15 Best CRM for Startup Companies

What is CRM for startups?

The Customer Relation Management or CRM Tool is an all-in-one platform to handle your customer records, send emails, make calls, generate reports, add notes, and much more. The benefit of using CRM is that you can do all your work under the same roof. 

As the corporation is growing, the manual method becomes inefficient and very hard to handle. CRMs are very useful in such cases. Keeping the beginners and non-techies in mind, CRM is designed. 

Why do we need CRM for startups?

1. Easily initiate and monitor your sales leads: It is a difficult job to handle or identify the most effective platform for optimum leads and to assign a marketing budget for these firms. CRM software enables users to trace lead history by supplying reliable and detailed lead-source data. 

2. Using consumer details well: You will greatly increase the entire sales efficiency by accessing such critical information. A flexible company requires CRM software so it can view consumer information in real-time and meet its respective targets with utmost ease in distribution, marketing, development, billing, and customer support departments.


3. Coordinate with your colleagues: CRM app is the perfect way to make the workers accessible and separate their tasks transparently. CRM platform improves the effectiveness and performance of the staff dramatically, allowing you to have an extra customer loyalty class. CRM platform has workflows that allow you to instantly delegate your team member’s assignments, deals, and contacts. Once you have given your team member a certain activity, the device sends both a CRM alert and a smartphone reminder.

To help you select the right CRM tool for your firm, I have evaluated the top tools right here. Let’s dive in and find the right one for you:

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a wonderfully built, intuitive marketing automation platform that comes with an entirely free CRM solution. The app lets salespeople and other customer-centric staff handle their customer relationship efficiently.

The app comes with every single thing a small company desires, with no additional nuances or tricky functionality that you actually don’t really need right now. You can keep track of all your deals and never let something fall between the cracks.

Here are several other features that make HubSpot so appealing:

  •  HubSpot for Startup platform provides a discount of up to 90% for qualified startups with customized preparation and resources for start-up-friendly on-boarding.
  • Works for both G Suite and Microsoft Office. So whichever platform your company wants, it works without any headaches.
  • Communication and maintenance features are available for the development of new promotions.
  • Simple prioritization and tracking of daily sales calls to handle them effectively.

Pricing: HubSpot is distributed free of charge. But if you like more premium services like conference calls, events, and email updates, you’re going to have to upgrade to a paid package starting at $50 per month.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho is one of the best small startup-friendly CRMs. It’s a versatile software suite that provides a range of SaaS solutions for companies of all levels. Zoho CRM is used by more than 150,000 businesses in 180 countries. You will use it to engage clients and raise your sales. The tool allows multi-channel support which makes it simpler for you to communicate to your customers via email, phone, talk, or social media. In addition, the AI-powered anomaly detector compares the current sales results to the anticipated ones to help you make smarter decisions over time.

These are some of the features provided by Zoho CRM:

  • Helps you to describe the everyday process of workflow and streamline.
  • Data porting capabilities allow you to easily transfer the data from spreadsheets and contact management applications to the Zoho platform, making it easier for you.
  • Customer network to connect effectively with consumers.
  • Email administration to keep the communications of the client in order.

Pricing: The free version is available for up to three users and is aimed at home firms. The standard edition is $12 per user per month, paid annually. Enterprise edition is $35 per customer per month, paid monthly. A free trial is available on both Standard and Enterprise editions.

3. Close CRM

Close CRM software is ideally tailored to your small business needs if you need a CRM with streamlined email and call solutions. The tool helps you to refine your process by providing you with a timeline analysis of all your sales operations, so you know what needs to be done next. Smart View makes it easy for users to create personalized conditions for quick access to some sort of lead-related material. This helps you to hit new leads in less time, too.

Few factors of Close CRM include:

  • Start-up-friendly CRM offers pipeline view, voice call (including call recording), SMS, monitoring, and email marketing capabilities (including personalized email sequencing) at a single platform.
  • Pre-recorded voicemail provides a time-saving feature for sales reps, and a predictive dialing feature helps to auto-dial several numbers to boost sales agent efficiency.
  • Specific reports display the promotional efforts of each member of the team.

Pricing: Initial plan is $29.75 per user/month billed annually, and $35 per user/month billed on a monthly basis. The standard package is $55.25 per user/month billed annually and $65 per user/month billed on a monthly basis. The professional package is $80.75 per user/month billed annually and $95 per user/month billed on a monthly basis. The company plan is $123.75 per user/month billed annually, and $145 per user/month billed on a monthly basis.

