multi-talented entrepreneur and a well- equipped digital marketer.

Asli Daud is a young renowned marketer strategist, a techy, film producer, celeb manager and an expert in the fields of cybersecurity and digitally operated businesses. He started his journey of becoming a successful businessman at fifteen years of age, becoming highly acquainted with technology. A half-graduate from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, his focus towards digital world soared high during these times. Creating chances with his skillset, Daud has created a fortune out of it.


Daud’s determination towards his aim led him to become the CEO and founder of various digital media firms such as Asli Media Group, Asli Digital Media, and Asli Media Partners. Not only this, he also has a strong disposition towards the entertainment and tech world, and strategizes for renowned celebs, formulating logical sound strategies for creating promotional as well as reach deserving content. He has been the Founder & Producer at , one of the fastest growing media platforms. BOLLYDAD provides a real time platform, and with Daud’s guidance has become righteously the fastest and up-to-date platform. Featuring aspects of the industries related to music, entertainment, fashion and a lot more, people have been keeping it at their fingertips to keep a track of latest trends. As stats depict, bollydad is deemed to be of booming potential under his guidance.

Till now he has served thousands of clients with various services. He was also awarded with the title of best marketer in the capital. His fame has been etched in some of the renowned magazines such as Entrepreneur, Foundr and Forbes. He was also appreciated for his success by various prominent personalities such as Kate Alexeeva, Zayn Saifi, Gaby Guha, Maren Tshchinkel, Alii Muhammed and thousands others. His personal website showcases his brilliance. The Asli media group being steered by daud has attained a great reverence in the social world. On, one can witness and avail all the services. With a one-off vision, they never budge from their commitments.

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Daud has revolutionized the tech and entertainment arena, and has helped young stars in varying industries. Pieces of work like “Mulk” and “May I come in”, of which he has been a producer, have gained global recognition under his steering. He is a man with who has led the way for youngsters in multiple industries. Daud has done a lot of exemplary works that inspires various youngsters. He motivates many and teaches us to never let your failure to overcome your true abilities instead all should learn from them to become a successful person with vision.

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