List of Pin Code of Haryana

Haryana is an Indian state in the country’s northwestern region. On November 1, 1966, it was carved out of the former state of East Punjab on linguistic grounds. It ranks 21st in terms of land area, accounting for less than 1.4% (44,212 km2 or 17,070 sq mi) of India’s total land area. The state capital is Chandigarh, which it shares with the neighbouring state of Punjab, and Faridabad, which is part of the National Capital Region, is the most populous city.


Gurgaon is one of India’s largest financial and technology hubs. Haryana is divided into six administrative divisions, 22 districts, 72 subdivisions, 93 revenue tehsils, 50 sub-tehsils, 140 community development blocks, 154 cities and towns, 7,356 villages, and 6,222 village panchayats.


Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
Abushahar  125107 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Achina  123307 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Adhoya  133205 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Agroha  125047 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Ahar  132146 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Ahulana  124308 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Air Force Gurgaon  122005 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Ajaib  124522 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Akbarpur Barota  131104 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Akheri Madanpur  123413 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Alewa  132111 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Amar Nagar  121003 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Ambala  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala A K Lines  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Alexendra Road  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala B C Bazar  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Cantt  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Cantt  133004 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala City  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala City  134003 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala City Kuthchery  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala City Model Town  134003 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala City Prem  134003 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala City Session  134003 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Hargolal  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala I A F Lines  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Kacha Bazar  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Lal Kurti Bzr  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Mahesh  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala P&T Colony  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Punjabi  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Sadar Bazar  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ambala Topkhana  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Amin  132038 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Amritsar Khan  125203 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Anaj Mandi  125203 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Anaj Mandi Jind  124413 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Anwali  124413 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Arya Nagar Hissar  125012 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Arya Nagar Jhajar  124103 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Arya Nagar Jhajjar  124103 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Asan  124421 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Assandah  124505 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Assandh  132039 Karnal Assandh Haryana
Asthal Bohar  124021 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Atail  124521 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Atlas Cycles Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Aurangabad  121105 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Auto Industries  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Aval  124411 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
B C W Surajpur  133301 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Babail  132154 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Babyal  133005 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Badanpur  126151 Jind Jind Haryana
Badhra  123308 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Badli  124105 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Badopal  125048 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Badshahpur  122101 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Bahadurgar  124507 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bahadurgarh  124507 Rohtak Bahadurgarh Haryana
Bahadurgarh  124507 Jhajjar Bahadurgarh Haryana
Bahadurgarh HO  124507 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Bahadurgarh Mandi  124507 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bahadurgarh Mandi  124507 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Bahadurgrh  124507 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bahalgarh  131021 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bahlba  124120 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bahore Kalan  123413 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Bahu  123305 Rewari Rewari Haryana
Bahu Akbarpur  124110 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bahudin  125054 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Bainsi  124519 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Balabgarh  121004 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Baland  124029 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Baldev Nagar  134007 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Balerkha  126126 Jind Jind Haryana
Baliana  124416 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Ballabgarh  121004 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Ballah  132040 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Balu  126145 Jind Jind Haryana
Bamla  125061 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bapora  125026 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Barabansi  131034 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Baragudah  125078 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Barahi  124525 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Barain  124518 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Barara  133201 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Barhana  124101 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Baroda  124304 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Baroda Jind  126124 Jind Jind Haryana
Barota  124311 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Barwa  125045 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Barwala  134118 Ambala Barwala Haryana
Barwala  126010 Hissar Barwala Haryana
Barwala Mandi  126011 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Basana  124028 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bass  125042 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Bassi  125069 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Baund  123025 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bawal  123501 Mohindergarh Bawal Haryana
Bawani Khera  125032 Bhiwani Bawani Khera Haryana
Bawania  123034 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Bazar Basti Ram  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Beas Project  133301 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Bega  131105 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Behal  125028 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Beri  124201 Rohtak Beri Haryana