4. Copper CRM

This next best CRM software is for you if you do not want to keep changing apps for your CRM. Copper is particularly built for people who use G-suites frequently. The Chrome software extension enables you to explicitly gather activities from your email address and monitor conversations while stopping you from juggling through many programs.

You will easily streamline the sales process with workflow automation and, when the offer is made, you get a personal note from the vendor. The tool is easily compatible with all other programs in G-suites such as Google Sheets, Hangouts, etc.

Copper CRM offers more exciting features that you would expect from a CRM like:

  • Copper offers simple start-up features including automatic data entry, intelligent recognition, customer management, and monitoring, and sales interaction optimization, as well as opportunities.
  • Native to G Suite, it ensures the import of data from Gmail and other Google resources you (probably) use every day is seamless.
  • Improves team management and process management through the use of drag-and-drop, custom routing, and alerts when dealing with weekly pipeline progress results.
  • Provides an easier-to-track and handle leads through the certification process with a visually appealing distribution pipeline.

Pricing: Standard package, annually billed, is $19 per user/month. Professional package $49 per user per month, annually paid. The business package is $119 per user/month. On all plans, copper offers a free 14-day trial.

5. Agile CRM

Another common and strong CRM program is Agile CRM. You will simplify the sales, marketing, and customer service with a simple, user-friendly dashboard. You can handle your connections, log transactions, automate calls and voice mails, and much more with Agile CRM. This CRM has features that are inexpensive for small companies which makes it perfect. There is a very cool functionality in which you can play the mechanism of your sales and invite your teammates to compete and do better.

Some of its features you might want to look at are:

  • Agile CRM provides an inexpensive, completely automated, fully-functional sales CRM for up to 10 users.
  • The software provides communication control, integration of ads, real-time updates, VoIP phone, social suite, and email and web monitoring.
  • Hold the timetable online and Agile CRM immediately calls and follow-up to all your upcoming voices.
  • Attach papers easily to deals, businesses, contacts, and in-app addresses.

Pricing: Up to 10 users can use the free account. The pricing options can also be chosen, starting at $8.99 per customer per month.

6. Freshsales CRM

Freshsales is also one of the best functionality-loaded CRM software. It is optimized for small companies, so you can collect leads, handle contacts, make a selling funnel, call and send e-mails without having to exit the CRM by using the dashboard. One of Freshsales’ excellent features is its monitoring ability. Use the dashboard to screen up to 6 reports. You can generate quick to advanced reports, view revenue and turnover statistics with interactive maps. The tool helps you to identify territory according to consumer segmentation so that the best members can be allocated to the right clients.

Here are other amazing features of this best CRM for startups:

  • Schedule appointments, take notes, manage, and share files.
  • The piping allows you to automatically pick up leads from emails and even to sort your own lead scoring specifications to track them better.
  • Advanced lead rating based on their attitudes and spending habits.
  • Intelligent ways to submit new registrations to the CRM program as a lead automatically.

Pricing: Freshsales provides four pricing options starting at $12 a month per customer (billed annually). You will start your free trial for 21 days and then pick a contract.

7. Insightly CRM 

Insightly is the latest tool to deliver the collection of the best small business CRM software. The app helps you to create stronger client connections through logging functions. To better understand your networks better, clients and addresses may be linked with current contacts in your folder. Automatically sending e-mail updates, upgrade records, and many more in a seamless way without making any fuss by workflow automation capabilities.

To get the most out of insightly CRM, you should check out these features:

  • CRM’s simplified and user-friendly software offers a centralized dashboard to manage connections, correspondence, projects, purchases, and documents.
  • Provides customization opportunities for customer data structure and control including data capture-and-view and authentication. Customers may create customized fields to incorporate specific details such as customer categories, subscriptions, contract renewals, and ID numbers.
  • Smart sidebar acts as a convenient Chrome extension so that you can store Gmail messages directly on your CRM while you can cross-reference contact information quickly.

Pricing: The “No-frills” scheme is free for two users. Plus Package $29 per user/month, yearly billed. The professional package is $49 a month, paid per year. The business plan is $99, paid monthly, per user/month. For the Plus and Professional plans, a 14-day free trial is open.

8. PipeDrive

One of the easiest to use CRM software out there is PipeDrive. It has been built to be easy, fast to handle contacts and view them. Its pipeline management function helps you to monitor the whole sales process. You can do it while remaining organized, and keeping the sales funnel under check. You just need to log in, type in the pipeline contact information and start selling to your clients. The app lets you predict revenue and pick the right discounts overtime to accomplish sales targets effectively. In addition, custom pipeline management helps you to streamline the distribution process according to your specifications.

