Know more about Google Panda before Designing website

Know more about Google Panda before Designing Website

If you are a SEO guy or website developer or a Blogger then this is for you and might be you have heard about google panda or penalties but today I will explain in very simple language about Google panda and how to fix it.
Basically, first of all, it’s very important all the time if you have got the feeling that your traffic goes back. If you look at the organic traffic and you see something happened there, you’re not getting that much organic traffic anymore. Most of the times it is a Google Panda update or is a Google Penguin update or you just have problems in Google figuring out what is the most important page for that key word. To find out if you hit from Google Panda that we’re talking about today, you can look at your SEO visibility.
SEO visibility is basically a pool of key words that you can monitor or that tools are monitoring and if you drop at certain dates then we sometimes know that these have been Panda updates dates.
Google Panda Updates algorithm
This day it’s not so easy anymore because Google is not announcing a lot of updates anymore and Panda is something that we call a rolling update. It will be refreshed on a regular basis. In the moment I would say it’s about every two, three weeks that you’re going to see a Panda update rolling out so it’s really … It’s not 100% integrated in the core algorithm but they roll it out on a quite often basis. If you see that you are dropping in one of the Panda update dates or that you can find out all over the internet when they happen then this is a very clear indicator that you have a problem.
Of course I would also have a look at internal data, analytics data, if you have a high bounce rate. If you have a good ranking but people are not staying on your website, you have a very high bounce rate or people are not clicking through to your website then probably you also have a content problem.

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Navigate in Google Search Console.

That is very easy or very good to see in search console. If you go into search console you have got a navigation point there that is called search analytics. You go there and you see, you can tick some check boxes. You can see your traffic, you can see your overall rankings, you can see the click through rate and stuff like that.
If you watch this data then you can see for some key words you’re ranking very well and you don’t have a good click through rate. That means probably your titles or your descriptions are not written very well, you’re not showing the user, you’re not indicating to the user that he will find what he’s looking for.

Panda is for content

This will be a case where you’re going to re-write your titles, make the description. Of course this is not a Panda issue.A Panda issue would be really about your content, just to have a not well written title or description will not trigger Panda. The Panda is really focused on your content. Oftentimes, Panda will hit you if you don’t have unique content. That means if you, for example, are running an online store and you just take the descriptions from the products, from your merchandise, you don’t have any unique content. Then, basically what happens, Panda will try to filter you out.

Google don’t want Duplicate

They don’t want to show the same content over and over again to the users because this would be very bad user satisfaction. Just imagine the user would be on a website and find a piece of content that he doesn’t like. Then he would click back to Google, click on the next result. If there would be the same piece of content that wouldn’t make the user very happy. If I do that two or three more times than the user will really, maybe try to think about to switch to another search engine because the results are not what he was looking for. So they switch to other website and or search engine to get want they want and Google don’t want to lose their market.
This is why it’s very important for Google to show the best kind of quality and show a result just one time. If you have not unique content, if you don’t have any unique content, if you don’t have content that is really written for the user then this is a problem. You have to have unique content and you should also be very carefully internally that you have got very clear structure. If you have product in red, green, and yellow you shouldn’t have own URLs for that, or if you have you should use the canonical tag to define what one version.

Must know Google like One product

The problem is that probably the content would be exactly the same for the different color products but you shouldn’t have it like that. For Google it’s very important to have one product. It doesn’t matter if it has 10 different colors because the content will not be that different.
The best way would be to define one product and canonicalize all the other URLs to that product, just saying this is the important product that I want to rank for. Just having clear signals for the search engine, having a good content strategy and really having high value content. Also what is very important, to have a clear site structure and also a CMS system so a website that is producing not some IDs or whatever. If you have that make sure you’re using the canonical detect on every page.

For designing websites (specially this for eCommerce)

If Google or if your CMS system is producing IDs for the product and maybe producing 15 IDs for the same product, also if you have filters and you have got, again, the same product with another URL, you’re getting troubles because you also have a high rate of internal duplicate content.
For Panda it’s more about the external content so you have to make sure if you are hit by Panda you provide high quality content, you implement the canonical detect to to make it very clear internally. Your goal should be to produce the best content for the user. This is how you can get out of Panda. Of course, I understand you can produce thousands of articles for, if you’ve got an online shop, got a huge site. Then what I recommend is you start with the most important products. Start with the products that bring you the most money, start with the categories of the products, and then go further and try to optimize your whole store step after step.

Hope this will help you to make your site free from google penalties.

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