How Startapp Global is helping companies live ‘app’ily

A young startup in India joins the digital revolution by helping business build powerful native apps

From finance and dating to astrology predictions and gaming, apps have pretty much covered every facet of our lives. No business is complete without having a presence on the app world. The last 5 years in particular have seen the app landscape come alive. This vibrancy can be seen from the fact that India’s mobile app market growth overtook even the US in 2017, downloading over 7 billion apps. But in spite of this demand, there has been a lack of sophistication in the industry. Customers either have to pay high commissions to aggregators, or compromise on user interface and experience. Well, at least till now.
Startapp Global, started by Shubhaum Guptha, Aditya Jain and Vishal Garg is like a guardian angel for such companies. The Delhi-NCR based start-up promises to provide your business with a powerful native app to increase visibility and sales. It lets a company’s customers view updated catalogues and order right on the app itself. Their feature-rich apps come with technologies like geo-location recognition & mapping, video, real-time notifications, data capture, data synchronization over platforms and more.
Getting the ball rolling
Talking about the inception of the start-up, Guptha says, “We were in custom app development for the past 2 years and trust me, it was a really expensive affair for the customers. A number of restaurants and retialers approached us to get their own app because of the high amount of money they were spending on aggregators. There I felt the need for a product in the market which will help the people to make their own Ecommerce apps.” The trio did an extensive research on app development companies and the solutions that they were providing. They found that none of them were helping out Small and Medium Enterprises to get their business online. “Being in the app development industry I always knew that it wasn’t that easy to create a product which could help people bring their business online – be it retailers, restaurants or any person. Finally after 9 months of development, we started building apps which have best of features, amazing designs and at affordable prices.”
During the planning of the product, landmark process of demonetization kicked in. This was a blessing in disguise for their product. Customers ran out of cash and were looking to make payments through apps and wallets.
Enter Startapp Global.
Earlier the retailers felt that people would be reluctant to download apps because their main business was in cash. But the scenario was changing and business was coming in through cards and wallets”, shares Jain.
But all wasn’t hunky dory. Like all industries, the presence of poor quality, non-functional available at cheap prices posed a problem. “Reaching out to business owners and explaining to them the benefits of native eCommerce apps was a challenging task. But slowly and steadily we made progress and demonstrated how our product can do wonders.”
The Devil lies in detail
Developing native apps to digitize shopping stores is in fact the USP of the start-up. When it comes to mobile apps, second chances are out of the question. How many times have we re-launched an app after it failed to work the first time? Native apps are exactly that – ‘native’ to a user’s OS and thus built according to its guidelines. This ensures faster performance and a better user experience. They can also easily access the phone’s in-built capability, like camera, GPS, etc. In Guptha’s own words, “Smart phones are extremely personal devices. They are with us, literally, every single moment of the day. A proper app on it can make or break the success of your business. That is why our Insights help clients build customer loyalty with details about the buyer behaviour. Add to that the benefit of global visibility, with which companies get a chance to sell anywhere in the world.”
Cart’apulting to success
Nowadays, both app users and enterprises are demanding out-of-the-box and feature rich apps. Jain points out that their mission is to bring every business online. “We want to provide an affordable solution to small and medium enterprises with high quality features. We will bring in revolutionary technologies through apps to help grow business”, he adds.
The next time you use a great looking app with smooth layout and functionality, you know it’s only because of a team like Startapp Global.

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