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India’s coronavirus case Tally is soon going to hit 1 million

Coronavirus, the biggest terror of this year due to which India faces an intense Lockdown, is still nowhere to stop. The cases have been growing at an average daily rate of 3.5%, taking the total number of cases past 900,000 on Tuesday. Out of these, Maharashtra has 260,924 cases, Delhi with 113,740 cases, and Tamil Nadu 143,000 cases. If it continues to rise at the same pace, India’s coronavirus case tally is going to hit 1 million mark by Friday. 

Right now, the country has 311,565 patients under treatment as of this morning and 23,727 deaths have been attributed to the infection. According to the seven-day rolling average calculations, Active cases rose up to 20% in the past week and spike in deaths to 18% as compared to 19% in the preceding week. 

In the past few months, While the fight with coronavirus continues, India has faced a rise in other infections and deaths as compared to other badly-hit countries. India is the third-worst hit country, after the United States and Brazil, with 3,479,483 and 1,887,959 cases, respectively. In the case of high-fatality countries, India has shown the biggest spike in deaths as well as active cases in the past seven days. 

As the number of cases increasing, India’s health facility and workforce are under severe pressure. The risk of virus spread is even higher because the economy has started to reopen along with the approval of the public movement. Among the states, Maharashtra (10,482), Delhi(3,411), Gujarat(2,055), Tamil Nadu(2,032), and West Bengal(956), accounted for 80% of COVID-related deaths in India so far. Based on the seven-day rolling averages, Assam, Karnataka, and Bihar have reported the biggest jump in active cases as well as deaths in this period.

The total coronavirus cases toll in Bihar rose to 18,853 with recorded 1,432 cases in the last 24 hours and the death toll to 134. That’s why Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi imposed a total lockdown in Bihar from 16 to 31 July. The tally has risen over by 1000 for the third consecutive day. The maximum number of the cases are from Patna District. 

Bengaluru is also imposing a 7-day lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19. There was a set of strict guidelines release by the Karnataka Government to control the unregulated movement of people including specific time for the functioning of services. Only emergency travel will be allowed. Bengaluru has reported a recode of 47 fatalities, 15,052 active cases, and death toll to 322.

The number of Coronavirus infection is likely to keep increasing in the coming days, with India testing more samples per day as compared to the outbreak. Nearly 12.1 million samples have been tested this week as compared to 1.2 million samples a week ago. 

Since the beginning of the outbreak in late January, overall India has reported 906,752 coronavirus cases. India’s case fatality rate of 2.6 deaths per 100 infections is lower as compared to the global average of 4.4%.

Meanwhile, 13,236,252 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 around the world, out of this, 7,691,451, have recovered, and 575,540 have died.

This situation is getting worse in the upcoming days. There is only hope that researchers will soon able to create a vaccine to survive from COVID-19!!



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