PipeDrive offers more exciting features that you would expect from a CRM like:

  • Flexible CRM that helps start-ups in the organization.
  • Build several selling pipelines for particular product/service backgrounds with independent, customizable stages.
  • Reminders, notices, and follow-up alerts keep the brain automatically where it wants to be.
  • Adapt data fields and workflows for the diverse business processes
  • A low learning curve accelerates the application rate.

Pricing: The rates for PipeDrive start with a monthly charge of $12,50 and a free trial of 14 days is included.

9. Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak is a Gmail CRM designed and is the perfect alternative for start-ups and beginners. It is really easy to use as it is integrated into Gmail and G Fit. Streak gathers data from your clients and e-mails them automatically. It allows you to configure and personalize your team, categories, group data for your process, and review potential tasks.

Here are more attractive features of Streak:

  • Developed directly into Gmail, where much of the work is actually already undertaken. Streak provides web and smartphone applications with all G Suite integrations available so you can still navigate your inbox and other resources.
  • E-mail integration dynamically collects data from your contacts and e-mail and alerts you that every step of your pipeline is advancing.
  • Keep in-app notes, centralize record-keeping, use data logging to figure out whether the emails have or have not opened.

Pricing: Streak for personal use is available for download. But if you want advanced functionality, the business model begins at $49 per user a month (billed annually).

10. Nimble CRM

Nimble is a basic CRM app that blends connections, business intelligence, sales, and connectivity. You will see the sales pipeline, meetings, and offers in order to make better decisions easily across the dashboard. You will monitor the number of viewpoints present in – stage by using the sales funnel. In addition, the company signals feature that helps you to better understand their behavioral habits on the social media of your prospective clients.

Few exciting features of GreenRope include:

  • Easy CRM for start-ups combining sales optimization, contact control, channel-wide communication tracking, deals, and job management, etc.
  • It effectively centralizes data storage, for example by entering your email address, you can quickly sync all your contacts.
  • Nimble is known for its oriented features in social media such as social search and efficient market segmentation tools.
  • Integrate into Office 365 and the G suite such that contacts from the program you currently use are conveniently imported and organized.

Pricing: The contact version, billed weekly, is $12 per user/per month. Professional edition is $25/month, weekly, billed. The full-scale business version can be checked free of charge for 14 days; no credit cards are required. Annual premiums are eligible at discounts.


11. SugarCRM

SugarCRM has over 50,000 companies working on the correct account management of sales tasks and is one of the most powerful customer management solutions on the market. As can be found in the company’s records, the SugarCRM app is available in nine different languages and has been downloaded and tried more than 7 million times. Many customers praise the customizability of the app, particularly its capability to build unique relationships with customers, foster brand recognition, and provide high-quality customer support. SugarCRM is an open-source framework that allows users even at first sight to handle and sort organizational frameworks. SugarCRM is built to support medium to major businesses, which needs a specialist team to continue in the right direction. The contact networks available from SugarCRM are huge, undoubtedly helpful to their consumers. 

Here are some features:

  • Offers a full CRM approach for promotion, distribution, and customer relations with a focus on team sharing of suitable and supportive intellectuals.
  • Helps you map consumer journeys to correct your message and simplify dynamic business processes such as the analysis and acceptance of quotes by means of drag-and-drop.
  • Provider customer service is responsive, which is an important plus for startups who want fast responses and problem-solving times. In comparison, SugarCRM is an extensive user network, meaning you can speak to other startups.

Pricing: Sugar Professional pack is $40 per user/month (minimum ten users), paid per year. $65 per user per month (minimum 10 users) for each Sugar Business pack. Sugar service plan is $80 per user/month (minimum 10 users), annually billed. Sugar sale plan is $80 per account every month (minimum 10 users) and is paid per year. Sugar Market package is $1,000 (unrestricted consumers, 10,000 monthly contacts).

Both plans can be checked free of charge. You can obtain a version of SugarCRM, which better suits your company needs, after answering a few questions on the sale Website.

12. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a Customer Relation Management (CRM) solution, giving customers a highly operable view into important company choices, decisions, and tactics. SuiteCRM is developed to allow businesses to optimize conversion, turn leads into clients and encourage creativity in product creation and customer experience. With SuiteCRM, organizations will connect and leverage whatever opportunities they have with their future customers and current customers at any point of touch. Since the app is released as a free and open-source platform, users can slash their CRM costs by as much as 80%.

Have a look at its features: 

  • Users will construct business process models with SuiteCRM to build versatile, automatic actions that can still be enabled to run.
  • The use of sales pipeline models and customer quotes templates can be developed, pricing strategies regulated and regulating, contract renewals retained and lead progress tracked.
  • SuiteCRM provides a special platform that helps developers to provide their clients with high-quality and fully interactive support. Upon getting an assistance call, updates are automatically sent to the customer service teams that they have addressed problems.

