Tough Times don’t last but tough people do – Robert H. Schuller

John Qreshi Clairaudient Psychic, Author of “Rewiring Your Success” & Founder of Quantum Master Coach™ describes that “If you want to be powerful in life then serve other people”

John Qreshi explained why when it is you sitting there without the answers, how do you respond?
The mark of a leader is rarely if ever visible when prosperity is shining upon them. That is merely the recognition of a job well done, but most likely the consummation of months of thoughtful planning and fearless execution.

What you will find is that the great leader, the one that truly understands their craft and seeks to continuously inspire others, enjoys walking outside when the storm is passing through.

The author of “Rewiring Your Success” explained further why do the leaders are made in a storm? It is because the storm is the only reason that the leader exists.
The Storm is…Figuring out a vision when the future is clear as mud. First looking inward prior to looking outward when times are tough.
Recognizing that it is people that make companies great and that the people must be at the center. Knowing that your strategy is only as good as your ability to create resources and drive the organization to execute. Where you show courage so others can continue to perform with confidence. Believing in yourself and your ideas even when it feels like no one else does. Realizing that you only fail when you no longer continue to try.

What if you just give up?
Can you imagine our world if tough times drove our great leaders to throw in the towel?
John Qreshi expounds “What if the Wright Brothers just gave up when their first flying machine didn’t take flight? (it didn’t) or if Edison called it quits before he discovered electricity?”

While those events are seemingly monumental, they were mere inventions of their time. And of course, had the Wright Brothers or Edison not been the ones to achieve those great feats, others would have.

However, if others were to have accomplished those things, our history books would have to be rewritten.
John Qreshi describes further one rule of thumb for any leader is that there will come a point when you have to lead those you serve through the crisis. Whether it be in business, in government, or in your family, every entity, individual, and organization will face a crisis. However, the mark of good leadership is to maintain your composure and to remain calm no matter how dire the circumstances. Remember, if anyone looks to you for guidance whether you’re a CEO, an elected official, a parent, or a trusted coworker you are a leader and being a leader whom those around you can trust during a crisis is vital.

I firmly believe that during these turbulent times there is a desperate need for calm, composed and trustworthy leadership in our world. When crisis strikes, whether it be today or in the future, people everywhere are hungry for the trusted voices of leaders who can help calm the storms we face on what seems to be an ever-increasing and global basis. To all who read this, I would encourage you to commit yourself to being this type of leader and to mentoring a new generation of servant leaders to sustainably shepherd our nation and our world forward in the decades to come.
Leadership is not about being the best, leadership is about making everyone else better – John Qreshi


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