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Kodak TV to investing ₹500 crores to set up a fully-automated television manufacturing plant

On the 4th of August, Kodak TV announced that it will invest over five hundred crore rupees in the upcoming next 3 years to set up a fully-automated television manufacturing plant in Hapur located in Uttar Pradesh. The first phase of the plant would be operational by the end of next year, 2021 said the SPPL (Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd) which is the brand licensee in India for Kodak TV. it also said that it is expected that this move will help the company in increasing its local value addition and it will disrupt the affordable smart television market in the nation. 

Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd said in a statement that, an intention is possessed that this manufacturing will be used for the development and assessment of the Android Television within India and it will also reduce the dependency on imports from other countries.

The company also mentioned that ” It will make an investment of more than 500 crores (which is 70.93 million US dollars) over the next three years in a fully automated TV manufacturing plant in Hapur, UP to provide a thrust to its Make in India commitment and leverage its Android certification.”

Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah who is the CEO and founder of SSPL said that “With this investment, we are planning to increase our manufacturing capacity to one million units in the new unit. All our future projects will be developed and tested in India in partnership with Google. With this new plant, we will generate more than 2000 jobs.” He also said that the local value addition in TV manufacturing with the help of this plant will increase from 50% to 60%. His quoted words were “Currently, the Indian TV industry imports most of the raw materials and have a value addition of only 10-12%. However, with this investment and Partnership with Google… Kodak TV aims to increase value addition to 50-60%.” According to him, the R&D center and this new plant will help to manufacture technology-driven products and it will also help for introducing more manufacturing lines that will empower the sentiment and vision of Make in India. 

The fully-automated television manufacturing plant will have complete backward integration and R&D centre. The facility is likely to increase its production from half a million to one million sets per year.

The company said that “The certified Android TV manufacturing plant with complete backward integration and R&D center will be operational by 2021.” It also added that “With a capacity to produce a million TV sets annually, the new facility will be equipped with two fully automated, AI-enabled manufacturing lines to facilitate near-contactless production.”

Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd is not just the brand licensee in India for Kodak TV but also a brand licensee for a French electronics brand named Thomson.

The company declared in the early June month that it will invest One thousand Crore rupees (which is 141.86 million US dollars) over the upcoming next 5 years with an intention to expand its capacity to manufacture and to make its presence stronger in the consumer electronics and appliances segment.

Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd presently possess 3 manufacturing plants in India located in Noida, Jammu, and Una. 



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