Beri  124201 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Bhabat  134110 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Bhadani  124137 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhadlan  124415 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bhagan  131033 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bhagwatipur  124002 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhainswal Kalan  124409 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bhalaut  124401 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhambeva  126146 Jind Jind Haryana
Bhanana  125062 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Bhani Chanderpal  124123 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhani Surjan  124128 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhanyani  124420 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhaprauda  124503 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhatgaon  131022 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bhatla  125070 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Bhattu Kalan  125053 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Bhidlan  131106 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bhim Nagar Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bhiwan Jain Chowk  125021 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bhiwani  125021 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bhiwani  125022 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bhiwani Bus Stand  125021 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bhiwani Halu Bazar  125021 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bhiwani Lohar Bazar  125021 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bholi Anandpur  124422 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bhudsi  122102 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Bhuna  126008 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Bhupani  124526 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bibipur  126103 Jind Jind Haryana
Bichpari  124310 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Bidhal Pinana  124410 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Bighar  125080 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Biholi  132140 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Bihta  133101 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Bilaspur  135102 Ambala Bilaspur Haryana
Bindhana  124325 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Birdhana  124122 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Birhi Kalan  123026 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Birla Colony  123026 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Birohar  124117 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Biron  125023 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Bithmara  126148 Jind Jind Haryana
Boh  133021 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Bohar  124023 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Buana Lakhu  132141 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Budha Khera  126147 Jind Jind Haryana
Buriya  135101 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Bursham  132139 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Bus Stand Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Butana  124302 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Byana  132130 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Chandi  124523 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chandi Mandir  134107 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Chang  125027 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Chanot  125081 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Charkhi Dadri  123306 Bhiwani Charkhi Dadri Haryana
Charkhi Dadri City  123306 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Charkhi Dadri Factory  123306 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Chaura Kuam Jind  126102 Jind Jind Haryana
Chaushala  124527 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chautala  125101 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Chawla Colony  121004 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Chhachhrauli  135103 Ambala Chhachhrauli Haryana
Chhachhrauli  135103 Yamunanagar Chhachhrauli Haryana
Chhara  124504 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chhetera Bhadupur  131108 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Chika  132034 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Chimni  124136 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chirana  124427 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chiri  124524 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chirya  123022 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Chuliana  124527 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Chulkana  132109 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Chulkana  131115 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Civil Lines  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Commissioner Court  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Crpf Punjore  134104 Ambala Ambala Haryana
D A V College  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
D L F Colony Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dablain  126127 Jind Jind Haryana
Dadupur  135104 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Dahar  132142 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Dahina  123411 Rewari Rewari Haryana
Danoda  126153 Jind Jind Haryana
Datauli  131109 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Daula  132134 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Daulatabad  122109 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Daulatabad  123507 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Daulatpur  126006 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Daura Raja  124135 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Deorad  126104 Jind Jind Haryana
Deorala  125036 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Devsar  125025 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Dhakal  126128 Jind Jind Haryana
Dhakala  124109 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dhamar  124424 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dhamta Sahib  126118 Jind Jind Haryana
Dhana Kalan  125071 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Dhanana  125062 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Dhand 132020 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Dhani  125063 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Dhanoda Kalan  126152 Jind Jind Haryana
Dharan  123412 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Dharaudhi  126154 Jind Jind Haryana
Dharsul Kalan  125106 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Dharuhera  122106 Gurgaon Dharuhera Haryana
Dhatrat  132112 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Dhigana  126143 Jind Jind Haryana
Dhigwan Jatan  125064 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Dhin  133202 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Didwara  126129 Jind Jind Haryana
Dighal  124107 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dikadia  132143 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Ding  125058 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Dinod  125024 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Dobaldhan  124202 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dobh  124418 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dujana  124102 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dulat  125012 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Dulhera  124528 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Dundahera  122016 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Durga Bhawan Rohtk  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Ellenabad  125102 Sirsa Ellenabad Haryana
