As India celebrates 72nd Republic Day; a look at where India stands and where the nation is headed – a common man’s perspective

India has stepped into its 72nd year of celebrating our Republic day on 26th January 2021. The day is celebrated to honor the date on which India’s constitution came into effect, replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.

As a nation and as its citizens, we have come a long way since 1947; we are aware of our struggle to break free from the British Raj and become an independent nation.

It was a movement that touched every part of the country and was a burning issue in the heart of every Indian.

The struggle for Independence was not easy, and millions took part in the freedom movement, and many by the thousands lost their lives in the freedom movement.

India as a nation got its freedom on 15th August 1947, however, we did not have a constitution, and Indian laws were based on a modified version of the British Empire, Government of India Act 1935.

The significance of 26th January is that on this day in 1929, the declaration of “Poorna Swaraj” was made by the Indian National Congress and Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the tricolor on the banks of river Ravi. 

26th January, Republic Day celebrations are marked by festivities and a magnificent parade at Rajpath in Delhi. The day is marked by grand parades by the Armed Forces soldiers and personnel – the Indian Army, the Indian Airforce and the Indian Navy, and the paramilitary forces.

The parade is also a display of the nation’s might, as India’s defense prowess, with the latest in missiles, aircraft, and weapon systems, all part of the parade. 

Besides this, the many states in India also display their uniqueness with beautiful tableaus representing each state.

The celebration is marked by and ends with numerous air flypasts and air shows by the Indian Forces.

A look at where India as a nation is today 

While the day is significant and honored with nationwide festivities and celebrations, we as a nation and citizens of this country also need to take an honest and hard look at where we are and where we stand today in the year 2021.

Economic Outlook 

The country’s economy has been struggling in the last few years, even before the Covid -19 Pandemic hit us in early 2020.

  • The country’s Financial and Banking System has been floundering, with several Financial Institutions and Banks going Bust and reporting massive scams.

The People who had deposited their finances and hard-earned money have not seen a single penny recovered from these busts of banks. Many of these people are retired and aged depositors, or those who have limited finances and limited income source – they have all been hit by the scams in these bust banks. 

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However, almost all of these people are struggling to recover their hard-earned money and have not seen the light of day even as the Government has not been able to do anything substantial to recover the amounts from these bust financial institutions and help the people who have been severely impacted due to this.


  • The fuel prices have been at an all-time high, each time the increase in both the petrol and diesel prices has touched new highs. 

While the Government has said that this is due to the restricted imports of fuel and higher costs, the burden is being passed onto the consumers already severely hit by the Covid -19 pandemic and struggling to cope.

  •  Inflation is also a point of concern, as there is an increase in the inflation rate substantially across all food products – Groceries, primary food groups, Dairy, Fruits, and food production.

The Government has not addressed this concern either; it has mostly tried to solve the matter by passing the buck to the farmers and coming up with Farm Law reforms that would enable higher prices for the farmers by selling their produce to the corporates.  

However, in reality, it would be the corporates who would be in charge of setting prices and at what price the agricultural produce will be sold to the consumers.

Hence the price is totally in the corporates’ hands, who will decide at what cost it shall be sold. 

  • The economy is in shambles, with the loss of employment opportunities touching an all-time high. Many struggles to survive, sustain, and look out for better opportunities for which the competition is high, and many also struggle with redundant roles.


Law and Order are in shambles.

The law and order situation in the country is falling day by day. There has been an increase in Rapes and other atrocities committed on young girls and women pouring in from several parts of the country.

Uttar Pradesh and surrounding areas have been particularly hit hard when it comes to this issue. 

The state and the central Government have been relatively ignorant about law and Order within the states. 

Just recently, there were reports of the police personnel in Uttar Pradesh robbing a jeweler and making away with the loot. Imagine when those who are in charge of taking care of law in the state are the ones who are themselves involved and carrying out such acts. 

Where is the common citizen to go?

