Has the Covid-19 Virus Disappeared or Have the People Forgotten About It?

Has the Covid-19 Virus Disappeared or Have the People Forgotten About It?

The mutated form of the coronavirus was identified during December 2019. The virus spreads through droplets from saliva and nasal discharge. In the beginning, the United States of America had the most number of cases. India is now leading with 9 million cases so far. The year 2020 has been a destruction year for many of us. Many people lost their loved ones, jobs, and experienced a great loss in business too. It’s highly miserable to know that many lakhs of people died due to a virus that cannot even be detected through the naked eye.

Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | FDA

The virus got easily dispersed and let many parts of the population at risk. Everyone had to stay at home to be safe and secure. Beginning of the lockdown, the majority of the people who were affected were the very people who couldn’t afford a home. As time went people started realizing that they couldn’t have a salary because of the disturbance in the economy all over the world.

When will the coronavirus end? The answer is unpredictable. The vaccine that has been developed is still under the testing process and will be released once the exact cure is found.

The world sold loads of masks and sanitizers than any other goods in the market. Choosing a mask that suits your dress has now become a trend. The people have begun to get adapted to the virus as any other infection and also to the new environment as there is no other alternative to run the economy. People started panicking even for a common cold or subtle increase in temperature. It’s delightful to know that people are more cautious than the world before the virus.


Medical professionals are constantly working hard to make the world virus free. They are isolated even from their home so that no new cases appear. This world has become pollution-free after the government had announced a lockdown in their own countries. The animals started having their own time with no humans to harm around.

The virus initially started in china and began to spread to other countries. It’s a great mystery that china has completely eradicated the virus. Why couldn’t we do it?

The education system was crashed. It was very difficult for the students to cope up with the syllabus. Then came the zoom class where students have to listen to the lectures virtually. Though some students find it difficult, it’s delightful to know that the youth of the nation is still being educated more safely. It’s good to hear students missing their school. Many of us have shifted to work from home so that we could minimize the spread most saddening thing about this is that the deceased individual is self-buried by the hospital and not given to the family for performing the last rituals.

The virus has frightened the people in the beginning when the cases were very limited. The families have begun to spend more time with each other and understand how life feels at home.

How to Manage Caregiver Stress and Trauma in the Covid-19 Era - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SIEMENS HEALTHINEERSMaintaining a safe space between the other people to prevent the spread of the contagious viral infection. Most people have transformed into a new healthy lifestyle by maintaining a proper food diet and exercise. Most people also suggest yoga as an alternative to have a calm mind leading to a healthier society. There is no possibility as of now to watch our favorite match live in the stadium cheering up for our most favorite players. The railways have been closed for a certain period and will soon open with specific extents.

Marriages are happening with very few closed ones around to avoid the crowd. Restaurants are cleaner than they previously used to be. Every store has been provided with a thermometer to keep the customer’s temperature on the check.

The cinema theatre has also been unlocked with certain measures. The better we can do is avoid going to theatres at this time and watching the movie on OTT platforms to avoid the spread.

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India becomes fifth country to isolate Covid-19 virus strain

This lockdown has helped us realize the importance of self-care and how it’s important to look after our emotional health. The people who are at more risks are older people and those who are suffering from heart ailments, diabetes, etc.

The transportation like government bus is being sanitized very frequently. The government also provides restrictions to certain tourist places and has been closed off now. The travel in flights is made harder for the passengers because it includes an additional health check-up including a security checkup.

The love for the other country has been increased during this pandemic like sharing the resources to the neighboring country and developing a satisfactory relationship with the other. Every exam and interview are being held online. We have more educated people and stronger youth to bring the world back. But how will the world be after the pandemic? Will it be fine or go worse than now? Let’s just stay confident and believe the world will be fine.

We have already started making plans on what we will do after this pandemic gets over. When will we get over this?

We must understand that the virus has not faded away just because we are tired of dwelling at home. It’s high time we realize that safety is the utmost preference. We can’t put our lives at stake just for the sake of entertainment. We must try to stay at home if it seems unnecessary. Meeting your loved ones during the spread is not a safe thing to do. People have started taking vitamin tablets to raise immunity.

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Researchers Discover New Variant of COVID-19 Virus in Columbus, Ohio

We must not panic if we are infected and self-isolate ourselves for a few days. It’s our responsibility to make everyone around us feel safe and protected. Let’s wear our masks as a sword and fight against this Battle. The most important thing is that everyone should have a sword to make it easier. It’s in our hands to build a stronger world. A world that is free from germs. We can and we will!






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