Indu Jain: the woman who made her extraordinary mark in the largest media house

Indu Jain is 75 years old and now a billionaire. She was born into a Sahu Jain Family. According to one of the magazines who wrote about her, the fortune wealth she holds is almost 2.8 billion dollars. She was born and brought up in a small town of Bijnor district and that is Najirabad. At the time and date of today, she is the chairman of one of the largest media houses of the country which is Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. This group also owns The Times Group.

Indu from the very beginning has been a very versatile person. She is not just an entrepreneur but along with that she is passionate in a lot of things and is an expert spiritualist, a sponsor of culture and art, a humanist, and also an educationalist. After her becoming of the chairman of the Times Group, it has gained a lot of recognition as well as development with the incoming of international claims. Some of the major facilities which are provided by the company include research foundation, times relief fund, community services for a lot of natural calamities like cyclones, floods, earthquakes, and much more.

All around the world, she is a woman who is a role model for many other women like her. She is very active in all kinds of women supporting activities. Women rights, and also is an excellent encourage for entrepreneurship especially in women. She is also at the position of the chairperson in Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust. This is the highest literary award in the country. In the year 200, she also got to address the United Nations at Millennium World Peace Summit and that is about the various leaders who are of the spiritual and religious genre.

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She is a great performer and expressionist of her views and she believes that oneness among faith along is true. Also, she is a great humanist and spread the message of peace all across the globe through various sessions and conferences. Bennett, Coleman & Co is being chaired by Indu Jain. Her company has now teamed up with Huffington Post to launch in a website in India in December. Along with that, she also owns a great property portal which is also which is a matrimonial site. However, mainly it is known for its niche of daily newspaper which is the Economic Times and this is the biggest financial newspaper after her Journal Wall Street.

Indu Jain says, ‘In life whatever step I take, every step is for nothing but giving people the touch of spirituality.’ Her firm belief and extraordinary talent and will power to accomplish various aims she set for herself, her journey turned into a splendid one and she was able to finally be at the place where she is today.

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