This book “STARTUP IDEA TO IPO-WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO CREATE A UNICORN COMPANY” is intended to disseminate knowledge about how to take a company from startup Idea level to IPO level and create a unicorn company.

Our mission through this book is to help millions of companies in becoming unicorn companies around the world.

What is a Unicorn Company? A unicorn company is a company which has a valuation or market value of USD 1 Billion and above. (Assuming 1 USD = Rs. 70; Any company which has valuation of Indian Rs. 7,000 crore and above is a unicorn company).

I know it’s a tall claim to make but by using the transformational IPO journey which is now available even to startups as well as SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), becoming a unicorn company or at least getting on to the road to become a unicorn company is possible. The purpose of this book is to give millions of startups and SME companies a business blueprint which can transform any company into a large Unicorn Company.

The purpose of this book is to educate, inform, inspire and transform companies by sharing tools and techniques, latest developments in the eco-system on how to get several great achievements like greater access to funds in an efficient and credible manner, wealth creation, value creation, greater credibility, national as well as international branding, accelerating business growth and achieve enormous organizational success.

There can be several achievements, milestones, successful turning points in the life of a company. For example, it can be when a company gets its largest client or when a company invents a new profitable product or when a company goes global or starts exports or installs world’s best machinery or start a new plant or a posh office in the best location of the city. There can be many more big achievements for different companies at different points of time. They all are great achievements but the number one achievement in the life of any company is when a company goes for its IPO-Initial Public Offering and gets listed on any of the recognized stock exchange in the world.

One of the biggest, largest and greatest achievement in the life of any company is when a company goes for IPO and gets public listed on a recognized stock exchange.

The most exciting and exhilarating achievement in the life of a company is the listing of shares and seeing a steady upward trend in company’s share price.

A successful IPO help companies in lowering the debt burden, lowering finance costs, accelerating growth and expansion, in growing profits and funds flow, in business value & wealth creation, in scaling up globally and in transforming a small and medium size enterprise into a large public listed multinational enterprise.

If we look into the history and study the story of any of the Top 5000 companies in India or any top company listed across the world to analyze how these company grew big; we will reach to a conclusion that one of the biggest reason for any company which has become enormously valuable, visible, rich, wealthy, credible and successful is when the company access the capital markets. i.e. when a company gets listed at stock markets. i.e. when a company gets listed on to a recognized stock exchange through an IPO.

An IPO also helps companies in extensive tax savings, in attracting and retaining best talent and best human resources through ESOPs, in creating easy & tax efficient entry and exit strategies for investors like private equity, venture capitalists, angel investors, in corporate image building, enhancing national & international branding, in efficient mergers and acquisitions and creating greater credibility for the company which in turn help companies to realize full business potential, grow profits, funds flow, transform the business valuation, visibility, business wealth and achieve all the business goals.

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Generally the perception about IPO is that IPOs are meant for only very large organizations. However, this book aims to break that myth and explain that how even a small and medium size company or even a startup with an annual turnover of just about Indian Rs. 10 crore and above can go for an IPO and avail enormous benefits of IPO like greater access to funds easily and quickly in an efficient & credible manner, business value creation and wealth creation, lower debt burden, greater credibility, corporate image and brand building, national as well as international credibility, reduction in finance costs, and many more.

Initial Public Offerings ( IPOs ) are one of the greatest source of funds raising, value creation, wealth creation, visibility, growing profits, funds flow, image and brand branding for companies.

SME stock exchange platforms provide emerging companies a new and viable option for raising equity capital from a diversified set of investors in an easy, efficient and credible manner. SME stock exchange platforms are playing critical role of significantly improving access to risk capital for emerging companies. At the same time, these SME stock exchange platforms provide investors with exciting opportunities to invest in promising startups and SMEs with a clear exit route.

One of the primary reason that made companies multimillion and multibillion dollar companies is when a company goes for IPO and gets its public listing. The number 1 reason which made companies multimillion and billion dollar companies is when they went public and when they brought their public issue.

The objective of this brief book is to enable, empower and excel the promoters and decision makers of companies by addressing their capital related and growth related concerns.

If we take a one common characteristic among all the companies which have created enormous wealth and has grown multifold, it’s those companies who have accessed the capital markets and got listed on a stock exchange through IPO.

