How Zevpoint is leading the way in solving the challenge of ‘Range Anxiety’ for electric vehicles

There isn’t a day when newspapers do not have some form of coverage on electric vehicles, and the plans of the government to make them a mainstay of the Indian automobile industry by offering subsidies, tax incentives and other benefits. However, do we ever realize that behind the scenes there are so many entrepreneurs that are also working night and day to help the nation realize the dream of a pollution free transportation system?

The challenges are many, but one that matters the most is the presence of infrastructure necessary to support the charging requirements of these growing number of battery operated vehicles. One such group of four Delhi based experienced and passionate individuals have come together to address the challenge with their company Zevpoint, an acronym for Zero emission vehicles.

Motivations for a new venture could be many, nonetheless, this one stemmed from the visibly deteriorating air quality in the northern parts of India. Bhavneet, one the team members belongs to a family of doctors, and she was perturbed by the growing cases of lung and respiratory disorders which came to her father on a daily basis. The inability of not being able to do anything despite being aware of the reasons was frustrating. Coincidentally, during the same time Akaash and Saswat had been contemplating something to do with electric vehicles since they had been fascinated with their US trip where they got a chance to do a road trip on a Tesla and they started to believe that electric vehicles have a very bright future in India and a need of the hour.

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The idea was born and the team did extensive study and research for 18 months, they built prototypes for their idea, tested them and finally decided to take the plunge; they registered their business and were ready to go. In the last few months, they have spoken to more than 1000 customers across the country, understood their requirements and used an iterative method of development to improve on their offerings. The company has setup their back end operations and manufacturing unit near Chandigarh, whereas their business development is being managed from the cities of Delhi and Bangalore.

They have recently launched a range of charging stations in collaboration with a European company and they soon plan to make it accessible all across the country, using their network of growth partners and online stores. Moreover, they have built in-house charging management solution software which is being managed by the last of their team members Orlin, the solution is currently listed on play store and being tested by the team. The idea behind this application is to make it easy for users to be able to find charging stations, start charging sessions and even pay for them, without having any physical operator for these machines. It not only makes it easy for the user, but is very convenient for the charging station owners who do not have to keep a dedicated employee for it.

Infrastructure for charging of electric vehicles is very crucial if the country has to achieve their targets of being 100% electric in the next 10 years, and it is really encouraging for start-ups to lead the initiative. Zevpoint has a complete team which is working on charging solutions for government as well as private institutions like apartments, commercial complexes, petrol pumps and highway outlets. They target to setup a minimum of 20000 charging stations in the next 3 years and it will be a real positive achievement in the quest for clean mobility.

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