Know how Amritpal Singh and Chamandeep Singh become Successful Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Viral Content Creators

The internet is full of so-called Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Content creators. To set a benchmark you really need to outgrow yourself which isn’t that easy as shown on the internet. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of potential, hard work and skills to acquire such goals. Internet and digitalisation is the new era, anyone can live in an era but only a few can mark their spot in the growth. Amritpal Singh and Chamandeep Singh always dreamed of shining bright in the universe and with their dedication and passion towards their dream, they made it possible in real life.

Amritpal Singh and Chamandeep Singh are the faces of the new growing generation who marked their spot in the new era of digitalisation by becoming successful Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers and terrific Content Creators. They constantly hustled to expand their knowledge and skills so that they can stand different in the league.

Amritpal Singh has started his journey during the year 2014. He was born and brought up in Panniwala Ruldu, a small village near Sirsa in Haryana. He was very curious from the start to discover new things and new ideas. He completed his Computer Engineering diploma in the year 2014 and later to gain further studies he started pursuing from Jan Nayak Chaudhary Devi Lal college, Sirsa. But later he found out that his concerns are different and dropped After that, he commenced working over his curiosities which led him to build a network of more than 25 million over Facebook. Today this young man is a successful Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketer and an outstanding Content creator.

On the other hand, Chamandeep Singh has also hustled day and night to make his dreams true and live a lavish peaceful style. Born and raised in Panipat, this young man started his career with blogging and with his constant remarkable efforts and growth he now becomes a successful Entrepreneur, a well established Digital Marketer and a fabulous Content Creator. Chamandeep Singh achieved the milestone of forming a network of more than 25 million over Facebook in his early 20s. It’s unbelievable seeing this kind of achievement at just the age of 20. He’s currently in his third year of Software Engineering and along with his studies, He frequently hustles to expand his knowledge in the field of digitalisation.

The names Amritpal Singh and Chamandeep Singh no longer need any introduction. They are well established in the digital era now and are truly an inspiration for youngsters.

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