India’s IPO market has recorded very strong performance in recent years. Since the beginning of 2015, around 100+ companies raised funds to the tune of Rs. 1,40,000 crore ( USD 20 Billion approx.) and since 2014 about 470 SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) ( till December, 2018) companies raised funds to the tune of Rs. 4,700 crore and got listed on the India’s premier and prestigious stock exchanges.

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For growing companies seeking to raise capital, an IPO can be a superior route to growth and funding. 2017 and 2018 has been a record breaking year for IPOs and number of IPOs in India as well as across globe.


The IPO ecosystem is developing at a rapid pace in India with several companies looking to list at stock exchanges.

While challenging markets come and go, it’s the companies that are fully prepared that will best be able to leverage the windows of IPO opportunity.

This book one of its kind is created for growing companies who want to grow from Startup Idea to IPO and become really really big which will help them to continuously enhance the valuation of the company along with the business development of the company. In this book, we have deliberated on the IPO journey and the many challenges and opportunities that often present themselves.

Finance is the life blood of any company. The major reason why 90% companies fail is due to non-availability of funds. The passion of any startup can become a poison without enough funds to operate the business. One of the major reason for large organizations which have failed is too much dependency on the bank finance and thereby incurring huge finance costs which eats up the entire profits of the company. So, what is the solution? The solution lies in funding from equity route through IPO or private equity.

In this book, we take closer look at the pre-IPO process, detailed preparation required, key IPO success factors and on a number of key reflections for companies approaching this great transformation of the company through IPO.

How will you know if you are fully ready for the public markets ? How will you transform your organization to become IPO-ready ? How will your company outperform the competition on key performance measures before, during and after the IPO which is so very important for successful IPO.

This book incorporates the investor insights, while examining in depth the steps toward IPO readiness, alternative capital raising options, and current public listing challenges and opportunities.

In this book, we share my learnings and experience of transformation of companies with one single aim, that is to help startups and SMEs transform to large companies.

This book is not your typical motivational or self-help book that just pumps you up with some stories and theoretical ways to stay motivated. This book is a practical step by step guide for you to follow and transform your company from startup Idea level to IPO level and create a unicorn company that continually delivers maximum value to all its stakeholders.

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Since 2012 to till today, I have advised more than 5000+ entrepreneurs through my more than 100+ workshops on funds raising, business valuation and Startup Idea to IPO workshops. The best thing about these workshops was these entrepreneurs are like friends and family now and many of them are our clients. At the end of every workshop they have thanked us profusely for enabling them and empowering them with this practical financial knowledge and emerging avenues on raising funds, profits, wealth and growth and the best ways of financial management for their companies.

I have intentionally tried to keep the book brief and covered only the relevant content. This book can be finished in few hours of reading and this book can give a direction to you to transform your company into becoming a unicorn company. I sincerely hope that you will find this book informative, interactive and rewarding.

It is my commitment and promise that the 10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated.

I hope this book will help you to begin preparing for IPO value journey and be well prepared to transform your company into a successful public listed company that continually delivers maximum value to all its stakeholders.


Brief Introduction of the Author-CA. Rajan Bhatia

Mr. Rajan Bhatia, FCA is a renowned Chartered Accountant and B.Com(Hons.) from India’s premier Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University with over

20+ years of successful experience in the areas of finance, funds raising, wealth creation, CFO services, investment banking and IPO advisory.

Rajan has over 20+ years of experience in IPO management, funds raising, investment banking, merchant banking, business growth, business development, wealth creation and has worked in senior management and leadership roles of large corporates like The renowned The Oberoi Group of Hotels, Motorola India Limited, World Health Organization to name a few.

Mr. Rajan has managed and advised on the complete process of several IPOs and in getting several companies listed on India’s premier stock exchanges which helped companies in multiplying wealth, valuation, growth, raise funds and become successful unicorn companies.

Rajan has conducted thousands of seminars and workshops on Startup Idea to IPO, funding, multiplying valuations, wealth and on multiplying growth of companies at prestigious platforms like The National Stock Exchange of India, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, IIT-Kanpur, TEDx and thousands of enterprenuers have benefitted from his seminars.

Rajan is also an author of this renowned book and his articles have been published in several business magazines.

Rajan is a renowned professional speaker and the recipient of several awards including the globally recognized Distinguished Toastmaster Award, which is the highest international certification & recognition in public speaking & leadership skills from The Toastmasters International.

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