Increase your employee productivity with YMS’S Corporate Training Programs

Many organizations face the dilemma of whether to invest in training programs for their employees. This is not new, businesses have to always consider the cost of training versus the benefits. Yatharth Marketing Solutions, one of India’s popular sales training and corporate training, has the answer.
Mihir Shah, the CEO of YMS, puts it in perspective. “Training is actually non-negotiable for companies intent on growth. Whether a company is just starting out, or if they have been in the market for a while, training is crucial to make your teams successful. An employee can be at work for 8-10 hours a day. But productivity is about understanding how many of those hours have been effective in realizing organizational goals? And more importantly, how to improve this effectiveness in the shortest possible time?”
Companies are dynamic workplaces today, where employees are expected to perform tasks beyond their traditional job roles. The trainers at YMS understand that there is nothing worse than employees who do not understand their roles. Only when organizations have knowledgeable and well-trained employees, they can achieve higher productivity.
Here are five ways in which YMS helps you increase the productivity of your employees with a deeply researched, well-designed corporate training programs:

1. Saving Time and Money

YMS has developed customizable corporate training programs for organizations in India for varied objectives. The program is for your organization to ensure that your employees are trained to make them more effective and productive. Successful employees mean that there will be significant savings in time and money for you. There will be a reduction in unprofitable effort, and time spent on correcting mistakes. With YMS, employees improve their performance and adding to the company revenues.

2. Employees get better motivation

The corporate training program by YMS helps employees acquire newer skills for better performance in all aspects of the job. For employees, this is a sign that their management is willing to invest in their growth and development. If there are any gaps in technology or process adoption, YMS’s training team will cover that.

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3. Refresh Employee Skills

As organizations grow, employees who have stayed with the company might be falling behind on new key skills. YMS training team focuses on bringing them up to speed on the current market requirements. This helps you retrain employees on current skills, so you can increase productivity by preventing mistakes in daily functioning. Research shows that organizations spend significantly less on retraining current employees than on hiring new ones.

4. Create a performance-based culture

When employees are clear on their attainable goals, they are inspired to achieve their goals. YMS corporate training helps organizations of all sizes to create a successful performance-based culture that incentivizes good performance. It is important to make it clear to employees what their goals are, and how to achieve them optimally.

5. Prevent Employee turnovers

Research shows that the cost of employee turnover is significantly higher than those of retaining existing employees. Effective corporate training provided by YMS is able to build employee loyalty by showing employees how to be effective. Leverage training to show employees the benefits of an organization that invests prudently on training.
YMS delivers one of the most comprehensive, and certainly one of the most sought after corporate training programs for organizations across the country. If you are concerned about your employee performance, YMS helps you understand if there are any gaps and how to cover them most effectively.

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