Green fungus infection patient found in Indore

A 34-year-old COVID-19 survivor was diagnosed with green fungus infection in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore and shifted to Mumbai by air ambulance for treatment, a senior doctor said on Tuesday.

Dr Ravi Dosi, head of the Department of Chest Diseases, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) told PTI that the man, who had recovered from COVID-19, underwent a test on suspicion that he had contracted the dreaded black fungus infection (mucormycosis).

But he was instead found to have green fungus (Aspergillosis) infection in his sinuses, lungs and blood.

More research was needed on whether the nature of green fungus infection in people who have recovered from COVID-19 is different from other patients, Dr Dosi said.

The patient was airlifted to Mumbai on Monday and admitted to a hospital there, he said.

The man was admitted to a local hospital two months ago with almost 100 percent coronavirus infection in the lungs and was treated in the ICU for about a month.

“The patient recovered. But then he started having nose bleeds and high fever. He had also become very weak due to weight loss,” the doctor said.

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