Here’s how I saved money to send my child to American University

Are you searching for the best saving plan in India?

Personal financial planning is something that you do as an investor. You develop a short-term and long-term financial strategy based on your goals. While short-term plans strive to meet more urgent monetary needs in the present, long-term plans establish the groundwork for your future financial stability.

Furthermore, it is your long-term strategy that will assist you in achieving your desired monetary objectives in life. A long-term financial plan often matches your financial capability with your long-term ambitions, assisting you to remain on track and, finally, reach your aims.

The current necessity for a long-term financial strategy has been exacerbated by the significant increase in inflation, growing market volatility, and unknown occurrences such as COVID-19, among others. As a result, as a sensible investor, it is advantageous for you to develop the best saving plan and choose the appropriate assets based on your objectives.

However, the instruments you choose must provide competitive returns, appealing features, and protection against uncertainties. A guaranteed savings plan is the best saving plan for meeting these criteria.

What are the guaranteed savings plans?

A guaranteed savings plan is often a non-participating policy that attempts to assist you in achieving your long-term life objectives by providing you with solid insurance coverage against unforeseen events and an ensured return on your money. These life insurance guaranteed return products enable you to make monthly or yearly payments for a certain period of time.

Benefits of Guaranteed Savings Plan

The following are the essential elements and benefits of the best saving plan:

1. Premiums

You have the option of paying premiums over time or all at once. These choices are available to alleviate the policyholder’s burden. Assume you don’t want to deal with the trouble of remembering to pay the premiums on a regular basis. In such a scenario, you might choose to pay the whole amount at once.

2. Policy Term

Choose the word that best fits your requirements. If you believe you will need your money soon, choose the seven-year term savings plan. You may extend your coverage to 10 years or more for long-term savings.

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3. Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

The best saving plan guarantees that you will get rewards when the plan matures. The benefits will be the same as the guaranteed amount agreed upon prior to the intended start date. The maturity benefit is available and payable if the policyholder lives through the term’s conclusion.

4. Death Benefit

Many banks and service providers provide a death benefit provision in their savings plans. If the policyholder dies unexpectedly, the beneficiary receives the benefit. Furthermore, the policy should be continuous or not yet mature. In such instances, the plan’s nominee gets a death benefit. In comparison to a regular life insurance policy, the amount has a substantially greater interest rate.

Best Saving Plans in India

Here are the best saving plans that you can avail in 2022:

1. Canara HSBC Life Insurance – iSelect Guaranteed Future

Canara HSBC Life Insurance iSelect Guaranteed Future plan provides you with an additional stream of savings to help you meet your financial objectives and prepare for a stress-free life, as well as the extra advantage of security against future uncertainties.

2. Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan

The Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan is a savings plan that includes a guaranteed income as well as life insurance. For some situations, you might request a lump sum payment rather than monthly income under this plan.

3. HDFC Life Sanchay Plus

HDFC Life Sanchay Plus is a non-linked, non-participating savings plan that assists individuals in meeting their financial goals while protecting their family’s future from unforeseen events. HDFC Life Sanchay Plus is a complete life insurance plan that provides the insured and his or her family with a guaranteed return.

How Guaranteed Plans Help in Building Child Education Corpus?

As a parent, you want to see your kid succeed, and you want to be there for them every step of the way. With a lifetime of possibilities ahead of them, a child education plan is one of the finest methods for building child education corpus. While you may believe that it is early and that there is still plenty of time while changing their onesie, this is not the case!

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With the escalating expenses of school, it is critical to develop and implement a strategy as soon as possible in order for building child education corpus and start them on the proper path. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to lay a firm foundation.

1. Plan the costs and set a target amount

Estimating the complete cost of your child’s education is one of the first stages in preparing for it. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for determining the appropriate cost for your child’s education, you may use current fee and tuition statistics to create an estimate, which you can then adjust for inflation over time. A kid education expenditure calculator, which helps anticipate future expenses, is a more accurate way.

2. Start saving early

As with other financial objectives, the general guideline is to begin as soon as possible. Time is on your side this way. The more time you have, the more money you can save and interest you can earn. Ideally, you should begin saving for your child’s education soon after he or she is born.

Regular investments and compound interest allow your savings to increase, allowing you to easily set away a part for your child’s education. Simultaneously, investing a bit more over a longer period assures that you do not have to sacrifice your retirement assets or other financial objectives. All of your money may earn interest and increase.

3. Know your investment and savings options

Along with beginning early, parents must invest wisely in order to maximise profits. Your long-term financial goals may be lofty, so a mix of the correct instruments, such as financing techniques and investment vehicles, will be necessary to bring you there. Assume you have 15 years to save, and it’s tough to forecast how much money you’ll need later. As a result, you must consider several tools in order to amass cash.

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You may start with a good old-fashioned savings account when you first start. It’s one of the most secure and trustworthy methods to save. Depending on where you keep the account, you may earn about 2% every year. There are various alternatives in this case.

4. You need to think long term

The key to attaining your financial objectives is to create a strategy and adhere to it with zeal. However, getting started as soon as possible is critical. However, it is easy to lose sight of your aim when the final goal seems to be many years away. But, notwithstanding, you must adhere to your strategy and be constantly focused on your objective.

Without question, the sky-high expectations and life’s uncertainties may leave you feeling overwhelmed. But keep in mind that you may always start small and work your way up. Today, if you make $50,000 per month, you may save $10,000 per month. If your salary rises in the next year, you may raise your savings proportionally. The earliest small steps of saving will only grow in size with time.

Wrapping It Up

A savings strategy may not seem necessary to someone who has just joined the task force and gotten their first wage. However, whether you are an intern or have been with a firm for years, saving money is something you should not disregard.

During tough periods in life, they may be lifesavers. Consider the many savings plans available and choose one that will assist you and your family in dealing with any future financial shocks. To choose the ideal one for you, you may seek the advice of a specialist or examine several comparison websites.

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