Engg College Kurukshetra  132118 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Escort Nagar  124528 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Faridabad  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad  121002 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad  121007 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad City  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Factory Area  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad G B S  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Industrial Area  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad N I T  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Neighbour Hood  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Railway Road  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Sector 15  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Sector 16  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Sector 22  121005 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Faridabad Sector 7  121006 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Farmana  124520 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Farmana  124408 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Farrukh Nagar  123506 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Fatehabad  125050 Sirsa Fatehabad Haryana
Fatehbad  125050 Fatehabad Fatehbad Haryana
Fatehbad Kutchery  125050 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Fatehbad Kutchery  125050 Fatehabad Fatehbad Haryana
Fatehpur 132026 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Fatehpur 132042 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Fatehpur  132042 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Ferozepur Gandhi Nagar  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Ferozepur Jhirka  122104 Gurgaon Ferozepur Jhirka Haryana
G K Singhpur  124004 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
G T Faridabad Mathura Road  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Ganaur  131101 Sonepat Ganaur Haryana
Ganaur City  131101 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Gandhi Camp Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Gandhra  124529 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Gangana  124315 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Gangooli  126130 Jind Jind Haryana
Ganj Bazar Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Garhi Harsaru  123505 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Garhwal  124316 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Garhwali  126131 Jind Jind Haryana
Gharaunda  132111 Karnal Gharaunda Haryana
Gharauthi  124030 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Ghasauli  131110 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Ghatauli  126132 Jind Jind Haryana
Gheer  132050 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Ghiar 132123 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Glwana  124317 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Gochhi  124118 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Gohana  124301 Sonepat Gohana Haryana
Gohana Road Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Gokal Bazar Rewari  123401 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Gonder  132052 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Gondhar  132058 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Gopalpur  131113 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Gorawar  124516 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Goriwala  125103 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Guhla  132035 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Gula 132035 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Gurgaon  122001 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Gurgaon Kutchery  122001 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Gurgaon Palampur Road  122015 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Guriani  123301 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Habri 132138 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Habri  132138 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Haily Mandi  123504 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Hamayunpur  124423 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Hansi  125033 Hissar Hansi Haryana
Haroli  125079 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Harsana Kalan  131035 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Hassangarh  126027 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hassangarh  124404 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Hassanpur  121107 Faridabad Hassanpur Haryana
Hat  126141 Jind Jind Haryana
Hathin  121103 Faridabad Hathin Haryana
Hathwala  132115 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Hazarawan Kalan  125108 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar  125001 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar Agricultural Unive  125004 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar B S F  125011 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar City  125001 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar Kutchery  125001 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar Nai Mandi  125001 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hissar Textile Mills  125002 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Hodel  121106 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Housing Colony  121106 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Igrah  126105 Jind Jind Haryana
Indri Industrial Area  132041 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Industrial Area  124507 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Industrial Area  124507 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Industrial Area Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Industrial Estate  121006 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Ismaila  124517 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Ismailabad  132129 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Jagadhri  135003 Ambala Jagadhri Haryana
Jagadhri  135003 Yamunanagar Yamunanagar Haryana
Jagadhri Courts  135002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Jagadhri Courts  135002 Yamunanagar Yamunanagar Haryana
Jagadhri Town  135003 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Jagadhri Town  135003 Yamunanagar Yamunanagar Haryana
Jagadhri Workshop  135002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Jagadhri Workshop  135002 Yamunanagar Yamunanagar Haryana
Jahangirpur  124138 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Jakhal Mandi  126001 Hissar Jakhal Mandi Haryana
Jakhauli  131023 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Jakoli  132047 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Jamalpur  125035 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Jamauri  125084 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Jassia  124314 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Jaswarkheri  131026 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Jatauli  123508 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Jatwar  134201 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Jauli  124318 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Jaurasi  132144 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Jawahar Nagar  121102 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Jhajar  124103 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Jhajar HO  124103 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Jhajjar  124104 Rohtak Jhajjar Haryana
Jhajjar  124104 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Jhalri  124125 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Jhansa  132130 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Jhazgarh  124131 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Jhoju Kalan  123310 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Jind Ho  126102 Jind Jind Haryana
