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Internship Sectors that will give you a KillerLaunch [amid COVID 19]

Takeaway: India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and Asia’s largest English-speaking BRIC economy, making it a perfect choice for a summer internship.

Best Internships offered by KillerLaunch:

1. Accounting and Finance

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India’s financial services sector, comprising of stock markets, non-banking investment institutions, and insurance, provides several possibilities in a variety of finance and accounting-focused desires. India’s financial market is rising at 8.5 percent annually. Currently, India is regarded as one of the most competitive markets for freejobalert in the world.


2. Law

India’s law sector is one of the biggest in the country, with 1.4 million advocates worldwide. Although the laws are unique to India, the writing and study briefs training on KillerLaunch will assist you in your potential profession as well as in continuing studies. This incredible knowledge inside their legal framework would offer you an edge when applying to companies.


3. Healthcare

Healthcare has been one of the most significant employment and sales markets in India. Big hospitals provide the same equipment and resources as you are used to at the hospitals. By 2020, the sector is projected to expand to a sizeable 280-billion-dollar-a-year business that more than doubles where it currently resides.


4. Information Technology

A 10 million large population, India is the top IT procurement market worldwide. The demand has transformed India’s economy and changed India ‘s perceptions as a global economy. Bangalore is regarded as India’s Silicon Valley.


5. NGO

India is currently witnessing an increase in NGOs; there are 1 in every 600. The overwhelming amounts of NGO’s mean there will be one for any expertise you ‘re searching for. KillerLaunch will tailor your internship to fit the style of the job you want to do with an NGO.


6. Advertising

In addition to China, the advertising industry is expected to be Asia’s fastest-growing market. Internet marketing is increasing, with the globe evolving towards a wired era. The Indian advertising industry saw a growth rate of 13.3 percent in 2016 and expected to return to that rate in 2017.


7. Business

A study shows that the consulting sector in India is increasing by 30 percent. Careful guidance is a valuable commodity; companies and business people rely on experts’ advice in prosperity and growth. With the growing economy of India, many business ideas in India await you in these booming sectors!


8. Ecology and Environment

The study of ecology and environmental sciences has grown to great significance, with more people becoming conscious of the footprint on KillerLaunch. In Bangalore, there are over 4,000 startups, and on the first floor of this new industry, you will have the potential to become a global priority.



KillerLaunch is one of the job sites in India that provides you with a unique approach to finding internships. They work with more than 200 companies based in India instead of offering just select internships, we speak to you, hear about what you want, and work to find a company that is in line with your interests.



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