Himani Arora

Himani Arora do not need any introduction, at a very young age during her graduation from delhi university she started blogging, she do not just own a beautiful face but also holds a amazing mind. She used her talent and looks to create a lasting impact on instagram and very quickly became a influencer on instagram.

Himani always dreamt of becoming a model but due to lack of opportunities, she decided to make her own way and entered into blogging and became a influencer, she has already endorsed some big brands.

Lets Meet Himani and see what she has to say about her small but impressive journey.

1. Since when you started with social media?
So, it’s been 2 years now that I am indulged in blogging and things around it. I initiated it as I always wanted to do modeling but didn’t get the right platform or one can say timing. And blogging gave me the chance to come closer to my dream. It is not a work for me, it is my passion and I love to inspire fashion, lifestyle and travel to others. With the coming up of social media platforms, I am actually able to do things I always wanted to!

2. What niche do you cater to?
As I said, I love to inspire and aware people about fashion, lifestyle and travel. Also, being a foodie Punjabi, sometimes cater food as well.

3. what brands have you endorse till now?
Ohh thankfully there are a lot. To mention a few of them, Oppo, Yahoo, Pizza Hut, VLCC, Vivaha, Shree, Perri Fios, Pearl Academy, Portea, Daniel Wellington, Singer, Mudhouse, Lenskart, and many others.

4. what do you do in your full time professional life?
So, I am working in an AI based company – Yrals digital and also do blogging.

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5. where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
Right now, I am focused on polishing my blogging work, generating good content. I think it’s hard work which makes you achieve great heights. In the next 5 years as well, I will follow my passion and try to achieve greater heights.

6. What is your education background?
So, I last attended a journalism school- Times School of Journalism and did PG-Diploma from that. I am specialized in lifestyle.
Besides, I did graduation in English Honors, DU and also did German language course from Max Mueller Bhavan, B1 certified.

7. Please share your complete name, social media handles and where can people contact you to endorse you for their brands.
Name- Himani Arora




Snapchat- himaniar

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