Jind Railway Station  126102 Jind Jind Haryana
Juan  131024 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Jui Khurd  125030 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Julana  126101 Jind Julana Haryana
Jundla  132036 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Jyotisar 132120 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Jyotisar  132120 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Kachhawa  132025 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Kahnaur  124412 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kaika Railway Station  133302 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Kairu  125029 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Kaithal 132027 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Kaithal  132027 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Kaithal Mandi  132027 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Kakaroi  131112 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Kalanaur  124113 Rohtak Kalanaur Haryana
Kalanwali  125201 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Kalawar  133105 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Kalayar  126117 Jind Jind Haryana
Kalayat Mandi  126133 Jind Jind Haryana
Kalinga  124126 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kalka  133302 Ambala Kalka Haryana
Kalka  133302 Panchkula Panchkula  Haryana
Kalka Railway Station  133302 Panchkula Panchkula  Haryana
Kalwa  126121 Jind Jind Haryana
Kanak Mandi Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kanaunda  124530 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kandela  126106 Jind Jind Haryana
Kanheri  126122 Jind Jind Haryana
Kanina  123027 Mohindergarh Kanina Haryana
Kansala  124406 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Karnal  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal City  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal G B S  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Industrial Area  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Kutchery  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal M T  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Nai Mandi  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Ndri  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Partappura  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Ramnagar  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Karnal Sadar Bazar  132001 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Katesra  124124 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kathura  124320 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Katwal  124322 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kaul 132021 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Kaul  132021 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Keorak 132032 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Keorak  132032 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Kesri  133102 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Khairpur  125057 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Khalilpur  123502 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Khanda  124413 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Khanda  131107 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Khanda Khuri  125038 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Khanpur  124305 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Kharainti  124533 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kharak Kalan  124114 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kharak Pandwan 126134 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Kharar Ailapur  125086 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Kharawal  124025 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kharhar  124511 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kharkauda  124402 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Kharkhera  124121 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kharontha  124026 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kharwan  135105 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Khatkar  126136 Jind Jind Haryana
Khedar  126013 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Kheri Gujar  131111 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Kheri Kumar  124134 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kheri Sadh  124027 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kheri Sherifali  132053 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Khewra  131037 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Khidwali  124312 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Khizrabad East  135021 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Khol  123103 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Khori  123101 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Khudan  124141 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kilazafargarh  126107 Jind Jind Haryana
Kiloi  124405 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kiloi  124419 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kohand  132148 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Kohla  124323 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kosli  123302 Rewari Rewari Haryana
Kuldip Nagar  123302 Rewari Rewari Haryana
Kultana  124119 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Kumbha  125072 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Kund  123102 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Kundli  131028 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Kunjpura  132022 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Kurana  132155 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Kurar  132147 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Kurukshetra  132118 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Kurukshetra University  132119 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Ladwa  125087 Hissar Ladwa Haryana
Ladwa  132132 Kurukshetra Ladwa Haryana
Lahli  124024 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Lakhan Majra  124514 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Lath  124321 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Lawan  126135 Jind Jind Haryana
Lehrana  131036 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Loharu  123201 Bhiwani Loharu Haryana
Lohni  125065 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
M P Majra  124133 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Machhrauli  124108 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Madhuban  132037 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Madiana  124309 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Madina  124111 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Madlanda  132113 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Mahoti  132149 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Main Bazar  124507 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Main Bazar  124507 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Maina  124031 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Majra  124203 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Makrauli Kalan  124006 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Malui  126108 Jind Jind Haryana
Manas  132049 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Mandi Adampur  125052 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Mandi Ateli  123021 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Mandi Dabwali  125104 Sirsa Mandi Dabwali Haryana
