History of Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game played with two hands, one hand is called the “player” and the other is the “ banker”. The game’s purpose is to score a total closer to nine and the winnings double your bet.  Baccarat is a very popular game due to how easy it is to play it and, one of the oldest card games around the world. You can find it online and also benefit from the bonus without deposit casinos offer.

Origins of Baccarat

It is not very clear where exactly the origins of Baccarat have started. However, the game seems to be from the 19th century and, it is possible to be a variation of the Chinese Poi Gow game, because of its resemblance to the number nine (Pai Gow means nine). Another story about Baccarat origins has its roots in Ancient Rome when vestal virgins used to cast dice to determine their faith. Number nine signified the highest role (high priestess), while any number lower than that could determine worse, even cost their lives. However, nowadays playing Baccarat won’t involve any sacrifices, especially if you are a new player and try the bonus without deposit from casinos.

Baccarat in Italy

It is believed that Baccarat first appeared in Italy when Felix Falguiere introduced a game called “Baccara”. Baccara means zero in Italian because the tens and face cards had zero points.  Back then the game was played using tarot cards and it is thought that its rules were received from Felix inspired by the Ancient Rome story about vestal virgins. However, the rules were a bit different from the ones used nowadays. There were four dealers and each player could be the “banker” and place their bets against other players and against the house. Nowadays the bets are only placed against the banker, which is also the house. You can also play online and benefit from the bonus without deposit.

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 Baccarat in France

Supposedly, Baccarat made its entrance to France in 1490 brought by soldiers who returned from Italy. The game was very popular and two more versions appeared: Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer.  Chemin de Fer means “way of iron” and it got this name because it was played from an iron box. Similar to the original Baccarat, they are a little different when it comes to the number of players and who leads the game(the player or the house). They were so popular that even after 1837, when casinos were declared illegal, the game continued to be played underground.  France played an important role in Baccarat development. Baccarat was even played by the king of France at that time, Charles the VIII and Napoleon, both liked the game very much.


Baccarat in America

The first records of Baccarat  in America seem to be referring to 1911 as the first time the game was played in a casino. However there are documents that refer to 1871 as the first game of Baccarat in the United States. At first Baccarat was not as popular as Blackjack or Craps, Chemin de Fer being the version played back then. In 1959 a new version of the game was introduced by Tommy Renzoni called “Punto Banco” which immediately grew in popularity, being also the most played version nowadays in the USA.  Punto Banco was known as the “American Baccarat” and the only difference was that players could only bet against the house.

Baccarat Today

Nowadays Baccarat is one of the most popular games in India and you can find it online. If you are a new player you are in luck: the game rules are simple and most casinos offer bonus without deposit. Even if you don’t find the original Baccarat very attractive, there are still plenty of variations to try.  In the past, Baccarat was considered a “ rich people’s game”, but now everyone can play and participate in Baccarat tournaments. They have a specific rule that players bet not only against the house but also against other players.

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The history of Baccara surely seems a little complicated when it comes to its origins. Nowadays, things have gotten a lot easier. You can find the rules of the game online, as long as the rules for different variations. The only difficult thing to do now, is to choose which type of Baccarat to play and don’t forget to choose a bonus without deposit, so you can make the most out of your experience.

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