Pricing: The cost of SugarCRM starts at $40 per month per user and can be as high as $150 per month per user, while the most common plan is $65 per month per user.

13. Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM makes it easier for sales teams to track their leading positions and prospects. Users can customize their revenue cycle, monitor their statistics, and even automate their marketing strategies to improve their total sales efficiency. Users will achieve more leads than ever before with Odoo CRM. You will also track phone calls and events. By incorporating emails from all contacts directly into this fully optimized app, sales teams can analyze leadership efficiency, take quicker decisions and ignite time. Thanks to Odoos, users can monitor their pipeline opportunities in just a few easy measures. A summary of your sales funnel, as well as immediate visual details on your next moves, latest messages, best opportunity, and projected revenue, are given to consumers. The unique Odoo CRM marketing system automates lead sales, follow-ups, and special deals. Automated behavior can also be decided by users according to predefined rules.

Let us have a glance at its features:

  • It has an intuitive sales user interface. A dashboard to provide a clearer summary of revenue. Useful instructions for configuring and installing the CRM.
  • Find the lead according to clear and implied requirements (on pages viewed, localization, time). Defines multiple behaviors focused on leadership and task rules of your team. Turn Odoo Live Chat on your website to discuss it with your guests and turn it into guidance. Specify guidelines for main states or pages.
  • Organize operation series, calendar with meetings, and log any operation in the chat with predefined behavior immediately
  • Get all the info straight into the opportunity: your home pages, emails, events, future acts, past orders, etc.
  • Get instantly added to the correct occasion all your email messages. Automatically generate new leads on the basis of incoming emails.

Pricing: Odoo is a free basic plan, which includes an application such as CRM. For the Business edition, the online and on-site subscriptions price is $28 per account, billed per month (for new users a discount of $4) each month, plus the application cost beginning at $12 per month.

14. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is a CRM-complete for small firms. It was created in 2004 and implements features that go beyond the traditional CRM standard set. Based on customer reviews, the Vtiger interface was developed to meet the needs of the customer. Vtiger encourages consumers to flourish and help them remain updated about a more profitable enterprise and to eliminate data replication. Vtiger provides high distribution automation, e-mail marketing, project and inventory control capability. Vtiger is a group of unique methods used to enhance engagement with prospective clients. 

Here are some interesting features:

  • The overarching aim of Vtiger CRM is to pull together interactive and operational instruments at a single venue, together for the optimal client experience.
  • Vtiger allows users to maintain touch, automate reiterative activities, monitor camps and compile a detailed report on the organization’s revenue, marketing, and support tasks.
  • Over time, Vtiger monitors marketing strategies and helps decide what works and does not work for the company.

Pricing: The starting rate is $10 per customer a month as part of the annual bundle, and $14 a month. Vtiger is providing discounts at the starting cost. Approaches are $28 a month ($20 per user) annually, and a prize of $30 a month per user is included in the annual bundle ($42 per month).

15. X2CRM

X2CRM is a solution that helps any aspect of the customer experience, marketing automation, and Workflow. As a complete, stable, and highly personalizable CRM suite, X2CRM offers pace and power to your firm. By integrating customer relations, integration of promotions, and workflow, which all operate on a single unified platform, the business can break down data silos and take customer relations to a new stage. X2CRM contains 8 modules, which can be deployed by your company. Both modules are native, coherent, and engaging and offer a description of the consumer experience.

Let us jump on to its exciting features:

  • X2CRM creates a creative space for the internal team where staff can collaborate together on projects, keep up to date on touch experiences, deal with storms, and other events.
  • X2CRM offers deep analysis and insight that gives a customer a 360-degree view.
  • Management learns how to advertise, sell and help, while consultants can see how their practices affect consumers in live streams, warnings, and dashboards.
  • With the customer, staff, job type protection, and area, module, and workflow accessibility X2CRM provides the most comprehensive accessibility and control levels.

Pricing: Save 50 percent or more for businesses that shift to X2CRM. This is an easy and accessible platform and business pricing. Price begins at $35 per user for each month. Overview of X2CRM Price.


CRM allows you to organize, expand, streamline your everyday work, and work as effectively as possible. Whatever the startup does, a CRM will help connect your everyday work, including contract processing, management, sales pipeline monitoring, and marketing automation. Finding the best CRM for your startup takes a cross-compare, but you would be in the right spot to start searching with the list above.


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