On the one hand, a police team is sent to Mumbai to take care of the recent controversy that has erupted on the series “Tandav,” the tandav is being carried out in your own state by your own people who are in charge of the law and order themselves.

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Religionism and Social Divide on the rise

Many of the country’s states are pondering on the “Love Jihad” Law to be actively followed in their respective states.

Yogi Adityantah, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has been very concerned with certain religious sect conversions. Still, he is not concerned with the many ills and atrocities committed because of this law and the harassment met to people because of this highly debatable law that has been passed.

He is not concerned about the atrocities, high crime, and rapes in the state, for which the police are not even instructed to investigate. 

Still, he is concerned and forms a task force sent to Mumbai to take care of the matter of a series that dares to portray ill towards a particular religion.

India’s Defence Prowess and Display

While we display and talk about India’s might, its Armed Forces, weapons, and technology, we are not equipped and able to handle cross border intrusions, whether it is China or our neighbor Pakistan.

Recently the Chinese intrusion was a high point of conflict between the two nations. Still, there have also been reports of China intruding and capturing a village in Arunachal Pradesh. The entire village has become a “pucca settlement,” which can be seen via the satellite link.

The cross border terrorism and the Kashmir issue have been pending for years, but we have not been able to come up with a solution even in this case.

We have recently procured high-tech aircraft for the Indian Airforce and have spent millions on the procurement, but we as a nation will not take care of the fundamental problem of providing snow boots, good rations, and adequate accessories to our soldiers or paramilitary forces.

Our Police Force still struggles with infrastructure and the lack of gadgets that are so necessary for today’s time.


Infrastructure and Taxes

We are the only country in the nation where the Government asked for donations from its citizens during the Covid – 19 Pandemic outbreak. 

No country in the world, no government in the world, not even nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, and so on asked for its citizens to give donations to the Government

We are the nation where taxes are the highest; we pay GST on almost everything, we pay education cess, we pay road tax, we pay toll tax, we pay cess on virtually all services. Lately, a cess was also put on alcohol – all in the name of the Covid -19 breakout.

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While the last one is a recent occurrence but the fact is that we as a citizen are charged for every service and charged on all products across the board.

Where is the infrastructure, what is the condition of our roads, where is the public transport, where is the money that is collected and where is it put, what does the Government have to show when it comes to infrastructure, where is this money?


The Government Loot

The Government has made a fool out of common people and the citizens of this country.

It has in the recent past rolled out public initiatives – Aadhar card-based subsidies, gas subsidies, education subsidies and scholarships, and even transfer of small amounts like Rs. 500 in the accounts of those who are from the lesser income group – however, while these were rolled out in the initial days of the announcement – all these subsidies today are “moot” and “unaccountable.”

The beneficiaries have not benefited from these subsidies and have little to show; the monies are lost in transactions and made use of by the very middlemen that were to be eliminated in the process.

Each of the government representatives is given maximum perks and facilities, all in the name of serving the nation. The truth is they are serving their pockets and serving the pockets of their families. The common man is left empty-handed to fend for himself.

Here are the questions – 

  • India is sending consignments of Covid -19 drug to all neighboring nations and others free of cost, while it has put a price tag on the Covid -19 vaccines for the general public ( free only for those who are in the forefront)
  • The taxes charged and collected from the citizens of the country are the highest in the world, yet we have the worst infrastructure
  • The country is in a Technical Recession, and most of the public is grappling with serious problems like employment. 
  • The Financial and Banking institutions are reporting scams, which is the highest in recent years, the significant impact and loss being borne by the common depositors who have lost every penny
  • The mood in the general public is devoid of hope with the highest inflation and escalating fuel prices.
  • The law and order situation is dismal and pathetic.
  • The country is being divided on the lines of religion and social norms.
  • The neighboring nations intrusions are on the rise, and we are questioning the intent of our Armed Forces
  • The Political Parties are bickering amongst themselves to gain power and prestige, taking the common public to be fools.

Hence, while Republic Day may be celebrated with much pomp and show, this country’s ordinary citizens have very little to celebrate about.


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