Mandi Township  125104 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Mandothi  124506 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Maneola  134012 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Manesar  122050 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Mangali  125105 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Manheru  123309 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Matan  124510 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Medical College  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Meham  124112 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Mehlana  131114 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Mehmoodpur  124307 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Mehnda  125066 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Mehrana  124139 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Mini Sectt Hissar  125001 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Mirchpur  125073 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Model Town  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Model Town Hissar  125005 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Model Town Rewari  123401 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Model Town Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Mohalla  133001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Mohamadpur Rohi  125088 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Mohana  131025 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Mohbatpur  125109 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Mohindergarh  123029 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Morkhra  124022 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Morni  134205 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Motor Stand  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Mowana  132045 Jind Jind Haryana
Mullana  133203 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Multani Chowk Hissar  125001 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Munak  132051 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Mundal Khurd  125041 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Mundlana  124306 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Murthal  131027 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Mustafabad  133102 Ambala Mustafabad Haryana
N T Palwal  121102 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Nagina  122108 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Naguran 132121 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Naguran  132121 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Nahar  123303 Rewari Rewari Haryana
Nahri  131103 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Nai Mandi Fatehbad  125050 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Nai Mandi Sirsa  125055 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Nalwa  125037 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Nangal Chaudhary  123023 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Nangal Fertilizer  126116 Jind Jind Haryana
Nangal Sirohi  123028 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Nanu Kalan  123414 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Naraina  132150 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Naraingarh  134203 Ambala Naraingarh Haryana
Narnaul  123001 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Narnaul City  123001 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Narnaul Kutchery  123001 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Narnaund  125039 Hissar Narnaund Haryana
Narwana  126116 Jind Narwana Haryana
Naultha  132145 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Nehla  126025 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Nehru College  124104 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Nehru College  124104 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Neighbour Hood Iii  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Neighbour Hood Iv  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
New Colony Gurgaon  122001 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Nidana  124513 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Nigana  124515 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Nilauthi  124531 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Nilokheri  132117 Karnal Nilokheri Haryana
Nilokhery Govt Press  132024 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Nissing  132024 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Noona Majra  124508 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Noorwala  132151 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Nuh  122107 Gurgaon Nuh Haryana
Odban  125077 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
P S Rai  131029 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Pabnawa  132048 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Pabra  126007 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Pahlawas  123035 Mohindergarh Narnaul Haryana
Pai 132043 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Pai  132043 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Paksma  124417 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Palmar  122211 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Palwal  121102 Faridabad Palwal Haryana
Panchkula  134109 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Panchkula Gurukul  134108 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Panchkula Sec 15  134113 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Panchkula Sec 4  134112 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Panipat  132103 Karnal Panipat Haryana
Panipat  132108 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Bus Stand  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat City  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat G T Road  132104 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat K Nagar  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Khadi Ashram  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Krishnapur  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Mandi  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Model Town  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat N F L  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat N S M  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Sugar Mill  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Thermal  132104 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panipat Town  132103 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Panjokhera  134011 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Pataudi  123503 Mohindergarh Pataudi Haryana
Patel Nagar  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Patel Nagar Hissar  125003 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Patrehri  134206 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Patti Kalan  132102 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Pauli  126109 Jind Jind Haryana
Pehowa  132128 Kurukshetra Pehowa Haryana
Petwar  125074 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Pharal 132021 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Pilana  124205 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Pilukhera  126113 Jind Jind Haryana
Pinjore  134102 Ambala Pinjore Haryana
Pinjore H M T  134101 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Pipli  132131 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Pipli  131038 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Pipli Khera  131032 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Prabhuwala  126015 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Press Colony  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Project Panipat  132106 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Project Plan  132105 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Pundri 132026 Kaithal Pundri Haryana
Pundri  132026 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Punjabi Bazar Jind  126102 Jind Jind Haryana
