Livpure’s Entry in The Sleep and Wellness Sector

Livpure, which is part of the SAR group of companies, specializes in various home electronic products such as ROs, Water as a Service RO, smart ACs, and smart air purifiers. They have been a pioneer in the water purifying sector for almost a decade now and are one of the top brands both in the offline as well as online segment 

The Essence of the Brand

Evolving and expanding frontiers with time is the essence here. Livpure as a brand focuses on 3 key principles: health-consciousness, eco-consciousness, and innovation. The Sleep & Wellness business is a new segment for the brand and capitalizes on the brands existing reach as well as R&D capabilities to provide innovative solutions that can address sleep Issues faced by almost everyone today.

Livpure’s goal is to launch products that serve an important purpose by making positive amendments in a customer’s busy schedule for a better living.

What is the purpose that Livpure’s sleep products aim to serve?

Modern living has its pros and cons. With work & responsibility comes stress & anxiety. The purpose is to take into consideration sleep deprivation. While surrounded by technology and advancements, one must use them to improve the quality of living.

These products aim to simplify the sleep regime for people. The range has two categories: Mattresses & Bed Linen. Every other person has a different sleeping posture, the reason why there are various kinds of mattresses available.

Pillows & linen are the elements of a great bed, a place where one falls asleep faster & better after a tiring day. The brand has gone through every aspect that determines sleep quality for humans. Thus, designing products that align quality with requirements.

The importance and need for sleep solutions:

Uneven sleep routine added with the numerous working hours of sitting in front of the laptop makes a person restless. Due to increasing work pressure and such a hectic schedule, it has become very important to focus on sleep.


Not only sleep, but deep sleep for at least 1.5-2 hours is extremely important to recover physically and mentally from the day’s fatigue. And good sleep solutions ensure to create perfect conditions to ensure that you fall asleep fast, and attain deep sleep. Brain recycles toxins and recovers during deep sleep and good sleep solutions ensure the same. Additionally, our back, shoulder, and waist that carry our entire weight throughout the day also need physical recovery. And only well tested, good quality sleep solutions can ensure that.


Appropriate sleep solutions help people in reducing the risk of being affected by Cardiovascular problems, improve the immune system, and also reduce obesity. Reducing health issues is one of the most important factors in finding and keep innovating sleep solutions.


Livpure’s sleep products aim to eliminate the strain and stress of working by providing sound rest and sleep. Temperature and back support are the key areas the brand is focusing on right now. A soothing sleep environment helps people sleep faster and better. Hence, the majority of the products have features like cool gel, pin core holes, or bamboo fiber covers.


One of the start product in the brand’s product portfolio is the OrthoX mattress. This model is perfect for people experiencing severe back pain. The mattress aligns with your spine, reducing the back and neck strain gradually. Dealing with anxiety with the burden of responsibilities is a great deal. With the products that are lined with soothing agents like the all-natural mattress with a lavender-infused cover, the brand aims to provide people with access to pleasant sleep with minimum effort.


Without a fulfilling sleep, one will always be unable to recover from the tiredness. Like a loop it will go on, resulting in lesser work productivity with each passing day.


Making sleep solutions is the future of a better sleeping routine. People will eventually learn the importance of investing in and using such products in their bedrooms. People will gradually become aware that a good mattress and a supportive pillow is all that it takes for a night of sound sleep.


How well the Sleep Range fits into the current scenario?


The current situation, across the world, is stressful and unpredictable. Livpure, through its innovation, wants to provide a breath of relief by creating awareness around the importance of sleep for mental and physical wellbeing. Sleep & recovery is a big factor driving immunity which is very important in these terms.


Each & every product of this range has its USP. Build to deal with numerous sleep-disrupting factors and supporting healthy sleeping hours. For instance, the charcoal pillow by Livpure has charcoal infused in it, which helps in filtering pollutants in the bedroom air.


Similarly, the all-natural Ayurveda mattress is made from plant-based materials and has a lavender cover that promotes stress-free sleep.


What are these “Innovative Products”?

Livpure offers a selection of conventional and all-natural products across the mattress and non-mattress category. Every single product has a very unique USP.


A flagship product is the Ayurveda inspired completely natural mattress. All the foam and latex layers in this mattress are completely natural. The memory foam is made from plant-based oils and latex is obtained from Kerala rubber plantations. The outer cover is also 100% cotton. Additionally, the Livpure team wanted to impart Ayurveda inspired features into the mattress. The foam layer is infused with sandalwood to maintain the longevity of the foam as well as keep it resistant to organic deterioration. They used proprietary technology to infuse the cover with lavender. A faint lavender scent is released when the mattress cover is rubbed helping the sleeper calm down and get deep sleep.


Similarly, the Regal mattress is the only mattress in India with a proprietary Kooltex cover. This cover remains at a 2­­­O lower temperature compared to any surface in the room. You touch it and feel that it is cooler than the surrounding temperature, which is really useful for sleeping cool in the summer.


Availability of the Range:


Having launched during the pandemic, the sleep and wellness range has become quite a need of the hour. You can shop for the products online at and other e-shopping platforms like Amazon, Pepperfry & Flipkart. The company has also partnered with other new-age companies like MyGate.


What the future looks like from here?


From where the brand is standing today, the future looks promising. The plans are taking shape, with one step at a time, to spread awareness about the importance of sleep.


As of today, Livpure is a D2C business and will gradually expand its offering to GT as well.  The brand has begun the journey by focusing on the urban markets. Livpure specializes in several home-care products such as water purifiers and air purifiers. The goal is to build connectivity across the whole range of products at home, bringing them on a smart tech platform.


Whether it’s about analyzing how a sensor can control the firmness of a mattress or an AI algorithm to control mattress surface temperature, there are many innovations in line.  The brand continues to provide access to their sleep solution range. Embracing the sector with awareness & innovations that are aimed at helping people fight through sleep deprivation.


Embarking on a new journey:

Creating awareness about the importance of sleep with uniquely designed sleep solutions is an adventure that is about to manifold. This is the beginning of a revolutionary range of natural sleep solution products, suiting the requirements of people of all ages.


Pillows, mattresses, and bed linens, extending support and comfort on the nights when a person may find it harder to fall asleep. Livpure with its new range of sleep & wellness products has taken up the responsibility of making people experience the best sleep ever.


Summing It Up:


Success is about developing amazing solutions at fair prices to solve people’s biggest problems. Livpure’s dedication towards healthy & smart living has won the trust of people across the nation. The aim is to address the struggle of people with their disruptive sleeping patterns and provide appropriate products that can quickly alleviate these issues.


The Customer-first approach and prioritizing health and eco-consciousness is the glue that holds the structure of this innovation. The brand is willing to create a strong presence in the market with time by introducing many such innovations that are tailor-made for sleep disorders & sleep-related issues. Livpure’s recent foray into the sleep & wellness sector is exciting & innovative.

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