Punuhana  121104 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Purkhas  131102 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Puthi Mangal Khan  125082 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Rabhra  124324 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Radaur  132133 Kurukshetra Radaur Haryana
Railway Road  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Railway Road Gurgaon  122001 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Raipur Rani  134204 Ambala Raipur Rani Haryana
Rajaund  132044 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Rajli  126014 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Ram Bazar Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Ram Rai  126110 Jind Jind Haryana
Rambha 132123 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Rambha  132123 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Rampura  132152 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Rania  125076 Sirsa Rania Haryana
Rathdana  131030 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Rattan Garh  131031 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Rattia  125051 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Rewari  123401 Mohindergarh Rewari Haryana
Rewasa  125067 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Ritauli  124132 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rithal  124429 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Road Hansi  125034 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Rodhan  125043 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Rohad  124502 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rohad  124515 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rohat  124403 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Rohna  124532 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rohtak Mandi  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rohtak Road Jind  126102 Jind Jind Haryana
Rohtak Town  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rori  125202 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Rukhi  124428 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Rurki  124426 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sabji Mandi  134002 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Sadhaura  133204 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Safidon  125112 Hissar Safidon Haryana
Safindon City  125112 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Saha  133104 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Sahalwas  123304 Rewari Rewari Haryana
Salwan  132046 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Samain  126123 Jind Jind Haryana
Samalkha  132101 Panipat Samalkha Haryana
Saman  124129 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Samargopalpur  124007 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Samchana  124425 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sampla  124501 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sanghi  124303 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sanghowa  132002 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Sanwar  123020 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Sarawan  133206 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Satnali  123024 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Satrod Khurd  125044 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Saunkra  132125 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Sawan  124129 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sector 8 Faridabad  121001 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Seemla  126139 Jind Jind Haryana
Sewah  132110 Panipat Panipat Haryana
Sewaha  126150 Jind Jind Haryana
Sewana  124204 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sewani  125046 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Shahbad G T R  132135 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Shahbad Grain  132135 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Shahbad Markhanda  132135 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Shahpur  126111 Jind Jind Haryana
Shahzadpur  134202 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Shamlo Kalan  126114 Jind Jind Haryana
Shivaji Colony Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sikanderpur  125060 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Silana  124140 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Silani Gate Jhajar  124103 Jhajjar Jhajjar Haryana
Silani Gate Jhajjar  124103 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Singhana  126149 Jind Jind Haryana
Sirsa  125055 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Sirsa  125056 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Sirsa Courts  125055 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Sirsa Town  125055 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Sisai  125049 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Sisana  124407 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sisar Khas  124127 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Siwan 132027 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Siwan Gate Kaithal  132027 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Siwana Mall  124430 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Sohna  122103 Gurgaon Sohna Haryana
Sohna Adda Gurgaon  122001 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Sonepat  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Sonepat Kutchery  131001 Sonepat Sonepat Haryana
Sonepat Mandi  132153 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Sorkhi  125068 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Sri Jiwan Nagar  125075 Sirsa Sirsa Haryana
Staundi  132153 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Subana  124116 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sugar Mill Rohtak  124001 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Sunari Kalan  124008 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Talao  124130 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Tandaheri  124509 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Tarauri  132116 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Tarauri Mandi  132116 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Taura  122105 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Tehsil Court Hansi  125033 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Thambar  133208 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Thana 132029 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Thana  132029 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Thanesar Town  132118 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Thol  132136 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Tigaon  121101 Faridabad Faridabad Haryana
Tigrana  125031 Bhiwani Bhiwani Haryana
Tirawari 132123 Kaithal Kaithal Haryana
Titauli  124005 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Tohana  126119 Jind Tohana Haryana
Tohanamandi  126120 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Tosham  125040 Bhiwani Tosham Haryana
Uchana  126115 Jind Uchana Haryana
Ugala  133207 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Ujhana  126140 Jind Jind Haryana
Uklana Mandi  126009 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Umra  125083 Hissar Hissar Haryana
Umri  132137 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra Haryana
Urban Estate Gurgaon  122001 Gurgaon Gurgaon Haryana
Vaish High Schl Rohtak  124003 Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
Vehana  132124 Karnal Karnal Haryana
Yamua Ngr Bhatia Ngr  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Yamuna Nagar  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Yamuna Nagar Rlwy Rd  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Yamuna Nagar Sugar Mls  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Yamuna Ngr Rampura Clny  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
Yamuna Ngr Workshop Rd  135001 Ambala Ambala Haryana
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